Implosion Should Respect Death Immunity

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Implosion Should Respect Death Immunity

Post by Aniel » Sat Sep 14, 2019 3:52 am

Implosion is to my knowledge the only save or die spell in the game that there's no counter play to short of spell mantle. Meaning that in the vast majority of cases any cleric can cast the spell and have at worst a 5% chance of immediately killing a medium area of effect worth of people. Save or dies certainly aren't fun when there's no interactivity involved. If you're dispelled in combat you can reapply death ward before the opponent casts a wail of the banshee or finger of death. Implosion outright ignores it.

It'd lend itself to more interactive PvP engagements if a spell didn't have an outright chance of killing someone regardless of what they do I imagine.
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