Rare Encounter Idea thread

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Rare Encounter Idea thread

Post by Fionn » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:28 pm

Irongron wrote:
Fri Sep 14, 2018 5:32 pm
Now the 'rare' spawn system is entirely different. With this I adjust spawns in the toolset (which takes a lot longer), I can give them unique names, set patrol routes, animations, turn off detect and stealth, and much else. I can also have them spawn under certain circumstances, most obviously player level, but also time of day, player race and quite a few others.


I set a % chance of the creature appearing every x hours. I could have set these between 5-10 every 4 hours or so, it would still make them very rare, but instead almost all are set at 1-2%. The reason being is that my ultimate aim is to have SO MANY of these encounters that almost every adventure, even for the most seasoned players, can be unique. For me this is a huge deal, as what it means for gameplay is nothing short of revolutionary, but it does mean that for some characters; no matter how often you play you may never trigger some of these, especially when they're tied to a different race.

There was a thread where I invited players to make their own suggestions for such encounters, and I'd welcome seeing a similar thread again.
Irongron's system is ingenious. They've asked for help brainstorming a few hundred additional encounters. I'd suggest a standard format - e.g.

NAME: Trapper Camp
DESCRIPTION: A small camp with a few rangers and a Woodsman Merchant
RESTRICTIONS: Druid or Ranger
LOCATION: Arelith Woods
BEHAVIORS: Buys pelts, meats, herbs. Sells minor potions and kits.

NAME: Lost Child
DESCRIPTION: A child matching the Settlement race
RESTRICTIONS: 2-6PM, Race matching child
LOCATION: Outskirts of any settlement
BEHAVIORS: NPC requests an escort to the gate. Small reward upon arrival.
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Re: Rare Encounter Idea thread

Post by Nevrus » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:59 pm

Cult of the Dragon
Spawns: Any dragon-corpse throughout the entire server
Level Restriction: None
Event details: Three non-hostile level 13 clerics immediately create a non-hostile Dracolich (as summon) from the dragon corpse and warn the triggering players to leave or taste the might of their creation. After a thirty second timer, all four go hostile.

Black Knights of the Road (Thanks Titania!)
Spawns: Along any road on the surface
Level restrictions: 15+
Alignment restriction: Evil
Event details: Three level 25 Blackguards riding Nightmares accuse the triggerer of being Evil and try to kill them.
Possible Spice: Killed players appear in a cell near where the old Knights of the Road meeting spot was. Other players can let them out or they can pick the lock or bash the door down to escape.

Copper Dragon (Non Hostile)
Spawn: Any Lost Desert area in Sibayad
Alignment restriction: Non-Evil
Event: The copper dragon tells terrible jokes through a dialogue. If a player chooses an option to say they aren't funny, they get buried in sand (paralyzed) for one minute and the dragon flies off. If the player says they're hilarious, they receive a Cormyrian Jokebook.

Copper Dragon (Hostile)
Spawn: Any Lost Desert area in Sibayad
Alignment restriction: Evil
Event: The copper dragon attempts to fight the party, and upon 'killing them' buries them in sand for ten minutes without actually killing them. They're left at 1hp. Another player can attack the sand pile to free them.

Death Tyrant
Spawn: Minmir Battlefield
Event: A powerful necromantic undead Beholder. Can just use a normal beholder mage model, possibly with some VFX to sell the fantasy.

Pirate Hunters
Spawn: Sibayad Feasthall
Event: Five non-hostile level 20 NPCs appear near Eamon and attack anyone that tries to talk to him. Players can talk to them first and tell them to leave, triggering a fight.

Perfect Minogon
Spawn: Altar area of Skal's Lair of the Master
Event: A really powerful minogon. Maybe drops a key to the Artificer's Tower?

Bard Performance
Spawn: Any tavern with a performance area
Event: Three bard NPCs play a scripted musical sequence. Can reference events going on in-game and be changed out over time as desired. DMs could spawn the NPCs themselves to put on their own performance to create plot hooks.

White Elk Aspirant
Spawn: White Elk grave site
Event: A hostile level 30 barbarian, guaranteed to drop a White Elk Spirit Stone of some kind.

Dark Triad
Spawn: Near the Last Bastion, Baator
Event: Three super-powerful Pit Fiend clerics that attack the party with epic magic. That's what you get for treating Baator like a training ground.

This is off the top of my head. I'll probably add more later.
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Re: Rare Encounter Idea thread

Post by Rooshi49 » Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:23 pm

I was actually going to make a thread like this after reading Irongron's post, but you beat me to it! Kudos.

As for my ideas: (for now)

Name: Religious inquisitors
Description: A group of 3-4 Zealous paladins of a certain god approach and demand to know what god you follow
Restrictions: None
Location: On any major road
Behaviors: They ask you in dialogue that you convert to their god or face punishment. You can either lie to accept using the persuasion or intimidation checks, accept and be converted, or tell them off and face a fight

Name: Kobold Gank
Description: A large group of kobolds have spilled forth from the ground and attack!
Restrictions: Gnome
Location: Anywhere on the surface outside of settlements
Behaviors: The kobolds come out of nowhere from holes in the ground and demand that you tell them your gnomish secrets while they try and attack you. If you defeat them you get several heads to turn into the bounty hunter. If they defeat you on the other hand you wake up in the iron mines of Cordor where you have to fight your way out.

Name: Wharftown rebels
Description: A very large group of former Wharftown citizens come out from the shadows near the ruins of wharftown and demand that they hand over their Cordorian citizens or face death.
Restrictions: Any party of over 3 total members with at least one Cordorian citizen and majority non-cordorians
Location: The lands formerly owned by Wharftown
Behaviors: They would suddenly appear and demand that the citizens of Cordor face punishment for what they did to wharftown else everyone dies. They surround the party and give them time to speak among each other before the party leader talks to the rebel squad leader. If the party leader is Cordorian there are dialogue options to hand themselves and everyone else over, or fight. If the party leader isn't Cordorian, they can sacrifice their Cordorian friends to live.

Name: Sketchy Merchant
Description: A human clad in robes approaches you and asks if you'd like to purchase some of his wares.
Restrictions: Any good player
Location: Any major road on the surface
Behaviors: The human implies that these wares were pilfered via graverobbing and the player must make a choice between purchasing the wares and having a guilty conscience or telling the human off. The wares would be things that adventures need such as portal lenses, healing supplies, etc.

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Re: Rare Encounter Idea thread

Post by JustAFingerWiggler » Sat Sep 15, 2018 5:35 am

Name: Gnomish Inventor
Description: A lone gnome appears on the road and begs to show off his newest invention.
Restrictions: None
Location: Anywhere near the Dale or Brog
Behaviors: Gnome approaches anyone not involved in combat and asks to show them their newest invention in dialogue. Agreeing spawns one of several possible things (the gnome pulls it out of a magic bag or teleports it in?) that the gnome gives an explanation for. Refusing causes the gnome to walk off disheartened and grumbling.

Possible inventions:
Fast-growing crop: a random crop placeable appears with 3x the normal bounty of fruit/stalks/nuts/etc. on it. Once picked, the plant immediately withers, rots and emits a cloud of horrid-smelling gas (stinking cloud). Gnome runs off in terror yelling that he's sorry and that he'll fix it in the next version.

Gnomish Autominer: Spawns and begins randomly blasting beams of energy around the area 1d10 times, with a chance of spawning random chunks of ore, dirt, or rocks, and a hole placeable at the location of each strike. There's a 10% chance of it hitting nearby PCs or the gnome per beam. If the gnome is hit, they explode in a cloud of blood and bones. PCs struck take damage if they fail a reflex save. After the last blast, the device shakes itself apart and leaves a pile of junk behind. The gnome (assuming he survives) runs off in terror yelling that he's sorry and that he'll fix it in the next version.

Gnomish ressurection device: Spawns only if one of the party members is carrying a rezzable corpse. 50% chance that it works and raises the person normally if they're still online, and the gnome runs off, surprised that it worked. If it fails (or the victim is offline), it instead destroys the body summons a non-hostile level 1 zombie (with the name "Zombified (Player name)"that becomes the henchman of the person who carried the body. It cannot be dismissed or told to stand still, and will unfailingly follow the person who had it raised until destroyed or they log/swap servers. If the PC who was raised respawns, the zombie immediately dies and crumbles to dust. Gnome flees in terror when the zombie appears.

Weight loss supplement: 33% chance each that it does nothing, shrinks the one who eats it to 1/2 their normal size, or doubles their size. Cannot be dispelled, lasts for 24 IG hours. Gnome wanders off mumbling about how he was sure he had the formula right that time.

Herdsman's Friend: 90% chance it summons 3d4 cows or chickens that last for 10 turns. 5% chance per animal that it's an explosive animal that blows up after 5 rounds. 10% chance of casting "cows from hell" on random nearby PC. Normal animals can be killed for meat, or despawn after 10 turns. Gnome wanders off talking about the need for a fix or screaming in horror as appropriate.
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Re: Rare Encounter Idea thread

Post by One Two Three Five » Sat Sep 15, 2018 5:39 am

Warlock Fight!
You've stumbled into a pair of dueling warlocks! Interfere and they'll briefly ally to destroy you!
What's It Is: Two warlock npcs of different type. Fiend, fey, etc, with level-scaled abilities, blasting/meat-shielding each other.
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Re: Rare Encounter Idea thread

Post by Aelryn Bloodmoon » Sat Sep 15, 2018 6:57 am

NAME: Orchestrated Mayhem
DESCRIPTION: Elven siblings are running from a pack of orcs- the leader of which seems to be covered in some sort of...slime? Ew. As if orcs weren't bad enough already!
RESTRICTIONS: Elf, Half-elf.
LOCATION: Any forest/woods.
BEHAVIORS: Children will ask PC('s) to save them. Orc spawn (party level dependent?) will attack, attempting to slay PC('s) as well as children.
-> Both children survive; thank the PCs, parents arrive, give random (rare) gem assortment as thanks. Parents scold children for their (apparent pattern of) recklessness as they leave.
-> One child survives; wails inconsolably. Parents arrive, grieve, give random (common) gem assortment as thanks for their remaining child, and leave clutching each other.
-> Both children die; Parents arrive. Grief-stricken and inconsolable, parents commit suicide-by-adventurer(s).
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Re: Rare Encounter Idea thread

Post by MissEvelyn » Sat Sep 15, 2018 7:08 am

Name: Wolf
Description: A lone wolf has gone missing from its flock and is being pursued by hunters.
Restrictions: Druid
Location: Arelith Forest
Behaviors: The wolf approaches you and asks for your help. If you refuse, the wolf runs off or is killed by an arrow. If you accept, a group of hunters spawn (human NPCs with bows, for example) and you must fight them. The wolf graciously thanks for your assistance.

Name: Lost traveler
Description: A weary traveler has lost her/his way through the forest.
Restrictions: Ranger
Location: Arelith Forest
Behaviors: The traveler asks for your assistance in finding the way out. You can refuse the traveler help. You can also give the traveler directions after which the traveler thanks you. And lastly, you can instead choose to mislead the traveler and direct them deeper into the forest.

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Re: Rare Encounter Idea thread

Post by Intrepid42 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:27 am

Spawns: Surface Wilderness area
Restriction: PC is Owner of Non-Destroyed Statue Fixture in same area
Event: A mid-level foppish rogue in garish attire, with some potions or throwables to add some interest.

"Ah, good day there fellow traveller! Allow me to introduce my good self. I am Antonio Pharamond, and I make a habit of travelling these wilds, to partake of the many varied and exotic arts displayed wherein!

I have just viewed the work (name of fixture). And I must say I am sorely, even bitterly, disappointed. Leaving aside the instrinsic purpose of the work, the execution is garish, and not at all in keeping with the latest Waterdhaevian stylings! What say you?"

Option 1: "I agree! Truly the artist might as well have been drunk!"
Response: "Haha! A being after mine own heart. Good day to you!" (departs)

Option 2: "I disagree!"
Response: "What? You call me a liar! Have at you!" (attacks)

Option 3: Say Nothing.
Response: "So, struck dumb? So be it, I shall waste no more time with the likes of you" (departs)

Option 4: "That statue is my own, I will have you know."
Response: "What? The villain returns to the scene of the crime? Have at you!" (attacks)

Spawns: Roads near Cordor
Restriction: No Andunor races in party (a hostile equivalent could be coded for Andunor parties)
Event: A portly city official, his pants streaked with dust from the road, escorted by a weary Cordor guard. The official carries a sum of gold, and a writ proclaiming "By Order of His Majesty King Edward of Cordor, the bearer is hereby empowered to gather taxes from all regions and territories within the purview of his most gracious Majesty."

Conversation: The official sees your approach, and draws himself up haughtily.

'Bar not the King's Tax Collector!'

Option: "I certainly shall not! Long live the King!"
Response: "Excellent, citizen! I shall be on my way then." (departs)

Option: "I seek no quarrel with you. Let us both be about our business."
Response: He nods, and with a gesture to the guard, they both continue on their appointed rounds (departs)

Intimidate (high DC): "I think not, City Lackey. Hand over the gold, and you might yet see another day!"
Response: His jowls quiver and he loses his resolve. "I surrender! Just don't hurt me!" He hands you a pouch of gold, and scurries away fearfully (departs)

Option: "I can think of far better uses for those taxes than lining the pockets of the King. I'll be taking it, I think"
Response: His nostrils flare angrily, and he shouts to his escort "Guard the King's taxes!". They move towards you, weapons in hand (attacks)

Spawns: Wilderness. Certain areas only to allow customised walk paths and appropriate references to local quests in the conversation.
Restriction: No Andunor races in party (a hostile equivalent could be coded for Andunor parties)
Event: A human cleric, a dwarven fighter, a hin rogue and an elven mage come into view.
Conversation: The group draws to a halt as you approach, the cleric taking charge of the conversation.

"Ah, fellow adventurers I see. We are patrolling this area for a time. Follow if you will, for adventure and fellowship, or continue on your own way as you wish"

(The group follows a set path around the area before disappearing after a time.)

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Re: Rare Encounter Idea thread

Post by Irongron » Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:46 am

Some of these suggestions are excellent.

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Re: Rare Encounter Idea thread

Post by Dragonovith » Sat Sep 15, 2018 4:32 pm

The Ghost of Fluffy

> The ghost of a cat spawns in the Skull Crags Howling Pass North area at night and disappears when interacted with.

Titania once held an event in Guldorand where an army of Talassians and Vampires besieged it, however, a tragedy happened as traps were laid out in front of the town. The cat Fluffy, owned by a pair of travelling mercenaries, stepped on one of the epic traps and died. So it would be cool if we could see the cat's ghost wandering about the Skull Crags.

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Re: Rare Encounter Idea thread

Post by The Kriv » Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:06 pm

Clarissa in Arelith Forest.

Heartwood Grove Druidic Merchant, Clarissa, despawns from the Heartwood Grove for a few hours every couple of days and appears wandering Arelith Forest at a few key locations, such as Northern Crossroads, Assimvar Pond (sp?), or Twin Falls Gap.

Interacting with her allows her standard conversation, and access to her standard supplies, but not unlimited, like in the Grove.

Heart of the Forest:

A white stag spawns in Arelith Forest at random locations, but very rare. The spawn occurs when a character with nature-class levels is present (Barbarian, Druid, Ranger). Interacting with the Stag would allow you to know the health of the forest, which would be described as good, neutral or bad. You could then choose help push it in one direction or another with a Good/Neutral/Evil choice.

The interactions of Good/Neutral/Evil are recorded in a variable that begins at 0. Good interactions push the value positively towards 20 while evil interactions push the value negatively towards -20. neutral interactions move the value either direction, towards zero, but never pushes it above or below zero.

The Evil choice provokes an attack encounter that would last 3 rounds. If the Stag is still alive after three rounds, it bounds away, disappearing in the thickets of the forest (i.e. despawns). If the Stag is killed within those 3 rounds (and it shouldn't be a pushover... it should be kinda hard) then the "evil choice" is x2 or x3. The act of choosing the evil choice pushes whatever the saved 'value' of the variable towards -20.

If the variable value is decreased below -10 (negative 10) then the health of the forest is pushed towards disease which then begins to spread by activating spawns of "rabid" versions of creatures like bears and wolves and deer. These rabid creatures can spawn anywhere in the forest and they will attack other creatures... which could spread the disease to those uninfected creatures as well... For as long as variable remains below negative 10... Rabid creatures... like bears... are always aggressive. The rabid animals cannot be tamed by Animal Empathy, and have an increased listen score to better detect and attack even very sneaky characters.

These rabid animals would all have high-level barbarian rage that activates on combat. The animal stats would be tougher than normal because you know... they're rabid... and the forest would become a much more dangerous place in general.

Hunger/Thirst/Fatigue system gets more aggressive when the forest stat is between -10 to -20. You get tired quicker. You get hungrier/thistier more quickly. When you rest, the % cap is lowered to 25, meaning you CAN'T reset again while your rest score is above 25 during a time when the forest health value is below -10.

IF the score is between 10 and -10, everything is as normal... cuz you know.. balance. Yes you still get the odd rabid wolverine, but that's about it.

If the score of the value is above +10, (10 to 20) disease is completely eradicated completely from the forest. There are zero rabid animals spawned. The creature spawns are 100% non-aggressive. The animal creature stats are increased compared to the normal versions, and their DC to tame with Animal Empathy is lower... or maybe all Ranger/Druid characters are given a +10 to Animal Empathy while within the Arelith Forest areas during this time.

The creatures spawning in a Forest that is between +10 and +20 would be a veritable garden of eden! Your HTF stat ticks would be dramatically lessened while in the forest during these times. You don't get tired as quickly either! (this would be a negative for caster-types who rely on resting to refresh their spellbooks!) . When you rest, you can rest much better, with the cap for Rest % raised to 75%..

Should the value be at ABSOLUTE ZERO... perfect balance between good and evil... then maybe something cool happens that affects only druids. Maybe druids who rest inside Arelith Forest get a huge boost to their stats that persists until they rest again. This boost only is attainable when the value is perfectly balanced of ZERO... which gives them motivation to select the "neutral" choice form the STAG.

All of these systems would be controlled by the interactions of this great forest spirit, represented by the rare-spawn white stag meaning that you can't really SEARCH for the stag to help push the value of that variable one way or the other...

Maybe a connection to the Heartwood Grove could gave greater effect, say if you were a Druid of the Heartwood if the Heartwood Grove were to be given some sort of settlement makover in the same way as the Paladins of the Radiant Heart get... where Druids of the Heartwood have added to their descriptions that they are in fact Druids of the Heartwood.... and then when those charactes ancounter the Great Spirit of Arelith Forest... their interactions could have greater effect in preserving, or healing the forest.

Maybe even depending on the population of druids who take up the mantle of membership in the Heartwood Grove would INCREASE or DECREASE the % spawning of the Forest Spirit when THEY are out in the forest, giving them some real effective control in a fabulously awesome RP way. So that should the Heartwood membership become evil-aligned, they could litterally turn all of Arelith Forest into a dark place, and keep it like that for as long as they have the membership to maintain it.
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Re: Rare Encounter Idea thread

Post by caldura firebourne » Mon Sep 17, 2018 7:38 pm

the High Hunt
once per season a group of NPC Malarites can be seen in/around the forest of despair ruins of Stonehold/Wharftown area chasing an NPC Druid as part of their high hunt ritual, they stop upon encountering the PC, the druid begs for help, the Malarites warn against interfering with their hunt

the PC can choose to help the druid and trigger a fight with the malarites, allowing the druid to escape, or do nothing and gain the blessing of Malar (AKA for the season they are immune to the effects of the forest of despair, the angry trees do not spawn on the PC, they lose less water/food/rest while in the forest)
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Re: Rare Encounter Idea thread

Post by caldura firebourne » Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:46 am

Maybe not exactly a "rare" encounter but a scripted one

Around the year at times marking carious holidays NPCs can be seen celebrating those holidays based on racial location and religion

It would be cool to see for example High harvesttide being celebrated island wide at the various settlements according to their own racial traditions on the first day of the tenth month
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Re: Rare Encounter Idea thread

Post by Eters » Wed Sep 19, 2018 9:10 am

Name : Devil Contractor
Description : A normal looking person ( Catches on fire when turns hostile)
Location : Any crossroads
Behavior : Attempts to 1 : Sell soul gems, 2 : Make you a warlock (You get tricked and lose ??? amount of Exp or Debuffs) 3 : Fight you 4- If you are a devil warlock, get buffs.
Difficulty : Strong (Level 25)

Name : Mercenary Warparty
Description : A group of 5, Different classes.
Location: The boss map of any high level dungeon. (If in the UD the race of the mercenary should match the setting)
Behavior : They speak of you being late, and that the loot is theirs. 1- Bargain for half of the gains 2- (Something with intimidate, persuade checks) 3- Fight them, upon defeat the leader's corpse drops the loot that was supposed to be in chests.)
Difficulty : Very Strong (Leader 30 , Rest 25)

Name : Black Dragon (Young)
Description : A Black young Dragon
Location : Minmir's Bridge
Behavior : Demands something of value. 1- Any item of a value of 5000+ given to the dragon will make it fly away. 2- Fight.
Difficulty : Strong (Level 25) => upon defeat gives 2 items of 5000+ value from the server's loot matrix.

Name : Lone Swordman
Description : A warrior with 1- Long sword or shield / 2- Rapier and buckler / 3- Greatsword / 4- Greataxe
Location : ???
Condition : A weapon master in party.
Behavior : Demands single combat duel against the weapon master. 1- Refuse, 2- Accept 3- All attack together.
Difficulty : Very Strong (Level 30) => Upon defeat in single combat , possibility to drop a midtier rune components, or a piece of adamantine equipement, upon being defeated by everyone, possibility to drop a low tier rune component, or a piece of mithril equipement.

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Re: Rare Encounter Idea thread

Post by Diablo3Monk » Wed Sep 19, 2018 4:31 pm

Name: Adventuring Party
Description: A group of Surface Adventurers, mixed race and class.
Location: Iron Mines.
Behavior: Spawns if a kobold PC of x level enters a part of the mines.

Essentially, just a kobold-hunting party
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Re: Rare Encounter Idea thread

Post by Baron Saturday » Wed Sep 19, 2018 5:21 pm

Highway Robbery
A group of bandits, mixed melee and ranged, approach the richest party member and demand that they hand over their gold. If the party refuses, they turn hostile. If the party is defeated, their corpses are stripped of gold.
Restrictions: All members of party under level 10, no more than 3 people in party, party member has 1000+ gold in inventory.
Location: Outskirts of Cordor at chokepoints en route to & from dungeons. (That spot just west of the Iron Mines where the road goes between two cliffs is an ideal example - ranged spawns up on the cliffs, melee in front and behind on the road.)

I'd love to see the many bandit factions of Cordor get up to some actual banditry!
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Re: Rare Encounter Idea thread

Post by whoisthisis » Wed Sep 19, 2018 6:36 pm

A group of Goblin Sappers. When each dies they explode in a fireball because they are carrying explosives.

I created some funny goblins named this for a mod long ago.
I changed out the regular NWN death script for the one the NWN Balor monster. It made for some Goblins that were a downright pile of panic. Combine this with the Grovel goblin voice, and they are hilarious.

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