Changes to necromancy oversight.

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Changes to necromancy oversight.

Post by azrael_athing » Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:00 pm

--Changes to necromancy--
Casters can have up to one minion per Spell Focus in Necromancy (min 1). The first is summoned as a usual creature (i.e. in the summon slot). The second and third, if applicable, take up henchman slots. Each distinct spell can only summon one minion (so casting animate dead twice won't net you a second minion, even with GSF). There are three streams of undead (zombie, ghoul and wraith). Zombie is the default. PCs can do rituals to change stream.

There are 4 tiers of creature. Tier 2 kicks in at level 11, Tier 3 at 16, and Tier 4 when you have the Mummy Dust spell. Your effective level is the sum of your Cleric, Wizard, Sorc and PM levels.
That this list of classes does not contain Bard, hurts my feelings. I think that it should be altered.


Thank you for understanding.