Changing Corellon's H&H Aspect to K&I

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Changing Corellon's H&H Aspect to K&I

Post by Baseili » Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:53 pm

I've just been doing a bit of research into a new character idea and was looking at the various elven gods when I noticed only one has Knowledge and Invention as their aspect yet have six gods (five if you don't count Eilistraee) have Hearth and Home, this seems a little too crowded. To that end I would like to hear the community's thoughts on swapping Corellon's H&H aspect to K&I.

Here are a few points that lend weight into changing Corellon rather than another of the Seldarine:
  • Corellon's 3e portfolio states that he covers the arts and craftsmen.
  • The description of his personality mentions a willingness to learn, even from mortals and going as far as wandering unknown about the lands to watch craftsmen at work.
  • All other aspects have at least two gods of the Seldarine covering them, only K&I has the singular.
  • W&D and H&H both offer god raises as a benefit.
  • Corellon is equally suited to covering the Magic aspect.
  • Hanali's porfolio covers fine art though perhaps meaning paintings and such rather than crafting, however elven crafters tend to be perfectionists so the term could refer to anything well-made.
I'd be interested to hear the views of those currently holding Corellon as their deity and how a proposed change would effect their characters.

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