Garrett Kelson - journal and short stories

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Garrett Kelson - journal and short stories

Post by Party in the forest at midnight » Fri Apr 20, 2018 5:27 pm

Garrett sat reading, jotting notes down as he did so, pouring over the vast number of books that filled the city. He had gone over about sixty so far, with another forty in his bag. From all this, the history of the island and a greater body of knowledge slowly revealed itself. With it came darker insinuations about the island. Finishing his latest book, "Deities: Kelemvor," he set it aside and began to jot down his thoughts on a new page.
When I left Cormyr, stowing away on a ship, I wanted to escape the lethargic methods my master insisted on teaching with. Books upon books, just hiding away in a library and not gaining nearly enough practical experience. I wanted more.

But now, being here and seeing everything and learning everything about the greater world, I'm left wondering if the old man just wanted to protect us, to guide us down a good path before others put foul ideas into our heads.

I've come across several books so far defending necromancy as having a goodly place in the world, each contradicting one another's work. The first one I was ready to accept, but the more I read, the more it leaves me uneasy.

A few excerpts for future reference:
From A Brief History of Minmir and Myon,
"Minmir yet thrived, and a council of our people led it wisely and well. Until their trust was betrayed by a human adviser in the Minmir court, by the name of Manfried. An elf-friend and trusted counselor, he fell to the lure of dark, necromantic magic. Subtle at first, the taint of his magic spread through Minmir while all frantically sought the source, hidden all the while behind the trusting smile of a friend."

From Deities: Kelemvor,
"Cyric plots endlessly to regain dominion over death, a portfolio he held briefly, and instructs his mortal followers to oppose those of Kelemvor by disturbing the rest of the dead, mutilating corpses to prevent identification, and supporting all kinds of necromantic activity. "

The sheer amount of material defending and promoting necromancy that I am coming across is leaving me wondering, has the church of Cyric infiltrated institutions of magic? I was worried about being captured and sacrificed by them ever since encountering that brazen Cyricist walking the streets of Cordor. Have I missed the real threat entirely, that they seek to subvert Mystra and Kelemvor by casually promoting evil until it is accepted? I'll need to keep my mind sharp and be on guard. The first step might be to try and find goodly folk on the island. Although, at this point, I'm not even certain who I can trust anymore.

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Re: Garrett Kelson - journal and short stories

Post by Party in the forest at midnight » Sat Apr 28, 2018 8:00 pm

Unease lingered within the Arcane Tower through the evening, bodies having been dumped there earlier by someone struck with panic, warning about an Underdark raid on Bendir. Jadoth's words on the matter remained on Garret's mind: They're powerful like gods, there's no way to defeat them, it's not even worth trying to fight them. Nothing can be done. Garrett sat slouching on a couch, staring at the ceiling. How does one even react to that? What should he even do? Just give up and do nothing, and wait for them to come for him? Is this why everyone was content to stand around while a follower of Bane preached in the outskirts of Cordor, gaining a new follower while everyone stood around ignoring it? Is this why an elf was content to defend a drow as being her friend?

The words of Miss Starlock resonated even more than Jadoth's.

He wasn't going to sit and wait to die.

He made it this far, he wasn't going to just give up. He made the decision months ago that he wasn't going to just sit, that's why he stowed on a ship in the first place. And when it went south instead of northeast like he thought it was, he didn't go back to Cormyr. He asked the trade caravan if he could tag along as they unloaded their cargo from the ship. It was a simple enough agreement, he was too useless to be paid, but being able to cast some minor protective spells gave him enough value to keep around. And at the next port they reached, the seamen were content to keep him around to cast bull's strength on them to make their jobs easier.

His time with the caravan taught him a lot about life, his first time making choices of his own without his parents or master intervening. The caravaneers had a lot to teach as well. Don't wear robes, they'll limit your movement too much. Don't hesitate to take the life of a fellow man if you're certain they won't hesitate to take yours, bandit raids are ruthless and quick. But likewise, don't hesitate to help someone in need that you find on the road, if you're ever in a time of need you'll be hoping passers by will be there for you. Don't believe everything you hear, a lot of roadside hawkers and scammers lie to take advantage of travelers who don't know the area.

The time to be afraid was over, especially if he was going to die no matter what. Especially if everyone around him didn't care about what walked the surface. Maybe he couldn't even count on anyone else to keep him safe. Between Jadoth and Kerri, he was left with the impression that heroes no longer walked the land, and the darkness walked upon it without fear.
"So this is how it was going to be", Gary thought to himself. He wasn't sure if it was determination or anger pushing him, but something within him stirred. He made his way back to his quarters in Cordor and began to review his spellbook. His methods were sloppy, he needed to take time and improve himself.

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Re: Garrett Kelson - journal and short stories

Post by Party in the forest at midnight » Tue Jul 03, 2018 7:05 am

Garrett sat at a table, reviewing his notes. So many things to do. Chores and tasks, people to find, things to inspect. He still wasn't certain what to make of his new position under the Trade Minister. The city's intrigue was thicker than cold porridge. Was he just setting himself up as scapegoat? He made stipulations regarding the job to cover that aspect, to try and keep them from having the ability to entirely place blame on him. What a risky game, and for what gain? He wasn't being paid. His initial thought was it could be a method to encounter rare books or artifacts passing through the city. What better way to learn about such things than working in trade of a port city. But will it ever amount to anything? He paused on the thought. He was gaining quite a bit of valuable information and experience through it, that in itself had a value. But, it was clear, he was going to have to watch his back.

He thought to Astra and the conversation with her. After a smile and pleasantries, she made herself clear. She made her point and now didn't want to speak anymore. It surprised him how much the conversation bothered him. He spent months moving on and seeking new paths, the evening caught him off guard completely. He stared blankly at the wall reflecting on it. He used to look up to her, she was one of the most respectable and trustworthy mages he knew. More than anything else, he felt disappointed.

He looked down to the papers before him again, adding notes and scribbles to a map, deciding to drown out his thoughts and feelings with work.

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Re: Garrett Kelson - journal and short stories

Post by Party in the forest at midnight » Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:36 pm

A map attached to a page in his notebook, the adjacent page filled with a list of names and information.


Shop name ----- owner ------- notes

1: "Why die young," Feign
2: "The Apothecary," Katjan
3: "Mystical Merchandise," Melisenda Zonara.

West Cordor
4: "Scrolls & Curios," Eurwyn Dolgellau.
5: "Kane's Wares," Sean Avery Kane
6:"Colts Weapons & Armour," Colt
7: "Caige's Cache," Caige Ridre
8: "Iggy's Bottle Shop," Ignatious Beguiler
9: "Duskwood's Armoury," Geralt Duskwood, associated with the Waynolt Family.

East Cordor
10: "Tabby's and Oskar's, All Findings,"
11: "Frostblades: Reasonable prices, for all adventurers!," Mach S. Fryar. Associated with Frostblade.
12: "Dale's Designs & More. Repair Kits always in Store!," Dalafaerion Snowcloak
13: "Guldorand Trading Company," Everett Addams

Interior shops
14: "Botanica Extraordinaire," Lilah Lannald.
15: "Millerby Trading," Skylar Millerby
16: "The Order of Shadows," David Ironmoor. He runs a group by the same name.
17: "Welby Vertebouteille, the best merchant in town!", Welby Vertebouteille
18: "The Enchanter," Timothy
19: "The Silver Dragon Smith Shoppe," Caldor
20: "Skald Runaways Mercantile," Sofina Andvagor
21: "Fletchings of the People," Lysanthir Rivvikyn
22: "Oceanic Systems," Patrick O'Sullivan
23: "Treasure Hunter's Bounty," Rutger Stocke
24: "Wild Card Wares," Aramos
25: "Whatever you need," Carlie Nefzen.
26: "House Amolyn Magic and Armourments", Jaslyn Marie Naethandrel, associated with Fools Clover.
27: "Black and White," Igogh
28: "Silverweb Wands and Alchemy," Valeran Begood, associated with SilverWeb
29: "Silver Blacksmith," Zethan Ravensclaw
30: "To guard your funds is to venerate WAUKEEN and to share them well seeds your future success. Worship HER, and you shall know wealth. Call on HER in trade, and SHE will be there. The BOLD find GOLD, the careful keep it, and the timid yield it up," Qasi yn Fortun el-Waukeen yi Athkatla
31: "Tina's Treasures," Tina Trapspringer.
32: "Crafts, Imports, and Salvage," Einkill Anzulkarin.
33: "Roshnak's," Roshnak Ugor, associated with Dragon's Lance
34: "Short Assortment," Glint Stonejaw
35: "Winter's Rest Clinic Shop! 90% of Proceeds go to Clinic Operations!," Snow Emil-Sudentan, associated with Winter's Rest Medical Centre.
36: "Minex Mercantile Outlet," Rann McClow, associated with Minex Mercantile.

4 noted switching from Blackthorn's hands to Eurwyn Dolgellau.
10 noted switching from Tabitha F Nutcracker to Aeon Sol.
13 noted STILL selling only garbage. A warning will have to be issued.
25 noted switching from Thaddeus' hands to Carlie Nefzen.
31 noted switching from Taestra Rinn to Tina Trapspringer.
32 noted switching from Henrik Duisternis (associated with Healing Potions and Hodgepodge) to Einkill Anzulkarin.
36 noted switching from Rann McClow (associated with Minex Mercantile) to Wylaana.
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Re: Garrett Kelson - journal and short stories

Post by Party in the forest at midnight » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:44 am

Garrett walked through the empty hall. Candles snuffed, signs missing, it had been empty for days. Save for his occasional visit, to see if anyone was there. The silence, broken only by the sounds he himself made. He left the building, the evening turning his gaze inwards.

"Who am I?
Do I even know?
Or do I define myself by what I am not?"

He walked the empty alleys of Cordor, the pattering of rain on the cobbles amplified by the silence of the early morning hours.

"When put like that, it sounds quite negative.
Do I believe in nothing myself, if all I can do is contrast myself to others?

I am an incomplete vessel.
That is the answer- I am discerning with what I want to become for I still have the potential to become."

These questions weighed on his mind as he left the city for the farmlands. From the gap between the tree line and clouds, the morning sun rolled its light over the countryside, reflecting off the accumulated water on the ground with brilliant light. Garrett took a few moments to breath deeply the morning air and focus himself.

"I define myself by what I do not want to be, to close my vessel off from it.
By discovering what I am not, I have filled myself with purpose for who I am.
In uncovering these definitions, I have found a path to becoming."

Returning to his apartment, Garrett changed out of his damp coat and sat on the edge of his bed with a book open in his lap and pen in hand. He scribbled a few pictures: One of a dragon, one of a lion, one of a winged cat. The words of the man stuck with him. Garrett never asked him about himself, but he could read between the lines. He drew a circle.

"Is there inherent right or wrong, or is it determined on circumstance?"

He drew a line through the circle, and filled half of it with ink.

"The thin line. Or is it a spear, the horizon that pierces between day and night. The dawn and twilight-- The horizon doesn't care if the sun is rising or setting.
To walk means one's feet will touch both sides.
But I choose to walk, rather than avoid the circle.
I am critical of myself, but what do I see in others, those I would call kin--
Self-serving, complacency with murder, conspiracy. They too overlook sins of their peers.
I value where I step, and as such, I need to not lie to myself about where my foot falls."

He thought some more and continued scribbling.

The journey that led me here.
The journey for what is to come."

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Re: Garrett Kelson - journal and short stories

Post by Party in the forest at midnight » Sun Jul 15, 2018 5:30 am

Garrett knelt before an altar, focusing his mind on a mixture of prayer and meditation. He spent hours in place, ignoring his hunger and warding off mental exhaustion.

"The Body of the Woman. That which I touch, that which She allows me to touch. She will always be important to me, but I've lost faith in those that serve her. It tears at my mind, as such I need to act rather than dwell."

He kept his eyes closed, filling his thoughts with the sounds around him. The floorboards creaking, a gust of wind outside causing the trees to rustle. He quietly prayed, filling his head with the Lord of Spell's dogma.

"Reason. Calm, cool, collected. I'm not nearly good enough at being calm. I need to change myself. The lesson in meditation is something I need to take to heart. To better myself, in all aspects. It is important to know when to use magic, and when to not. To trust when I cast a spell, it has a purpose that it will serve. And to trust myself when I do not cast a spell. In time, I will work to add to the collective of magic knowledge, but for now, I must focus on the moment. Where I am now, where I am going, where I hope to end up. And to focus on everything I learn on the way. The end result is the product of time, it is not instantaneous. It requires patience and persistence."

His mind drifted, thinking about the election and everything that happened over the previous month. He opened his eyes and stared at the wall, clearing his mind of thought. His duty to himself would eventually fulfill his duty to the city. Orderly, things would happen, one at a time. He closed his eyes once more and took to meditating.

"I am the board on the wall. I am the mat on the floor. I breathe as one with the motions of the wind. I move in tune with the torch's flickering flame."

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Re: Garrett Kelson - journal and short stories

Post by Party in the forest at midnight » Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:02 am

Garrett sat at the table in his room, head in his hands and empty bottles beside him. Birds outside cawed, irritably he pushed himself up and went to the window and peered out, watching them fight over scraps of bread. He closed the window shutters and went back to his chair, uncorking another bottle of spirits. The events of the day repeated in his head, an unending carousel of misery.

"There is a place that I would like to show you. Where people like us have gone before.
A place cut off from where normal men tread, so that they could reflect in peace. And they have left notes of their findings."

The ruins, a place of legend he had read about in a book. A place he never dreamed he would ever set foot into. As soon as he heard where they were traveling to, he knew this would be the destination. It was just as the book said, yet it couldn't have prepared him for what he encountered within.

"Take a look around, but be respectful. We are guests in this place.
This is a journey for the self. Insight left by many who came before us."

While the entire land was a habitat to everything lost to whispers, the most well-kept room of the ruin stood as an illusion defying itself: A truth where there should be none. Grand statues and stonework surrounded him, columns standing as a monuments. And at their center, was the Mirror. The written works, judgement upon himself through his own introspection. He saw his outline in the Mirror, but the more he looked, the harder it was to catch his reflection. And with the lack of a reflection, so too did he become empty inside from the burden of what he saw. This was knowledge he now knew, there was no unlearning it.

The void within, a sense of loneliness he could not resolve. After the election, he saw everyone around him become complacent and simple. Yet he still had purpose, there was one purpose. And now, the question burned into the core of his being: Stand up for what he believes, or turn away and pretend nothing changed? Just as all the others do, to maintain the illusion of a pleasant life?

Out of a drunken state of despair he dragged himself outside of his room to the nearby altar and prayed. Not to a deity, but to a human. He prayed for Her guidance, that the legends from home were true. He prayed for hope. Shortly after, he passed out.

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