Greater Boons

Greater Boons

Postby Irongron » Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:50 pm

We have recently added the first locations offering a newly added feature to Arelith.

Greater Boons reflect the benefits one may receive from undertaking a particular task or journey, such as using a powerful magical device or reading from a rare tome.

Typically these will be located in dungeons or at points of specific interest and may be activated in any number of ways, depending on the theme of the location (completing a puzzle, knowledge of a specific langauge, racially activated etc).

Greater Boons each apply a thematic bonus to your character according to the surrounding narrative, and will persist for a full game year. These are not 'spell' effects, cannot be dispelled, and are intended to remain largely secret to the in-game environment. Each boon location offers a number of potential benefits, and as such will not always repeat the bonus when revisited the following year.
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