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Post by Liareth » Sat Jun 10, 2017 6:05 pm

Vampires are a mechanically supported race which can be chosen by players who have a major gift and have obtained admin approval. The race costs 3 ECL.

- Blood System -

Vampires do not eat or drink. Instead, they have a separate resource: blood. This resource can be filled by killing creatures. Bigger and more powerful creatures offer higher levels of blood. Blood of other vampires, as well as blood belonging to demons or devils, offer the greatest rewards - but be careful not to drink from creatures such as these if they are much lower level than you, lest you weaken your own blood in the process.

It is possible to craft blood vials through the use of alchemy. It is an difficult task to store blood such that it keeps fresh for a prolonged period, but one you have the vials, they won't expire.

- Physical Attributes -

Vampires inherit all the strengths and weaknesses of an undead creature. This includes immunity to critical hits and sneak attacks, and vulnerability to divine healing spells, sunbeam, turn undead, and other such spells.

The following are gained per level:

Level 1: +1 regen, +1 str [soft], +1 dex [soft]
Level 5: +1 regen, +5% move speed
Level 10: +1 regen, +2 con [soft]
Level 15: +1 regen, +5% move speed
Level 20: +1 regen, +1 str [soft], +1 dex [soft]
Level 25: +1 regen +5% move speed
Level 30: +1 regen, +2 con [soft]

The bonuses listed about are cumulative; for example, a level 10 vampire will have +2 regen.

These bonuses represent the 'top end' of what vampires can achieve. However, to realise their full potential, vampires must have recently fed. As their blood level decreases, so does the potency of their bonuses, and as a vampire becomes more hungry and begins to lose control, many of their bonuses will turn into negatives.

Vampires inherit whatever bonuses their base race offers.

- Weakness To Sunlight-

Vampires cannot travel during the day. Upon entering the sunlight, they lose all of their physical bonuses and begin to suffer immediate and drastic effects, eventually culminating in a quick death.

- Bat and Wolf forms -

Vampires can choose to transform, at will, into a bat or a wolf. Transforming is a process which puts significant strain on the vampire, and this is reflected by the cost in blood to transform.

- Vampiric Bite -

Every three minutes, a vampire can activate the bite ability. Their next melee attack, if successful, will restore a percentage of health and blood which scales with the size category of the creature.

- Thrall System -

Vampires can recruit other characters as their thralls. Thralls can be used as servants or portable blood tanks. When they deign it, the vampire may may feed their thrall a portion of their immortal blood. This confers physical improvements to the thrall, as such:

First feeding in 24 hours: +1 con [soft]
Second feeding in 24 hours: +1 con [soft]
Third feeding in 24 hours: +1 con [soft]
Fourth feeding in 24 hours: +1 con [soft]

The bonuses listed about are cumulative; the second feeding will have +2 con total.

Vampires can feed from thralls. Thralls suffer a -2 con penalty for every feeding they have given their master in the last 24 game hours, culminating in death after the fourth feeding (they are drained dry!).

- Gaseous Form -

Once per day, upon death, the vampire will instead enter a gaseous form for twelve seconds. This form confers immunity to damage and an inability to attack for the duration of the effect.

- References -

Consult -vampire ? or -thrall ? for further information on how to activate many of the abilities listed above.

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Re: Vampire

Post by Xantor_Stromgate » Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:23 am

Wow. Just, WOW!!!! Amazing. Seriously.

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Re: Vampire

Post by Morderon » Sun Jul 08, 2018 3:26 pm

For Vampires:

Any strength penalties due to blood loss are replaced with 1 AB/1 DMG for every 2 points lost.
Any dex penalties due to blood loss are replaced with 1 AC/1 reflex for every 2 points lost.

For Vampires and Thralls:

Any con penalties replaced with fort save loss and damage immunity decrease.

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