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Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2017 12:51 pm
by Dunshine
No fancy new features this time, technical update only. The encounters are moved from Bioware Database to MySQL. C&P is just done and looks to be succesful, will reset Surface as well now.

Please let me know if anything seems off encounter wise.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:23 pm
by ActionReplay
Spellsword Path Update by Kirito!

Bug Fixes/Removals
-Small characters no longer gain bonus AC from wielding medium weapons (as two-handed weapons)
-Bonus AC capped by modified INT not base INT
-Epic Spell Focus abilities removed for spellswords

New features
- Improved Mage armour
When the spellswords casts mage armour on himself the bonus AC increase to +8 at level 8 and + 12 at level 15. These apply to the same AC types as before (so 2 Dodge AC, 2 Deflection AC, 2 Natural AC, 2 Armour AC at level 8)

-Imbue armour
A spellsword can cast a defensive spell on his armour, eg stoneskin. This will be activated by the next hit that the spellsword recieves

-Imbue weapon
A spellsword can imbue his weapon with power from the weave. Casting a spell on the weapon gives a bonus to damage and an onhit property.
The bonus damage is determined by the spell level and the damage type by the type of the spell, eg Melf's Acid Arrow will apply 1D4 Acid Damage.

Magic spells give a smaller amount of damage:
Level 1-3 : +1D4 Damage (1 Magic Damage)
Level 4-6 : +1D8 Damage (1D4 Magic Damage)
Level 7-9 : +1D12 Damage (1D8 Magic Damage)

On Hit abilities:
Imbue Acid causes an additional 5hp/round damage to the target for 3 rounds - save vs Fort to avoid
Imbue Cold causes -1 APR to target for 3 rounds - save vs Fort to avoid
Imbue Electric causes nearby targets to be hit by 5 electric damage - save vs Reflex to avoid
Imbue Fire causes target to lose 3 armour AC for 3 rounds - save vs Fort to avoid
Imbue Magic gives a 10% chance to dispel target
Imbue Negative causes a 15hp vampiric regeneration - save vs Fort to avoid
Imbue Sonic silences the target for 1 round - save vs Fort to avoid

At spellsword level 21, the spellsword can imbue his weapon with two properties.

We also have a Kensai update from Cortex & Peppermint:
•One extra attack at full BAB (stacking with haste).
•+2 natural AC (stacking with barkskin and similar).
•Permanent freedom.
•+10 listen.
•+1 save vs magic per 5 levels (up to 6 at 30).

•Cannot use scrolls other than Raise Dead, Resurrection, Lesser Restoration, Restoration and Greater Restoration.
•Cannot use wands.
•Cannot take levels into cleric, wizard or sorcerer.
•Cannot used ranged weapons other than thrown weapons.

Misc. Changes:
•No more permanent haste.
•No more +10 discipline.
•Kensai can now use any potion.
•Kensai can now take levels in ranger, paladin and bard.
•No more bonus speed of any sort.
•Cannot cast spells (even of the paladin/ranger/bard spellbooks).

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 12:48 am
by Irongron
A large update this evening. (as usual short version can be read on

1. Expansion of the Trade Route

This opens up the wilderness in the centre of the isle, and has a number of new features at play.

2. The Tungstun Turret

A Gnomish enclave in close proximity to the Arcane Tower

3. Windows, Telescopes.

This exciting feature allows for various locations to act as lookouts for adjoining areas. There have been many added, mostly to major settlements, and will definitely be more in the coming weeks.

4. Spear Craftables and Misc Items

Based upon a suggestion by a player (some altered from original suggestion) new spears have been added to the crafting matrix.

Jagged Bone Tipped Spear, Giant Femur Spear, Dragonbone Spear (Carpentry)
Fang Of The Wild (Carpentry - Only by Wild Dwarves, Forest Gnomes and Wild Elves)
Elder Dream (Carpentry - Only by Druids/Rangers) RUNIC (note this spear will likely not appear until after the a second reset)
There is also a new Trident (Cyclone) added to forging.

Further new items added to the loot matrix.

5. Minor Reported Fixes.

Selling bulk jewellery in Sibayad, Fixing the Banite Message Board, adjusting the the barkeep in the Hawk's Nest Tavern etc.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:17 pm
by Peppermint
Today's update brings some minor class changes:


- Kensai now receive +10 Spot in addition to +10 Listen. Note that this bonus does not apply when rolling against disguise.


- The Shadowdancer's shadow now gains X regeneration and X/+6 damage reduction, where X is the shadow's hit dice / 3.
- Shadows will now be granted the following feats if the Shadowdancer also has them: Evasion, Improved Evasion, Defensive Roll, Epic Dodge, Uncanny Dodge.
- Epic Shadowlord now grants the shadow immunity to Banishment, Dismissal, and Word of Faith.


- Balor and fire elemental damage shields can no longer be dispelled.
- Shades shadows now have Improved Knockdown. Really.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:22 pm
by Irongron
- Around 25 new and adjusted creatures

- A number of changes in native spawns throughout the module

- New Dreaming Tree area and addition of a gnoll den (dungeon) to the Arelith Forest

- Outstanding bug with fixed altars not showing their deities fixed, in areas such as the Nomad Shrine, The Tungsten Turret and Temple of Bane.

- Various bugs reported in the 'little things' addresssed

- Halved the amount of swinging axe traps as one enters Cordor's Crypts

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:42 am
by Irongron
Additional crafting recipes today.

12 CROWNS (Art Crafting)

- Arcane Headband
- Black Iron Coronet (Duergar - RUNIC)
- Brass Crown
- Celestial Crown (Paladin - RUNIC - Pending)
- Circlet of Heroic Might (Barbarian - RUNIC)
- Circlet of Logic
- Crown of Domination
- Crown of Horns Replica
- Divine Diadem
- Druidic Garland
- Golden Crown
- Headband of Protection

7 STAVES (Carpentry)

- Icon of the Hunt
- Staff of Blight
- Staff of Cleansing
- Staff of Life
- Staff of the Arcane Locus
- Staff of the Arch Druid
- Staff of the Arch Wizard

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:20 am
by Irongron
Continuing the theme of crafting some existing recipes have been adjusted which I felt to be problematic. Given that the first of of is healing kits this is a significant change, so will require some detail.


Moving away from the theme of these being food, they have been squarely into herbalism, and both meat and fruit are no longer components.

They also no longer require increased amounts of ingredients for the better kits, but rather the quality is reflected in the DC and Crafting Point requirement.

The DCs have been significantly lowered for +1 and +3 kits, allowing characters to enter the crafting market at a far lower level.

For all healing kits the following is required.

- 3 berries, 3 nuts, 2 salt and 1 small cloth 2 Herbs (Yarrow, Mintspear, Strideleaf and Lady's Tear - depending on the strength of the healing kit)

Due to this change both Strideleaf and Lady's Tear now require particular ground to grow, and will generally not be possible to cultivate outside of some private gardens, farmsteads and remote fertile ground. If you currently have one of these two crops growing the plant may begin to wilt, and will need to be relocated to one of the locations where they continue to grow.

Meat can still be used to sell to NPCS, supply settlements so continues to have a function in the economy.


This no longer requires gems that exceed the value of the lens itself, hopefully allowing this market to also improve.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:01 am
by Irongron
Asked Cortex & his team to give me some new leather armour and Ankheg shell products, and once again they came up trumps. Really impressed by the thought that's gone into some of these.

TAILORING (12 New Products)

Reaver Armour (Studded Leather)
Battlemedic Armor (Padded Armor)
Second Skin (Leather Armor) - Druid/Shifter
Spellthief's Armor (Studded Leather)
Displacer Beast Hide Armor (Leather Armor)
Armor of Immolation (Padded)
Draconic Armor (Studded Leather) - Kobold RUNIC
Armor of the Wilds (Leather Armor) - Wild/Wood Elf, Forest Gnome, Wild Dwarf RUNIC
Warded Ankheg Armor (Scale Armor)
Ankheg Gauntlets
Ankheg Chitin Shield
Ankheg Chitin Helmet


Displacer Beast

All from the next reset folks.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:49 am
by Irongron
Continuing the latest theme a number of new recipes added, including a number of new cloaks.


Adventurer Heavy Armor (Half Plate)
Templar Armor(Half Plate)
Guardsman's Armor(Half Plate)
Spellbane Shield
Fencing Buckler

Northman's Armor (Breastplate)


Acolyte's Garb
Heirophant's Mantle
Initiate's Vest
Murder's Raiment
Penumbral Vestment
Lesser Second Skin
Thaumaturgist's Cloak
Sergeant's Cloak
Displacer Beast Cloak
Duelist Cloak
Dungeon Delver's Cloak
Witchhunter's Cloak (RUNIC) - Pending

= The Orcish Double Weapons have also been adjusted, granting extra bonuses vs elves and with somewhat simpler ingredients.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 10:51 am
by Dunshine
Next reset:

-adventure command added. Which will toggle the adventure mode on/off

OFF, as is now, XP for kills is applied directly 100%
ON (default), XP for kills is applied directly for 50%, while 100% will go to your adventure pool.

The setting is stored across resets.

(minor thing, but changed the default to ON for next reset)

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 11:21 am
by Irongron
A large change here.


There are four tiers of ore veins. Common, Noble, Rich, and Grandiose.

Common Veins are commonly found in mines, and may include the more normal deposits such as coal, tin and copper.

Noble Veins may contain ores such as Gold, Silver and Iron

Rich Veins may contain Arjale, Adamantine and Mithril

Grandiose Veins will almost always contain the best ores.

All of the tiers have a chance of containing ores from one tier higher, or one lower.

Whatever vein is currently to be found in a given place will linger for 2-4 RL days. Meaning one could have a 'Gold Rush' (or Mithril etc) in a given area, especially if a valuable vein turns up in a mid-level area.

This really is a boon for exploring, as explorers will learn where certain veins are currently appearing.

In some cases I will leave specific resources in place, but be prepared to see most replaced with this system in the coming hours.

We have added a minimum yield, so that one will no longer come away with less than 2 ores from mining a vein.



Healing recipes should work now, but only with the new version. Mojo made or found before 48 hours ago will no longer work in recipes.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 11:48 am
by Dunshine
Two simultaneous updates, so make sure you read Irongrons post above here as well!

Next reset:

Adventure XP will be awarded when you finish a crafting item for the first time. This will only apply if you created and 100% worked on the item yourself. XP awarded is item DC * 10.

When creating items with one of the crafting feats, the XP cost will now be returned to you in your Adventure XP pool.

And fixed a bug with -adventure mode XP, it takes into account ECL now.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:55 am
by Mithreas
This update fixes one of the longest standing and most significant bugs on the server.

A good 8 or 9 years ago Fireboar and I added a completely new chat system, which let us retire the old "dynamic listeners" (invisible NPCs that followed PCs around to let the system react to their text) - this technology was the birth of the console that now has a million and one features.

In doing this, we accidentally broke the ability for NPCs to talk to each other. And, as a result, opened up the ability for PCs to lure NPCs out of a group by shooting them from out of sight range. We didn't realise what we'd done, and as luring increasingly became an accepted part of Arelith strategy, didn't realise that it hadn't been possible previously. Much of the Arelith "meta" ended up being built around something that, originally, was an oversight caused by a single innocent line of code.


Clearly, at this point, fixing this would have a major impact on the way the game plays. But it's something irongron and I have long wanted to do, so, finally, we've done so... sort of. I've coded a range of AI enhancements to make creatures respond more intelligently, which we've been testing out on the FL server... and irongron has been reviewing the module and making changes where necessary to be ready for it.

So - how will it work?
  • Luring won't work automatically any more.
    • Creatures with an int score of 6 or higher will call for help. Things less intelligent than that will not.
    • Each nearby creature who hears the call will have a (25%+10% per positive int mod) chance of going after the attacker, -20% if the attacked creature was of a different racial type.
      • Example: a 16 int Drow has a 55% chance of responding. Each Drow in the group checks separately, so on average and if they are all 16 Int, about half of the Drow will come after you.
      • Example: an 8 int Orc has a pet war pig. When the war pig gets hit and charges after the thing that annoyed it, the orc has a 5% chance (25% - 20%) of noticing and coming after you.
    • Any creature which fails the above check will go into detect mode looking for the source of the trouble.
Alongside, that, there are a few other minor changes to the AI to improve some long-standing rough edges.
  • Improved the behaviour of creatures when a creature in front of them vanishes. They'll still use their ears, but if they can neither see nor hear then they will pick a new target more quickly than previously.
  • GSanc now trumps True Seeing in the AI scripts (doesn't change the way players interact with each other at all, just means that an NPC with True Seeing won't "see" another creature under GSanc)
  • After being in combat, NPCs will now not rest until 2 minutes later. No more resting mid-combat because they lose sight of the PCs.
  • Tidied up some of the talent code to make NPCs less likely to stop fighting mid combat (e.g. NPCs will no longer try to mount a non existent horse mid combat).
  • Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause archers to equip melee weapons and charge in.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:28 am
by Irongron
Further Crafting Changes after the next reset, and further AI improvement.


Slight increase in resources (x2), but glass is produced in stacks of 10, and bottles and vials in batches of 5. The DC remains the same, and the crafting points required has been changed to match the number of units (10 glass requires 10 points, bottles/vials 5 points each)

For example the recipe for glass is now:

2 Coal
2 Sand
End Product 10 Glass
DC 1
Crafting Points: 10

And for Glass Bottles

2 Glass
2 Coal
End Product 5 Glass bottles
DC 2
Crafting Points: 5


Due to the reported bug Word of Faith replaces the previously required scroll


Removed all the +2 and +3 Recipes. These items will still appear in loot. +1D4 Essences +1D6 and +4 Can still be crafted.


Added in the full range of craftable Temporary Essences, at +1D4. These are produced in stacks of 10, at DC 12, with 24 Required Points. They all require the following ingredients.

1 Ingot Lead
1 Lesser Catalyst
10 Bottles
5 Gems (The low range of gems is used here, malachite etc)

DC 12
Required Crafting Points 24

END PRODUCT: 10 Temporary Essences (+1D4)


Certain NPC hostile rogues may now sometimes lay traps against PCs. This will not be the case with low CR (Starter Level) hostiles.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:55 am
by Irongron
It's taken me a while to post this update, and some of you may have noticed animals acting a little strangely while certain problems were overcome


Many dangerous animals (bears, wolves, mud crabs etc) will now not be hostile until approached. This does not cover insects, nor does it cover dire creatures, worgs and similar creatures.

The skill Animal Empathy now allows rangers/druids to pass safely among such animals without them turning hostile. The value of this skill is weighed against the hit dice (CR) of the creature, and if the skill is greater then the animals in question will remain friendly.

NOTE: The alliances some such animals have to nearby other hostiles (orcs) often trumps their relationship to the druid/ranger, and in most cases they will join the battle on their side (if they see it)


These animals, such as deer should now try and flee when attacked, and not all hostile creatures will attack them. This largely depends on the outlook of the hostile in question, so while goblinoids will now try and fell any deer they see, humans and orcs will not.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:36 pm
by ActionReplay
Poison Update, next reset:

All Custom Poisons will now ignore Negative Energy Protection, meaning they will bypass Immunities such as Ability Decrease.

All NWN Standard Player Poisons will not ignore Negative Energy Protection but we are working on a way to handle that. As we have more Custom Poisons than the 18 Standard ones, I will just type down here which are the Default NWN Player Poisons so players know:
Centipede Venom (Weak, Mild, Average, Strong, Very Strong, Deadly)
Giant Bee Venom (Weak, Mild, Average, Strong, Very Strong, Deadly)
Spider Venom (Weak, Mild, Average, Strong, Very Strong, Deadly)

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 12:55 am
by Peppermint
A small host of changes to give rangers a little love last night, courtesy of KIrito:

- Magic Fang spells now grant bonus AC in addition to their other bonuses.
- Blade Thirst can now be cast on any melee weapon. (Does not work on arrow bundles.)
- Awaken no longer grants bonus AC, but grants an additional attack instead.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:49 am
by ActionReplay
Imp update, next reset:

• Fixed so Hold Person does not affect Imps
• Imps now gain the following bonuses (Will affect existing Imps), much like normal NPC Imps:
- Spell resistance: 10 (Not scaling, fixed at 10)
- Damage resistance: Fire 20/-
- Damage reduction: 5/+1
- Immunity to Poison
- Permanent Ultravision
- Due to their massive hitbox making it difficult & frustrating to navigate narrow areas/transitions Imps will no longer collide with NPCs & PCs.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 3:32 pm
by Peppermint
The barbarian update is live next reset, courtesy of Cortex*:

(* Please pass any kudos/favors/wailing and gnashing his way.)

- Biteback removed as a Rage effect.
- AC penalty during Rage removed.

- Movement speed bonus during Rage unchanged.
- Temporary hit point boost during Rage unchanged.

Modified Rage Powers:

Rage is now a free action.

The 'Rage Level' mechanics have been redone. Barbarians now get bonuses during Rage depending on their class level.

Rage Powers scaling:
Level 1: +1 AB during rage.
Level 4: 5% Physical Immunity during rage.
Level 12: +1 AB during rage. +2 Dodge AC.
Level 16: 5% Physical Immunity during rage.
Level 20: +2 Dodge AC.

- If the barbarian has 17 CON or lower, the AB bonus is reduced by 1(minimum 0), and the bonus physical immunities reduced by 5% (minimum 0%).
- The Dodge AC bonus only applies if the barbarian wears medium armor or lighter.

Bonus Damage and Will Saves:
Bonus Piercing Damage is applied to the Barbarian's Weapon during Rage, if the Barbarian is wielding a Melee Weapon or Throwing Axes. As with Rage powers, this bonus damage scales up with Barbarian class levels. Additionally, the Barbarian receives a scaling bonus to Will saves during Rage.

Bonus Weapon Damage Scaling:
Level 1: 2 Weapon Damage, 1 Will.
Level 4: 2d4 Weapon Damage, 2 Will.
Level 8: 6 Weapon Damage, 3 Will.
Level 12: 2d6 Weapon Damage, 4 Will.
Level 16: 2d8 Weapon Damage, 5 Will.
Level 20: 10 Weapon Damage, 6 Will
Level 24: 2d10 Weapon Damage, 7 Will.
Level 28: 2d10 Weapon Damage + 1 Bonus Damage, 8 Will.
Special Bonus 1: 2d10 Weapon Damage + 2 Bonus Damage.
Special Bonus 2: 2d10 Weapon Damage + 3 Bonus Damage.
Special Bonus 3: 2d10 Weapon Damage + 4 Bonus Damage.

The 'Special Bonus' tiers can be reached if the Barbarian is a large creature or is wielding a 2H weapon. If either of those conditions are met, the level scaling advances three tiers.
Example: A level 10 Barbarian normally receives +6 weapon damage during Rage. If that barbarian was using a two-handed weapon, they would instead receive +10 weapon damage.

Passive Bonus Damage:
Barbarians get bonus physical damage based on their Constitution score, as long as they are wielding a melee weapon or throwing axes.
The bonus damage is equal to the Barbarian's base CON modifier, capped at barbarian class levels / 2.
This is a passive bonus to damage that is always active, and stacks with the bonus weapon damage described above.

The Epic Rage Feats have been Modified:
- Each epic rage feat updates the visual effect of Rage.
- Thundering Rage offers +1 Attack Per Round during rage, which stacks with Haste and Kensai.
- Mighty Rage removes crowd control effects and debuffs, and extends rage by 1 turn.
- Terrifying Rage now works as follows:

Upon entering the aura of a raging barbarian with the Terrifying Rage feat, a hostile creature or player must make a will save.
The save DC is 5 + Intimidate ranks / 6 + Hit Dice / 2 + base CON modifier. This is treated as a saving throw vs fear.

Hit dice comparisons have been removed. Anyone that fails the saving throw is subject to the following effects:
- Debuff: -1 to AB and Saves per 7 Barbarian levels
- Debuff: +5% Automatic Spell Failure per 7 Barbarian levels
- 1/2 round stun

The debuff duration is 1d3 + base CON mod rounds. Mind protection defends against the stun effect, but not the debuff. Fear immunity protects against Terrifying Rage.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 10:12 pm
by Irongron
Just some minor changes/bugfixes for the recent Barbarian Update:

Barbarian Dodge AC bonus moved from rage effect to permanent passive bonus, as long as the Barbarian is wearing medium armor or lighter.
- Terrifying Rage DC now DC is 5 + Intimidate / 5 + Hit Dice / 2 + base CON. As before, 'Intimidate' includes bonuses from gear and feats.
- Against non-PCs, Terrifying Rage causes a 3-round stun and its debuff effect lasts three times longer.
The formula for barbarian temporary hit points during rage has also been simplified: (12 + CON + [1 if the Barbarian has Toughness]) * Barbarian Levels / 2. In other words, 50% of character's hit points from barbarian levels are granted as a temporary bonus.

- Errors in damage scaling should be fixed. Please report any irregularities.
- Tribal barbarians should no longer freeze when summoning allies
- Rage's temporary HP is de-linked from other rage effects. This means that rage effects should persist even if the temporary HP buffer is eaten through.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 4:14 pm
by ActionReplay
A small update that is a bit overdue since the Bloodlines addition, next reset:

Planetouched PCs (Tieflings and Aasimars) will now be affected by Dismissal and Banishment.

Dismissal: Applies a 2 round stun and a -1 penalty to AB/AC/Saves. Will save/mind immunity negates the stun, but not the debuff. The +6 DC bonus from the spell is negated in this effect.

Banishment: Applies a 4 round stun and a -2 penalty to AB/AC/Saves. Will save/mind immunity negates the stun, but not the debuff.

Debuff (AB/AC/Saves) lasts 1 Round/Caster level for both spells.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:12 pm
by Irongron
A vast update today!

MANY NEW AREAS - including:

- A new Arcane Tower

Worked on by Septire, completed by Rags, this is everything it promised to be with a number of unique and hidden features. No longer a closed guildhouse, but still containing one, and run by the PC Warden.

- The Grand Temple in Cordor

Following recent events in the city, in particular the destruction of Wharftown, the city of Cordor is shifting alignment. The Lawful Good Triad replaced with the church of Red Knight overseeing a temple that caters to many common human faiths.

- The Order of the Radiant Heart in Nexus Falls

Squaring off against the Banite Church this fraternity of paladins and clerics offers a home to any appropriately aligned faction seeking a headquarters in Arelith. Quarter/Guildhouse ownership within restricted to Paladins, Purple Dragon Knights, Clerics and Champions of Torm.

- Minmir Hills

A small further expansion of the Minmir Region, separating the Order of the Radiant Heart from the evils of the Old Farmlands

- The Cordor Archives

A vast labyrinth of abandoned tomes and documents beneath Cordor's Government District, with enough reading material to keep you up all night sourced from various player writings over the history of this server, doubling as a new starter level dungeon for characters fresh to Cordor.


Class Features

- Paladins with 21 class levels receive +3 CL for the purpose of resisting dispels.
- Paladins with the Horse Reward gain access to Summon Mount at level 1 and may use the feat infinitely.
- Paladins receive +1 Wisdom (Hard Bonus) every 7 class levels. (Paladin levels 7, 14, 21, and 28).

Spell Changes

- Deafening Clang: The spell now does 1 Sonic Damage by default. This improves by +1 Sonic Damage at caster level 7, and every four caster levels thereafter, capping out at 7 Sonic Damage at caster level 27.

- Aura of Glory: When the caster has Paladin levels, this spell's duration is one hour per caster level.

- Bless Weapon: The enhancement bonus improves to +2 at caster level 11, and improves by another +1 for every 5 caster levels, capping at +5 at level 26. At caster level 13, the +2d6 damage bonus also applies to outsiders. At caster level 18, the +2d6 damage bonus also applies to dragons.

- Holy Sword: This spell is no longer restricted to non-magical weapons. The On-Hit Dispel effect is now capped at CL 20, instead of CL 10. If the Paladin has Abjuration Foci, the Dispel check improves by +2 per focus feat.

Note: Deafening Clang and Bless Weapon can be cast on magical weapons. This is unchanged.

Feat Changes

- Both Divine Might and Divine Shield can now be cast before the duration of the previous Divine Might or Shield has expired. Previously, attempting to do so resulted in a wasted action. Now, the second cast simply replaces the old effect, with a renewed duration.

- Divine Might now does 1.5x Divine Damage when wielding a 2H weapon. This bonus only applies if the character has either Paladin or Blackguard levels.

- Lay on Hands has been changed from a being once-per-day to having a 10 minute cooldown.


- Horse riding no longer requires a reward, but does require 8 ranks in Ride Horse
- Summon Mount is disabled (Those people who previously spent a reward on Horse Riding retain the feat)

NOTE: We will looking at compensating those who recently selected this reward.


Living Spells, Some new Imps and other spawns to fill some of the new areas.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:00 pm
by Irongron
Made a few fixes today to recent updates, adding in a few creatures and conversations.

Also did a small update to the Cordor Farmlands, added a caravan quarter to the Radiant Heart, and updated the news feed at to reflect recent additions to the server.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:08 pm
by ActionReplay
Next reset:

- Dwarves can now -twohand Dwarven waraxe

- True Flame Path
True Flame sorcerers may now use Restoration, Raise Dead and Resurrection items.

- Blackstaff (Spell)
The level 8 wizard/sorcerer spell, Blackstaff, has had its function changed. Instead of adding a +4 Enhancement bonus and a CL 10 Dispel, casting this spell adds a special on-hit effect to any melee weapon. A weapon enchanted with Blackstaff marks any struck enemy with a rune that weakens that enemy against magical energies. This effect works as follows:

• Any enemy struck by a Blackstaff-enchanted weapon must make a Will save. The DC is calculated normally as an offensively cast level 8 Transmutation spell.
• Enemies who fail this Will save suffer a cumulative 5% vulnerability to Magic and 10% vulnerability to Elemental Damage.
• Successive hits and failed will saves increase this effect, to a maximum of 50% Magic Damage vulnerability and 100% Elemental Damage vulnerability.
• The vulnerability lasts six rounds but is refreshed upon every successful application.

Note: For best results when using this spell with existing weapon enchantments / imbues, cast Blackstaff on yourself and not the weapon.

- Divine Champion (CoT Prestige Class)
• Divine Wrath is now on a 10 minute Cooldown. The duration is now a number of rounds equal to 5 + Class Levels + CHA modifier.
• Class levels now stack with Paladin and Cleric levels for the purpose of calculating the effectiveness of Turn Undead.
• Damage Reduction from Divine Wrath now scales as follows:
Level 5: 5/+3
Level 10: 5/+3
Level 15: 10/+4
Level 20: 15/+5

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:25 am
by Dunshine
Small update next reset:

Aside from the Dwarven Waraxe being available to all Dwarves by default since recently, the weapon feats for dwarven waraxe are tied to the battleaxe ones. So taking any of them in Battleaxe, will result it the same feat being added for Dwarven Waraxe as well.

This means all Dwarves are able to swing a Dwarven Waraxe now by default, but only the Dwarves with the Martial Weapon proficiency will be able to gain the weapon feats for them through choosing the Battleaxe ones. Other classes still need to chose the Martial or Exotic Proficience first, or cross-class to Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Barbarian.