A dungeon where the big bad isn't always in a preset spot

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A dungeon where the big bad isn't always in a preset spot

Post by matheusgraef » Fri Aug 16, 2019 1:58 am

I think this could be cool for devs to work on if they vibe with it. If not, just reject me, developer lords. So here goes:

A dungeon where the big bad powerful boss could be literally anywhere, roaming about the dungeon. While there could be a boss room, there's a high chance players could bump into the boss prematurely, unexpectedly. Maybe a maze-like layout with very few encounters, so there's a lot of silence and expectation, could make traversing it even more unnerving.

Bonus suggestion: dispel magic traps within the dungeon - should wear players down and make it so if they end up finding the boss prematurely, there's a higher chance they'll die. Make it so there's a room with a crystal and breaking that crystal will disable the traps, so the dungeon encourages players to explore and decide if they'll play it safely or risky.

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