Remove Racial Type from Descriptions

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Remove Racial Type from Descriptions

Post by Maladus » Fri May 18, 2018 7:26 am

I do not believe that this in any way contributes positively to the server. We have always operated under a WYSIWYG policy and this addition hampers that. I will give you a situation that happened to me on one of my characters that will provide context to why I am suggesting this:

I was playing on Kellevar prior to the EE switch, and since we have been told not to use disguises as an alias I was not using it at this time. I was however wearing gear that covered every inch of my characters skin along with a helmet. There was a character in the room who had never met Kellevar before and had no way of knowing whether I was a Drow or an Elf. However, a quick glance at my description told him that I was in fact, an elf. Luckily at this time Kellevar had not been attempting to masquerade as a Drow, so literal weeks or months of RP were not ruined, but if I had it would have come crashing down in moments.

If I look at another character, unless they are openly running around displaying their race to everyone around them by wearing armor that exposes their skin color or face...I should not immediately know what their race is. I would have some idea that the big hulking figure in the corner has orcish blood, but I don't know if he's an Orog or a Half-orc until I RP with them to find out.