Is scrying failure component cost intentional?

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Is scrying failure component cost intentional?

Post by triaddraykin » Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:47 pm

Scry is the only Spell focus command whose failure to complete still costs components.

I've personally tested:
Illusion, sending fails for some reason (someone logs off is the only circumstance I know), no cost.
Conjuring, person refuses or there's a ward, no cost. Cost doesn't happen until the conjuration is accepted.

Others have tested transmutation, failure to teleport or create teleportation, no component cost.

There's another condition none of these cost components for as well: Having already used it the current rest. If used last login, or even forgot one scried a bit ago, you lose components. This is the only epic feat this happens on, and it's probably cost me a few pouches worth of components just since the last time I mentioned this.
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