Public Testing - Daily Quests

Public Testing - Daily Quests

Postby yellowcateyes » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:55 pm

We are in the process of adding in a daily quest system to provide additional rewards for adventuring, with the aim of rewarding exploration and dungeon completion. Though the system is in the early stages, it is ready for public testing.

Presently, we have a single NPC who offers such quests, and those quests fall into the early level ranges (Levels 1 to 10, in and around Cordor).

Edit: The NPC can be still be found in the Nomad, but for now his location is set to right beside the Wanted Board.

Characters beyond that level range may interact with the NPC and obtain a writ, however no quests or jobs are currently available for them. An expanded network of NPCs and quests, including those tailored for Underdark characters, will be added after the public testing phase.

If you would prefer to wait until the system is complete for a bug-free experience, feel free to ignore the NPC and the services he offers for the time being. If you do take up a quest and find an error, please report the bug to us via the usual channels.

Further information can be found in the guide below.

Player Guide: Daily Quests

Summary: NPCs will be added to the gameworld that offer quests for adventuring characters. These jobs will offer gold, XP and other rewards.

Basic Mechanics:
A quest-giver will offer a Writ item when first spoken to. This item will stay permanently with the character, signifying that the character is a registered adventurer.

The Writ
  • Information on current quests will be stored on the description of the Writ. You can always review what you need to do, what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain to be done, by right-click examining the Writ.
  • Writs are usable items. Using a Writ will let you review your current quests and choose to abandon any one of them.

  • Quests are tracked individually. While two adventurers with the same quest can party and share in the fulfillment of the quest objectives, it makes no difference whether they party up or split ways mid-quest.
  • For example, Aragorn has a quest to kill ten Orcs, and has slain three of them. Legolas has just accepted that same quest and encounters Aragorn; the two decide to join forces. Three orc kills later, Aragorn has slain 6 of the 10 orcs needed to fulfill his quest, while Legolas has slain 3 of the 10 orcs needed to fulfill his quest.
  • A character may only have three quests active at any one time.
  • Once a quest is taken, it will cease being available to that adventurer for one RL day. An adventurer may only accept three quests in a given RL day, (not counting the unfinished quests he may have accepted during previous days). Abandoned quests carry no penalty, but will still count towards these limits.
  • Each quest has level restrictions, and can only be taken by adventurers of a certain level range.
  • Each quest may have several associated tasks, referred to as 'objectives.' A quest is considered complete when all objectives are complete. No partial rewards for half-completed quests are given.

  • Each NPC that offers quests will have a set of quests associated with that particular NPC. If you grow beyond the level range of the quests they offer, they will have no quests for you. At that point, you should explore and find quest-givers elsewhere.
  • Similarly, some quest-givers may offer quests that are too high level for your character. Generally, quest-givers will offer quests in the level range of the areas around them.
  • When a quest is finished, return to the quest-giver to obtain your reward.
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Re: Public Testing - Daily Quests

Postby yellowcateyes » Fri Dec 08, 2017 2:07 pm

An NPC quest-giver has been added to Anundor, again with quests catering to the 1-10 level range. Edit: You can find him in the employment office of the Hub.
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