Hives of Scum and Villainy

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Hives of Scum and Villainy

Post by Baseili » Sat Jul 14, 2018 11:59 am

Evil on Arelith tends to arrive in short bursts, be it raids, events or just a group visiting a settlement to start trouble. There is very little in terms of consistent, low-lying crime to keep people or guards thoroughly engaged. One of the issues is the complete absence of areas that would allow crime to continue after banishment or exile within the settlements.
Certainly there are places evil can thrive such as the planes, Andunor or Sencliff however these are all disconnected from the main areas prompting the "bursts" previously mentioned . To that end I would like to suggest the creation of hideaways and bad areas within or around settlements that will encourage more criminal characters while allowing them to meet other such characters.

Here are a few ideas I've compiled (Restrictions - Evil, Surface Race, Non-Outcast unless stated otherwise):

Seedy Tavern, trade road outside of Bendir - A single small bar room with larger area behind restricted door. Player owned containing four small buyable rooms and larger open space with two to three shops behind door.

Blackmarket under Wharftown - A sprawling bazaar with buyable and temporary shops complete with vaults, area constructed by knocking through walls and tunneling to basements of the destroyed town. Operated by Wharftown Boys. Restricted to Evil but with bribe option to override (e.g. 500 neutral, 1,000 good).

Slum Basement/Abandoned Sewer, Cordor Cultural District - Entrances: NPC in slum, guarded tomb in Graveyard and sewer of Social Club. Queen's Boys controlled. Contains two shops and four small quarters.

Lavish Estate, Hak Guldorand (assuming something akin doesnt already exist) - PC owned and unregulated by government on outskirts of city. Guildhouse containing one large room, two medium, four small. Shared storage, large meeting/dining hall.

Abbathor's Trove, Brogendenstien - Accessed via mines and owned by Clergy. Shrine to Abbathor with vaults, escape route to Docks.