Change Portal Lens so it takes 18 seconds (3 rounds) to activate

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Change Portal Lens so it takes 18 seconds (3 rounds) to activate

Post by Dagonlives » Fri Sep 28, 2018 6:13 am

As I've wandered around Arelith and had more time to observe other mechanics I'm not particularly fond of. The portal lens has come to mind. It's an item that is reasonably cheap, essential, and permits players to easily avoid conflict or danger.

I've often been subject to performing acts of banditry, or even just speaking to a character who might perceive mine as an antagonist. Rather then interact, a few characters choose to activate their lens and flee in a form of escape that is effectively unable to be countered without very quick reflexes and questionable interpretation of the 'Be Nice' and 'Have sufficient interaction' rule.

This use of the portal lens to avoid conflict is a common enough trend I made this thread, after all.

This use of the portal lens is pretty boring and unsatisfying to most parties involved, and for that reason I think it should be adjusted. Thus far the only solution I have found to prevent it's use is to either attack the individual using the lens very quickly (It just shows a 'used special item' and a small character emote, so it's hard to detect) or bring a -wardteleport mage in my party. The problem with both of these solutions is one is hardly ideal according to the Arelith PvP etiquette, and the other requires me to track down a very specific mage build that is level 26+, which again, is often quite uncommon.

Thus my solution is simple: When a portal lens is activated, or a character is about to be -yoinked make it have a short summoning window (3 rounds) whereby an emote is produced displaying what is occurring for all to see easily. Make this window interruptible by combat ensuring the teleporting individual is safe, and has picked a well thought out location to retreat from.
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Re: Change Portal Lens so it takes 18 seconds (3 rounds) to activate

Post by Irongron » Sat Dec 08, 2018 8:41 pm

I do not mind people easily being able to escape PvP situations where they are clearly outmatched. Those in it for the RP/Competition will stick around and enjoy it, and if they don't, I don't really see the fun in fighting them.