Minor Struture/Admin Changes & Patron Rewards

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Server Owner/Creative Lead
Server Owner/Creative Lead
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Minor Struture/Admin Changes & Patron Rewards

Post by Irongron » Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:24 pm

Two things to announce today.

First off we're moving the chairs around a little, changing the leadership structure & clarifying the role of different members.

Rather than a set of 3 admins sharing the same duties, this can be broken down as follows.

Irongron (Myself) - Server Owner & Creative Lead

This is much the same as my previous role, and so no explanation is required here.

Dunshine - Community Manager

Dunshine will be handling all matters relating to character edits, such as rewards, account changes and character bugs. He will also be acting as the referral point for our Forum Moderators.

Scholar Midnight - Technical Lead

She will be handling the actual server itself, and basically continuing her role as our 'Emergency Service' when something breaks. Midnight will also be considering 'mechanical' changes, and where possible offering support to our code team.

With the above group it advisible not to contact any of the above individually with questions, and instead send PMs to the 'Active Admins'. Should there be a matter that requires discretion, or is specifically related to area work then one can still contract myself.

The role of DM Team Leader will remain (DM Noxt), and Active DMs remains the group to contact about any in-game issue that you feel may require their attention.

While we all do our best to answer messages, and certainly read them, please keep in mind that this often keeps us from working on the server itself. It is generally far better to use public posting where possible.

In quite unrelated news we have launched a new forum area for patrons who hold a Silver Badge and above. This will mainly to be used to grant access to our testing environments, and to provide greater insight and discussion into the ongoing promotion of Arelith.

I am also considering further rewards for Gold And Platinum supporters as we move forward.

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