Knights of the Grey Spire

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Knights of the Grey Spire

Post by caldura firebourne » Sat Jul 14, 2018 11:11 am

my first time ever playing a paladin on any server/setting of D&D has been a blast, all the research into the roles and beliefs and the planning that went into this made me excited months before we even started, to the point where I threw an award at the Aasimar subrace as a last minute decision and have not regretted it

I wanna give a shout-out to my paladins
Lathrious Valkor
Siobhan Cormier
Eliara Comilia
Nadiya Brightheart

for all the fun we've had so far and the fun to come

another Kudos to DM Sollers and the rest of the team for involving us in various plots and stories, it really makes us feel like we mean something in the world of arelith

and to Qasi for being so serious and helpful, and hilarious all at once, can't get enough of your intonations to Waukeen

and to our outsiders and allies, and even all those people who stop us to ask about our order, our beliefs and philosophies, or even simply why we wear masks that look like skulls "Are you bandits?"
We're thankful for all the attention we get and love to roleplay with you all, feel free to stop us anytime for a chat or a request, we're here to play!
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