GSF Divination - Know when you are scried

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GSF Divination - Know when you are scried

Postby WanderingPoet » Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:46 am

Epic Spell Focus Divination lets you know when you're being scried, I think this should be moved to the Greater Spell Focus.

Right now GSF Divination only does "Greater Spell Focus: Divination allows further information using -investigate, Detect Evil, and other things." - which well... Unless you have high search, Detect Evil or the 'other things' means it is rather lack lustre. Giving it a little bit more use instead of just a stepping stone to scry would be a nice way of making it a worthwhile feat.

So, give Greater Spell Focus the "You are being scried" perk, instead of the epic spell focus.

EDIT: If the issue is getting it too early, then could limit it like GSF: Transmutation to only be effective as of level 21. Main reason for this choice is so that non-wizards/clerics/druids can get access to it, and make GSF divination a stepping stone, rather than being half useless since all of the goodies are in ESF and SF.

That said, sacrificing two feats at level 1 only so you can see attunements, read a deck of cards and happen to know when you're being scried doesn't seem like it'd be too powerful - most squishy casters would go for Conjuration/Evocation/Enchantment at low levels, most non-squishy casters would be more focused on martial fighting than losing feats at level 1.
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Re: GSF Divination - Know when you are scried

Postby miesny_jez » Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:59 am

I will be against this as You can reach GSF:Div as soon as lvl 1 with a Human.
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Re: GSF Divination - Know when you are scried

Postby DM Spyre » Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:13 pm

An epic level investment to have the ability to scry should have an epic level investment to know when it’s being done to you. Otherwise, what’s so epic?
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