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Post by METAL BAWKSES » Mon Aug 13, 2018 7:04 am

Consider increasing the charges of spells on templates. As it stands right now we only get five charges per spell on a template, which is only one stack of bolts/arrows. I don't see any reasoning as to why more charges couldn't be made per spell casting? I think perhaps something like 15 (20?) could be fair given that in a typical dungeon grind I can easily go through all 500 templated bolts. That means I either have to suck it up or desperately find my spellcaster (or another) so that they can fill it up again.

All it really tempts me to do is sit in one place for a few hours, going through multiple casting of the spell(s) and putting them on templates only to blow through them in a matter of minutes and repeat the same thing all over again. There's no way in which this really influences anything than the convenience of the archer and whoever is helping them with templates so I feel this would be a welcome change all around!
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