The Load Screen Project

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The Load Screen Project

Post by Irongron » Wed May 23, 2018 9:26 pm

See the home page for details of this important announcement! ... reens-more

"With the completion of the first 4 paints I am happy to finally announce what promise to be a significant project for Arelith and Neverwinter Nights in general.

I have commissioned a series of 24 paintings from fantasy artist Matheus Graef, previously known to us for his illustration of the Weatherstone.

In addition to being used for the portal page, news article and promotional material for Arelith, the paintings are intended to be used both completion of an online ‘Arelith Manual’ and more importantly introducing replacement load screens for the base game.

When complete they will be released as both an override package and ‘HAK’ package, with the latter of these allowing full screen loading images.

While these will all reflect Neverwinter Night resources, many will be of specific Arelith locations, such as with the already completed Astrolabe & Weatherstone paintings.

While we hope to eventually go beyond 24 paintings for this project, we are offering the following to our patrons:

Patrons of ‘Silver’ rank and above will gain access to high res wallpaper versions thought our Patreon Page, while those of the ‘platinum’ tier (and some existing 'Gold'Tier) will have the opportunity to have one of their characters featured in the paintings themselves."

These 24 images have been chosen so as to cover the most common requirements of the server, such as having paintings of both Cordor or Andunor, and more generic locations such as forest, mountains & jungles. The first four images have been added to our Gallery (link above). Obviously I'd like to have many more in time, such as paintings of locations such as Brogendenstein and Heartwood, but naturally this depends on funds (as it stands this already represents a significant cost!)

A more thorough discussion of this will be held in the private 'Patron' forum open to our supporters, where they will be able to converse with the artist directly, and specify the details of any characters they wish to see included in the paintings.

Whether one is or isn't an Arelith supporter this is going to make a huge difference to game experience (as we do tend to spend a lot of time looking at load screens).

When the entire project is complete, and I am confident we can fully replace all Neverwinter Nights load screens

At that point I intend to remove the Arelith logo, so that it can be released and used by all Neverwinter Nights players & servers, irrespective of where they choose to play the game.

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