Settlement Resource & Hostile mob Balance tweak

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Settlement Resource & Hostile mob Balance tweak

Post by Serendipitous » Sat Sep 29, 2018 4:53 am

this suggestion is twofold as the two systems it encompasses are entertwined

Part 1.
the settlement resource system not the expanded warehouse but that other one nobody uses because every settlement's sell price to players is 999%

I would like to propose that the person(s) in charge of the trade and economy of the settlement can set the cap at which settlement resources can no longer be purchased, as an example number, say the trade minister of Cordor decides that the city doesn't need resources in excess of 300,000 units, they can set the sell cap to that number and the buy price for that resource above that number is separate from the buy price below that number, a settlement still would not sell resources at all past the point that will be required to keep the settlement running for the current year

if the resources are at 300,000 or above, the buy price (theoretically) could be reduced to say 150% of the cost per unit, thus allowing this currently unused system to be used without need of constant (and admittedly) boring oversight, which is why every settlement currently has a sell price of 999% of the original unit value.

Part 2.
when a player character uses settlement resource packs to influence the monsters in an area, give them a dialogue notification as to whether the action is confirmed, as it is currently confusing to get no feedback upon dropping resources in an area.

as well, allow the player character who is dropping the resources to then decide whether they want to encourage monster growth or stem it, as resources could theoretically be used to either bolster monster populations, or as tools to discourage or cull their numbers by possibly arming a competitive (yet less powerful) creature faction so that they (rp wise) kill each other off, or encourage NPC settlement patrols let's say along trade roads

this would allow settlement to partake in a (less hostile) warfare as they have done in the past only this time with resources earned rather than PC's killing each other endlessly for months on end with no end to the battles. it could be used as a means to drain a settlement of their resources to "Soften" them up for a raid, perhaps add in some bonuses/penalties to having high/low resources, weaker guards for example, less NPC presence (Looking at Cordor's Archer lined walls of death)
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Re: Settlement Resource & Hostile mob Balance tweak

Post by Irongron » Sat Dec 08, 2018 8:37 pm

1. Already adressed this issue in a previous suggestion (putting a cap on sales)

2. I know some people are fond of this system, but I am not. I like how it affects the world, but playing Santa to mobs by leaving them piles of resources when they're not looking just stretches credulity for me. I'm not going to expand it in this way (but am also unlikely to remove it.

So Rejected (but part 1 is already in the approved list)