Nexus Falls Portal Move

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Nexus Falls Portal Move

Post by Blunt Truth » Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:45 pm

Please move the nexus portal in Minmir Nexus Falls one transition away or further away from the front door of the Radiant Heart.

Or move the Radiant Heart's area transition slightly further away on the map.

The reason for this is that right now, the portal is way too close giving favor to the Paladins who want to use it, and can inadvertently be a gathering spot for paladins since it's so close to their base. This makes it difficult for evil or Banites using the portal who want to come by and get to their castle, as they're now forced face to face with paladins more or less on their home turf.

This is definitely not an ideal condition for either side. Please consider moving it just a lil bit away.