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Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:09 pm
by Dunshine
Next reset a change regarding fixtures:

- Fixtures will no longer be destroyed when you bash them, instead they leave their remains.
- Those remains cannot be destroyed within the first 24 RL hours, after that they can.
- Those remains will vanish and thus permanently destroy the original placeable with them after 10 RL days
- PCs can attempt to repair the remains, which is pretty similar to the crafting of the original. You get a crafting menu and you will need to bring the materials required for the original fixture first, and then spent the required craftpoints using the same DC and craft skill as for the original.
- When the repairs are finished, the original fixture, including name, description and in case of messageboard, the messages will be restored.

Aside from the above, this ties into the -investigate system like this:

- PCs can use -investigate near a fixture remains to try to gather information of what happened to it and by whome.
- PCs can use -investigate to nearby NPCs that may have witnessed the destruction of the fixture, to gain information from them.
- General update to -investigate, that it will now use the closest investigate target at all times, when you use it.

The idea with this change is that there will be a visual result of conflict, that can be used to RP. So we're going to ease up on the destroying of fixtures rule. You can destroy more then 1 in 24 hours from now on, as long as it's done with RP in mind. Do not walk around town and destroy every fixture within sight, just because your toon is very angry. But feel free to wreck a place when fighting a big battle between parties, or attacking a settlement in a DM event. So use common sense.

Note! The destruction of the remains themselves however, is still limited to 1 a day, since that would still result in a perma deletion of the original fixture.

And totally unrelated:
- Cooking in crafting is renamed to Herbalism/Horticulture

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:35 pm
by Irongron
Please also read the above update, as these two have come in at the same time.

- Cordor Update:

This focuses on the Northern Outskirts and Salasker Square.

The Social Club is now a PC tavern.

Deposit Vaults added to the Social Club. These are cheap, and timeout only ever 2 weeks. I believe this is well suited to casual players who wish storage and do not need/often lose their quarters. These count as quarters, and thus the normal quarter limits apply. Please refer any complaints regarding theft to the management of the Social Club.

Caravan runs north to the Arcane Tower from the Outskirts, and a direct route from Cordor to Sibayad via a new ferry elsewhere in the city.

The maximum exile count for Cordor has been reduced, due to its position as the central city of the server. This will likely mean a bit more work for the PC guards, but I feel it should be as inclusive as possible.

Surface Caravans

The Light Keep route is removed, and replaced with a caravan running from the Earthkin Village to the Temple of Silvanus.

As normal a few other things, including creatures, dialogues etc.

New Recipes:

Lockpicks can now be crafted by characters of a rogue class (Assassin, Shadowdancer, Rogue, Bard), via forging. Different strengths of picks are unlocked according to level and are made in stacks. Only rogues or assassins of 10th level can craft +12 tools.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 6:51 pm
by Liareth
Next reset:

- Gold drops from creatures now scale with CR above 10.
- Procedural loot can now correctly spawn with hide skill bonuses.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 1:55 pm
by Liareth
Next reset (15 mins):

A quick note that this is a pretty big update with a lot of NWNX code backing it. I've tested it thoroughly myself, but it's impossible to predict the creatively mystical ways in which things things may break with 75 players on the server. Keep an eye out for any weirdness and report it!

- Fixed the weird crash. (See various forum threads for more details about this; note, that doesn't mean all crashes are fixed -- the server will still crash! It just means one of the big ones has been fixed.)

- Fixed the bug with chat aliases. You can now correctly chain two or more aliases, e.g. -a -sit.

- The NWNX backend of the dynamic character names system has been rewritten, which means that the Unknown character name bug should now be fixed.

- The chat system has been rewritten, which means two things. First, language chat messages should no longer randomly go missing. Secondly, text will no longer show up untranslated in the main chat window and translated in the combat window; instead, text will show as translated or untranslated in the main chat window, depending on whether the character receiving the chat message can understand the language or not. Shouts display as shouts would in the base game. Don't worry, they aren't actually going across the whole server!

- Added -to_console, which allows players to toggle the ability for untranslated text to be printed in their combat text console.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:09 pm
by Liareth
Next reset:

- Expanded the modes offered by -to_console, so players can revert to the old behaviour if they want to.

- Polymorphed characters can now speak common. Additionally, polymorphed characters will temporarily be able to speak and comprehend animal while in that form.

- Fixed a long-standing bug with Thieves Cant which caused the output to always be *nods* rather than an assortment of emotes.

- Thieves Cant and Sign Language now fit the message inside a contextual emote when translated, rather than simply displaying the text without any context.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:31 pm
by Liareth
Next reset:

- Renamed -to_console to -console_mode.

- Language prefixes will now be present on all chat messages as follows:

If you don't know a language, it will display with the "Unknown" prefix. There's a lore 21 DC check to identify languages you don't know.

- Added -prefix_mode, which lets you toggle the above behaviour: on (0), on except for common (1), off (2).

- Tweaked Thieves Cant and Sign Language a bit more. The translated message for "-th secret message" looks like "*nods* (secret message)" rather than "*nods, or to you, 'secret message'*" now.

- Thieves Cant now uses the Common language prefix unless you understand it.

- Some bug fixes.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:37 am
by Irongron
A large crafting update this evening. I've been rather busy and there's rather a lot...


The following items have been added to crafting, made in bundles of 5. With the exception of Arsenic (Alchemy) they have been added to herbalism. Given the extended duration many of these are rather useful in combat, and the very best of them are only craftable by characters with at least 5 levels in Assassin or Blackguard. Furthermore, given the improvements made recently to how poisons function the existing recipes have been changed to reflect this.

With tactical play, and a bit of forethought on behalf of the poison user many of these may ensure that certain instances of PVE and PVP a lot less certain.

Poison: Aranea venom
Poison: Arsenic
Poison: Bebilith Venom
Poison: Black Adder Venom
Poison: Blade Bane Poison
Poison: Bloodroot
Poison: Blue Whinnis
Poison: Carrion Crawler Brain Juice
Poison: Chaos Mist
Poison: Ettercap Venom
Poison: Greenblood Oil
Poison: Id Moss
Poison: Large Scorpion
Poison: Malyss Root Paste
Poison: Myconid Rot
Poison: Nitharit
Poison: Oil of Taggit
Poison: Sassone Leaf Residue
Poison: Striped Toadstool
Poison: Ungol Dust


A great many new items were added to support these poisons, such as different 'venom stacks'. Existing creatures were changed so as to drop some of these, and some new creatures added.


Mostly to support the above poison list, a number of resources have been added. Mostly plants, but with at least 1 mineral, many can also be used in other new, crafting recipes. I may not recall all, but include.

Herb (Sassone)
Striped Toadstool
Niltharit (Underdark Spawned)
Malyss Root

The herb Strychnene has been replaced with the 'Strychnene Tree', to reflect its counterpart in the real world. It may still be grown from crafted seeds, but as it is a fruit tree may look out of place in the Underdark. Likely I'll have to look at some places where it currently grows naturally.

The Bloodroot plant in the Underdark may also now spawn a second 'stalk' resource alongside the existing nuts.

It will take me some time after the reset to set up the new resources. and add in certain creatures.


Fixtures: Elaborate Wooden Table, Skeletal Throne, Free Standing Mirror

Race Specific Weapons/Ammunition:

Drow - Vlos'Khaliiz Bolt (Restricted to Assassins, Blackguards and Rangers)
Dwarf/Duergar: Dwarven Rune Axe, Dwarven Rune Wall (A large shield)
Elf/Half-Elf: Lesser Moonblade. (A powerful runic longsword)
Goblin/Hobgoblin: Scourge Flail (A powerful and unpleasant light flail)

Class Specific Weapon:
Druid: Blessed Druidic Sickle (A powerful weapon, and able to refresh any plant once a day, runic - requires 21 druid levels to craft)

Malyss Arrows (A poison arrow made from the malyss root, made by Assassins, Blackguards and Rangers)


Antidotes, Potions of Lesser Restoration, Scrolls of Neutralise Poison, and all existing Arelith custom poisons are removed from the NPC merchants.


As I said originally this is a very large update, and has left me really stretched for the the last days. It could be not everything works as intended, but hopefully it will all go smoothly. Anything I forgot to mention I shall edit into this post later.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:37 am
by Irongron
- Lesser Moonblades can now be crafted by all elven subraces (non-drow)

- Dwarven Rune Walls and Runic Axes can be crafted by the dwarven subraces.

New Recipes:

Ankheg Breastplate (Tailoring)
Bundle of Silver Arrows (Carpentry)

RDD Dragon Breath:

Will now refresh after 10 mins.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 2:16 pm
by Morderon
FYI: Some, if not all, of the newly added recipes have an additional UMD requirement that is not currently enforced. If you do not meet the racial or class restrictions upon the item there's a chance you won't be able to equip the item once the additional UMD requirement is enforced.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 7:15 pm
by Liareth
Next reset:

- Added -colour_mode (yes, aliased to -color_mode for all you Americans), which allows players to choose whether they want all, translated, untranslated, or no language text coloured.

- Changed chat customisation defaults, such that:

console_mode 2 [writes out untranslated text to the console, except for common]
prefix_mode 1 [shows the language prefix, except for common]
colour_mode 1 [colour untranslated text, do not colour translated text]

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:47 pm
by Irongron
From the next reset.

- The new runic craftables (Lesser Moonblade etc) have an UMD requirement beyond the norm, and is shown on the items description.

- The Free-Standing Mirror fixture now works. Anyone who has already made/started one should contact a DM about a replaceament.


I've been over all the following existing tailoring recipes, making adjustments. In many cases this was to reduce the inflated value, so as to enable further enchantment. Many of these are skill boost items, and with the recent change to skill enchantment they will likely now find a place within the player market. Some of these have had their properties boosted however.

Cloak of the Caster
Gloves of the Singer
Cloak of Nature's Blessing
Cloak of the Sight
Cloak of the Stalker
Gloves of skill
Enchanted gloves of skill
Belt of sight
Silk shirt
Fine silk shirt
Royal Suit
Flexible Leather Suit (Enchanted & Normal)
Fine Leather Suit (Enchanted & Normal)
Warded Leather Suit

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 7:43 pm
by Morderon
Base & Planetouched Half-Orcs will receive the following:

Bonus Feat: Ambidexterity
Bonus Feat: Power Attack
+5 Intimidate
5% Damage Immunity to all physical damage

The above is retroactive. Old Half-orcs will be granted the above bonuses. If your half-orc already has power attack and ambidexterity you won't be allowed to refund those feats. Half-orcs made before this change goes live will have to wait until > lvl 3 to receive the bonuses.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:53 am
by Irongron
This is the last of my updates for some time, as I am moving house shortly, and will on a break from dev work for approximately 3 weeks. Was a demanding job these last weeks, but I am satisfied we have arrived at where I wish the player economy to be.


Half-Orc (See Post Above). This is to reflect their canonical choice of weapons and their combat aptitude.

Drow/Kobolds: Both races will receive the feat Rapid Reload, to reflect both their culture's emphasis on crossbows.


The following instruments are variations of NWN defaults, with a higher UMD requirement and craftable only by bards (NOT warlocks). In many cases this serves to compensate for the loss of the Favour Soul Path, as a means for them use bardic spells that they may otherwise not select.

Austruth Harp (Carpentry)
Cli Lyre (Carpentry)
Doss Lute (Carpentry)
Dove Harp (Carpentry)
Olamh Harp (Carpentry)
Harp of Haunting (Art Crafting)


Two powerful armours, for knights and squires, craftable only by paladins.

Chainmail of the Holy Knight (Forging) RUNIC
Padded Suit of the Holy Squire (Tailoring)


Everyone knows elves make the best chainmail, and now they do. This armour is on a par with adamantine.

Masterly Elven Chain (Forging) RUNIC - Unlike many of the other racial items this is an armour anyone, of any race can use. One just has to find one of the Elven smiths to make & enchant it.


As with the above feat change, and the crossbow bolts added yesterday, we now complete the drow crossbow project.

Sithyrr'tyne "Hand Spinneret" (Carpentry)
Vharrke'brei "Wardbreaker" (Forging)


Dale Sword (Forging) RUNIC


The lore of the deep gnomes is very clear, and now they have a version of their chosen weapon to take the fight to the drow. To date this is the most powerful weapon in Arelith, and while any gnome may use it, members of other races would need a hefty investment in UMD to do the same.

Svirfneblin Runic Hammer (Forging) RUNIC -May only be crafted by svirfneblin clerics.


The full range of orcish double weapons.

Orclish Blood Axe (Forging) RUNIC
Orcish Blood Mace (Forging) RUNIC
Orcish Blood Sword (Forging) RUNIC


One grants Improved Invis, the other takes it away.

Dust of Disappearance (Alchemy)
Dust of Appearance (Alchemy)


The crossbows, 'Mastery' and 'Grand Masterly', both the light and heavy have been improved.

Well, it's a been a frantic few weeks from me, and we've seen a lot of changes. I hope you all enjoy this. You won't hear from me again here until the Lowerdark is finished.

Over and Out.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 11:57 am
by Dunshine
Some changes on Fixture Remains (after next reset).

- In case destroyed by a lightning strike, this is now correctly displayed upon investigation (dc = 0 for those)
- Permanent fixtures will no longer leave behind remains, since they will be recreated after a server reset anyway.
- For repairs, the first material on the list of requirements will always be left behind after the destruction, not as a physical item, but it does count when trying to repair, so you don't have to bring the first material for repairments anymore. But you do have to provide the rest (if these are needed)
- Repair DC is a flat 10 for all fixtures
- Craftpoints needed is a flat 25 for all fixtures
- When investigating remains, the PCs craft skill rank divided by 3 will be added to the check
- Hopefully fixed the issue where descriptions didn't get restored

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 6:17 pm
by ActionReplay
Next reset:

- Ogres can now pick "Gift of Magi" at character creation (-2 STR, -2 DEX, +4 CHA, +0.0 ECL.) Effectively removing Charisma penalty on Ogres.

- Ogres (And any future Large race) can now use the -twohand command allowing them to two-hand Large melee weapons. When this mode is active the off-hand cannot equip any weapon or shield. Two-handing adds strength modifier (if positive) increased 50% (rounded down) before being added to damage inflicted by the weapon. They also receive the extra +2 AB when using this mode as regular Two-Handing does.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:25 pm
by Mithreas
Next reset:

ILR (item level requirement) is returning, but will work a little differently.

- For now, it will only apply to weapons. (In future, it will be extended to other items as well).
- ILR will be set when an item is first picked up. It will never change thereafter - for example, if you add an essence to an item, its ILR will not be affected.
- It operates on a new scale, based on item values but changing every 3 levels between 1 and 16.

Code: Select all

 <2001 ILR 1 (iron)
 <4001 ILR 4 (masterly iron)
 <7001 ILR 7 (steel)
 <15000 ILR 10 (masterly steel*)
 <30000 ILR 13 (greensteel*, damask)
 Higher ILR 16 (masterly damask)
(So an item with value 10,000 can be used by anyone of level 10 or higher. Going from level 10 to level 11 doesn't give you more "reach" - until you reach level 13 you can use the same set of items. Level 16+ PCs can use anything by default, though see below.)
- Items can have their ILR overridden in the toolset. This has been done for three classes of items.
- Greensteel items have an ILR of 13 (despite a value of ~14k).
- Masterly steel items have an ILR of 10 (despite a value of ~25k)
- The new powerful runic items added the other day have an ILR of 21.
- ILR will be clearly visible on the description of an item once a PC has picked it up, if the examiner doesn't have sufficient levels to use the item. So if someone offers to sell/give you something, you can check the ILR in the description.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 1:05 am
by DM Noxt
Arcane Spell Failure can no longer be reduced with the enchantment basin.

Also, after next reset, courtesy of SandySunCloud:

-dispel updated to take parameters to dispel certain buffs with VFX components, such as barkskin, stoneskin, etc. A full list of spells and parameters available in the dispel help menu.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:37 pm
by Dunshine
Just posting a link here to draw more attention. Rin (our new website builder) needs your help!


Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:54 pm
by Mithreas
Next reset:
-notells settings will now persist across resets.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:13 pm
by ActionReplay
Next reset:
- The command -twohand can now be used by Medium-sized creatures to Two-Hand a Bastard Sword (Only Bastard Sword!). Half of their Strength modifier will be added on top of existing damage like regular Two-Handed weapons, however they will not receive the extra +2 AB by using this mode.

- 4 new Poisons added (Might be a while before they enter crafting matrix until Irongron gets back):
Cave Terror
Elemental Rime
Widow's Kiss

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:54 am
by DM Noxt
Added a craftable leather armor for Rangers.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:46 am
by Liareth
Added the option to preview crafted loot properties when browsing the create production menu at a crafting station. It won't show you the description or any special properties due to technical limitations which may be able to be improved in the future. This is live now.

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:31 pm
by Dunshine
How can I put this mildly... The Grim Reaper rears it's ugly head next reset.

Death/Respawn update as follows:

- Regular deaths still have a 5 minute time-out for the Soul Gate
- PVP deaths will have a 20 minute time-out for the Soul Gate

- deathpenalty no longer has a strength drain, which may return in a different way soon.

- Regular deaths will have (characterlevel / 3) * 2, ingame hour death penalty
- PVP deaths will have a (characterlevel / 3) * 2 * PVPDeathCounter, ingame hour death penalty

- This PVPDeathCounter works as follows, when you die from PVP, the PVPDeathCounter gets increased by 1 (to a maximum of 4). So after 1 PVP, the death penalty duration will not be affected yet. But when you have 2 PVP deaths or more, it will be. With the maximum of 4 times the regular death penalty time.

- The PVPDeathCounter decreases automatically in 3 + PVPDeathCounter reallife days. So if you have 1 PVP death, it will be cleared after 4 days. If you have 2 PVP deaths, it will take 5 days to get rid of it and so on. Time offline will also be calculated, so if you don't play a character for a week or so, it will always have it's PVPDeathCounter reset to zero. Everytime you die from PVP the duration starts fresh. So if you die by PVP 1 minute before your PVPDeathCounter would have ran out, it will be all the way back to 4+ days.

- In simple terms, if you die from PVP within 4 RL days more then once, then you'll start suffering from longer death penalties, starting with twice the regular duration for 2 PVP deaths, up to 4 times the regular duration for 5 or more PVP deaths.

- You'll get notified when your PVPDeathCounter expires together with the RPR tick.

- If You die by suicide or PVE while still under the effects of PVP penalties, the PVP penalty duration will be applied, to prevent people from cheesing out under their PVP death penalties.

Note: This whole update ofcourse makes PVP deaths more meaningful and serious, but it's not intended as a license to go out on a killing spree. You're still obligated to live by the be-nice and PVP rules as always.

Pretty tricky to test this properly, though I really put in some hours here, let me know if any issues arise.

(thanks to Septire for working on this, note: this update was not his idea, you can thank/blame the admin team for that)

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 5:16 pm
by Dunshine
Don't say we don't listen to community feedback, here we go.

- PVE death penalties will expire offline again
- PVP death penalties can be set to offline (4 times duration) or online, depending on player preference with chat command -onlinedrains, this will toggle between the two modes. Default will be offline, since I somehow got the impression that's will be the majority.

Next reset will be the most anticipated of all resets I'm sure. Wait for it!

Re: Arelith Updates!

Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:16 pm
by Dunshine
The selling of lassoed creatures is changed. The NPC will now base it's price on how long ago a particular creature was bought, the distance from where it was cought, and how many he bought already. This may result in prices/xp ranging from 10% to 150% of the current base price/xp. (before appraise bonus adjustment).

This is to reward the more daring captures from far away and to prevent people from doing 2 minute round trips with the same creature over and over again of getting ridiculous amounts of gold/xp.

Not going to specify the exact formula used, just the concept.