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Zaravella's Notes

Post by Zaravella » Sun Apr 08, 2018 2:21 pm

A book found in one of the resting rooms at The Nomad.

The first page has a phrase "-Z- of Luskan" on it and the sketching of a blazing sword - the symbol of Tempus.

The second page is a partial sketch of the city of Luskan, north of the river, though it may be inaccurate, but there are several areas added to it, from the known map, and they are all highlighted in red (it would appear to be ink that could be blood), The Red Dragon Trading Post marked an X in red.

The third page is is a list of names, and some writings:
Rest in peace my parents, I will always remember your names. And in the case my memory shall fail me again. I should write your names so I will never, ever, forget you:

Agrannon Fynn
Meloria Fynn

Thank you for trying to give me and my sisters a comfortable life. I know you tried. I miss you dearly.
Below these two names:
Annika Fynn - Skaljard
Myzria Fynn - lost.. Silver Marches? Neverwinter?

The Fourth page is a sketch of the city of Cordor, specifically of the government district, it has several X's on it, specifically The Map Room, The Temple, The Mercantile Building, The Armory, The place where the Sergeant stands...

The Fifth page has the following:

First day

I got a job delivering some packages. It was good money. Found several areas to hide in case.

I wandered out of the city walls. Its prettier than Luskan but I just gotta see trees again.

Got lost in the woods. Met an elf named Kodi in the ranger's place in the Bramble woods... Forgot the name cuz I was knocked unconscious by some huge beetles.

Iwoke up in the Captains ship. He scolded me. I told him its a good thing death ain permanent in Cordor.

Went to have a rest ath The Nomad Inn, and I witnessed a very drunken and vicious half-orc murder some skinny elf .
Halforc's name is ZugZug. He carries a double handed axe. Wears leather. Really vicious hard-hitter that one. But very dumb. He had the audacity to announce his name. He is my first mark here in Cordor. I read that the guard is offering 100,000 gold pieces for his head. I need that gold. I gotta find me some friends for help.

It's already began. Met two hins, Lucky and Drano, and a man named, Alrik. Went to the goddamned sewers with them - the price I pay for friendships.... I didnt do much of the fighting the two hins were good with disposing of these rats. Cordor has some giant rat problem. I found one mutated rat as big as a goddamned panther.

We cleaned out the Sewer Rat Gang too. The hins wanted to apply for memberships but these brigands didnt want to talk. So they all died. Well good riddance.

i gotta sleep then gonna train hard. I will need to be stronger and get better equipment if I want to get the head of this vicious half-orc.
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Re: Zaravella's Notes

Post by Zaravella » Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:01 pm

The Sixth page has several charcoal drawings, one of a winged kobold, a lizard-like creature and small, and probably innacurate map of the Iron mines.

The Seventh page is a full page drawing of the skeleton of a huge lizard or a dragon in a sleeping position, it is in the middle of what seems to be an altar with torches. Then these words:
Died of old age? Aren't dragons immortal? Was it killed? But who or what? It's in a temple under the Iron mines.
The Eight page read like this:
Iron mines was a bit of an adventure. Went there with Lucky, a man named Gerin and a half-orc named Grunosk.

Gerin - from Waterdeep, worst accent ever, could hardly understand this one when he speaks, a shoe-shiner by trade, uses a light cross bow in battle. Can not do face to face combat for the life of him. Funny. Saw him shining some guy's boots in the middle of the square...even funnier.

Grunosk - half-orc, monk? punches really hard, does not use weapons in battle. Well spoken for a half-orc.

Lucky Lightfoot - lickpicking, pickpocketing too probably, trap disabling lil hin, and probably can not trust this one. I remember Zugzug offering him and several patrons some drinks after the half-orc incident at The Nomad. He didn't seem bothered by the incident. Also, he played a trick, locked me Gerin and Grunosk in one of the treasure rooms at the bottom floor of the Iron mines. He just went to my list.... 2nd mark. But I dunno what yet to do with this one....

Skinny-Elf, mage? - recognized the elf that ZugZug killed. It's a good thing Kelemvor let's us go back through wall after we passed on... else I'd never have had this conversation. Spoke to him a bit hurriedly, told him of my interest in bringing the head of the half-orc. Hope he helps in some kind of way. I didn't want Lucky to hear I the cknversation. Can not trust the hin...

Devon - a kind mage who showed me the location of the coal mines, and offered some wards. First time I've accepted wards from any finger-wagglers... I should stop calling them that, mages probably do not like that, haha! I imagine befriending a few of them would be useful for a brute such as myself... it did help his wards.

More training, hope I can get more sleep, nightmares are slowly fading. Able to sleep more ... especially after training.

More training tomorrow. No more drinking liquor, makes me disoriented and feel like crap in the morn...

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Re: Zaravella's Notes

Post by Zaravella » Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:37 pm

Ninth Page seems to be written in charcoal.

Went to the Crypt. It was not a not a successful undertaking. Avoid it at all cost for now. The creature - a mutated animal - I don’t want to think about it anymore. It kept haunting my mind. Had to look for help at Winter's Rest Medical Center. Met Lacroix there one of their staff. He was the only one there. He said he was not a cleric and he could not remove the curse… I told him about the creature. I fell asleep there. There is some kind of peace there.

Woke up to commotion from across the hall. There was an injured man that needed attention of the doctor, a woman. She says she was Lacroix's fiancé. I didn’t get her name… I must come back and talk to her… when she is not busy. I said my thanks and off I went again.

I cannot stop training. I'm buying more supplies. I'm going to the Iron mines and study that skeletal dragon more closely.

Tenth and eleventh Page has a more detailed sketch of the iron mines. Some erasures, and corrections, with arrows leading towards the deeper levels.

Twelfth page has the following writings:
Iron mines earlier today, by myself. Bad decision. Was able to go through everything in that cave except for him… how do I defeat him? A male dragonkin, humanoid, red wings, spell caster. He fell me.

Kelemvor may be tired of seeing my face in his domain.

This time I went through it better. I went to The Nomad and rested in one of the rooms. It must have been 12 hours that passed. I still feel bad.

Gonna go get myself a big meal, maybe that is what I need.
Thirteenth page has a list:

-Roasted mutton leg
-Bowl of today's mixed vegetable with gravy
-Bowl of rice porridge
-Bowl of mixed fruits
-One meat pie

My feast was perfect, it reminded me of how my father used to cook…

Met Ezekiel and Xun'Sali today. They were at the Nomad bar talking and they welcomed me.

Ezekiel - is a cleric, but I forgot which god he follows. He is a very knowledgeable man. Good-hearted. Accompanied me to the Bramble woods and casted some warding spells. The spells lasted the entire time I went through the goblinoid fortress and all the way til I return back to Cordor…

Xun'Sali - is a mage, saw her take down gelatinous cube that has escaped the sewer a few days back. I finally had a decent and long conversation with this one, and dare I say I made two new friends. She gave me a wand of stone skin. I have not used it… I wouldn’t know how to, at least not yet. It is very precious. I have bought a wand case just for it.
Fourteenth page has a sketch of a ring, and the hand of Tymora.

Gerin gave me a ring he said he found in the sewers. It has magical properties. Some kind of armor protection. Told me about his goddess Tymora, Lady Luck. I owe her probably everything. Gerin showed me the statue above the Nomad where I can pay my thanks to her. I kissed the hand-statue, and it felt very pleasant. Ive never kissed a statue of a god before this, not even of my own god, Tempus.

Bought a book about Tymora from that grumpy scribe at the Mercantile Building… to learn more about her…

Fifteenth page has a sketch of a woman's face with barkskin, and leaves all around her.

Some stranger, I met in Bramble woods today. He came from that portal there that Hobgoblins like to camp in. He said he liked my technique - with the sword probably - he saw me kill a few hobgoblins. But he said I need to learn how to dodge…

Why dodge, I train my body to accept hard blows… I want to get used to it. He casted a Barkskin spell from a scroll on me. It felt a bit odd. I was able to camouflage with the trees and the additional armor helped.

He said his name was Vicho…

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Re: Zaravella's Notes

Post by Zaravella » Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:25 pm

Sixteenth page:
Went back to the iron mines again by myself. This time I'm successful. But in my way out I found a body of a man. I saw Gerin there too and a man named Feign. Agreed to take the body to the undertaker before this guy gets to be kobold dinner.

Next day, after a good rest and a good meal I decided to go to the swamps...

Was lost in the woods, good thing a few folks directed me to the right place. The Lowland Swamps is West of Farmlands... the instructions in the writ was not very clearly written...

Went there and decided to get a pack horse for my supplies case I get stranded. This horse was a high-strung one.. kept neighing at every damned thing. Threw me off of her back a few times.

I killed the Queen of the Bullywags - these green lizard-like or frog-like creatures that live in the swamps. Put a dent to the population too - more than the writ job required.

When I came back to The Nomad... that's where trouble started. Some fat orc or a half-orc started salivating for my horse. Granted the horse was stupid... but it ain't right to let some hungry orc just tear her apart for dinner.

Orc came after me as well. Some mage casted concealed on me and.... I rode the horse to safety. She is concealed with a spell and i left her inside the lodge. Very rarely do people go in there so, I hid her there for now. I'll just pay the old woman some more gold for keeping her...

Short story.. I got me a$# handed to me by that orc. Weird that no one, save for Ezekiel helped me...

Some dumb elf was defending the orc too. Imagine that. She even befriended some poor dire-badger and lead it towards the orc-beast for it to eat... What kind of elf druid was that? I gotta find out what the f%^$ she really is, she may be a drow.... pretending to be an elf.

While the orc was tearing through the badger, and we were standing there... the orc started in to hit me in his rage or ecstasy of eating a dire badger. All I saw was the blood red rage and I went for it.... sword and shield in hand... I blacked-out.

Next thing I know there was a flash of light. I'm standing there as Ezekiel casted a spell upon me...healing me...? Or, did I get raised...?

He prevented me from crossing into Kelemvor's realm. I'm thankful that the Horde diplomat saw the whole thing. He stopped the fight...

He interviewed me at The Nomad after he took the half-orc with him... to leave the area. I went into The Nomad with Ezekiel to nurse my down-throdden ego...

The orc diplomat is an imposing half-orc, relatively calm. He asked us what happened. Quite a bit rudely, by the way. We told him everything. I also told him about his other, kin who was causing trouble all around Cordor, ZugZug.

He made an excuse about a problem that orcs have about rage. Really? That is all?? Then he left, I wanted to curse him out but I don't feel like going into another fight after loosing one.

Plus this one is an official of some sorts. And, I'm new here. I don't wanna start mouthing off again to government officials. That got me in trouble back in Luskan a few times..

There has got to be some lesson here...

In any case I'm here swimming somewhere in Bramble woods. I found a nice swimming spot. And later I'll visit the rangers and cook some stew.... Relaxing time.

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Re: Zaravella's Notes

Post by Zaravella » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:27 am

17th page is written in blood red ink...

Went to the Iron mines with Ezekiel. Cleaned house very quickly, including the half-dragon at the temple below, who gave me trouble, at a previous encounter.

It really does help to have a cleric by your side. Especially a trust-worthy Tyrran like Ezekiel. Today is the first time I've witnessed the true power of Hammer of the Gods. It is a spell the clergy has and it can blind, disorient and deafen multiple enemies in a split second. If is what ultimately defeated the half-dragon. I found it easier to dispose of him this time...

Also, I met a very friendly elf, her name was Alraunde. She was going to show me Myon when I received the speedy messenger from Gerin - he wanted a sit down talk. My expedition to Myon has been postponed, for now.

Interesting talk with Gerin. IAdmittedly I could barely understand his Waterdhavian accent but I think he wanted to train me? Or put me as his apprentice? I have no idea what he thought I wanted to be. He told me I could ine day be a sword master of Cordor under Tymora's blessing. That was a funny, red flag.

If I wanted to bring attention to myself too much I'd hold an office. Plus, me, a sword master, of Cordor? Hilarious. I could barely control my horse. I still find my bastard sword too heavy to swing, and my armor is slowly becoming un-usable because of its many dents. I definitely do not look like a swords woman.

Also, if by some grand stroke of luck that I do become a swords master, why would I want to dedicate that glory to Tymora? Luck will have very little to do with my becoming one...

I put my body through rigorous training, until my blood draws from the wounds... I am amazed I still stand sometimes. It is to Tempus that I will dedicate that honor to. The Foehammer, he is the greater deity of war. The Red Knight - patron of this city of Cordor, serves Tempus. She is an unknown warrior, who have become the Foehammer's exarch. I do not know why this city put Tempus ok n the pedestal instead of the unknown Red Knight. It should be Tempus, he is the only one out of the many gods, who saves me from Kelemvor's wall...

He has shown himself to me in many different occasions during my training raids. At the Cordor Crypt, he was the one who blocked the undead and put me in a sanctuary so that I may recover from being fallen. He appeared to me in the iron mines when Ezekiel casted hammer of the gods, it is him I saw in the light. He grants divine favors, enchantment boons that make me feel like I am, an army.

He appeared to me when I was taking a walk in the Farmlands. He told me that I needed to know the lay of the land, of these isles. That there are things he needed to show me...

Tomorrow I start that quest, I will travel and uncover the rest of this land. For now, rest. I feel a storm coming.

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Re: Zaravella's Notes

Post by Zaravella » Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:54 pm

18th page is in charcoal, and it has a sketch of a forest, and the logging town of Guldorand as seen through it's gate if you stood beside the caravan.

Guldorand is a lovely logging town in the forests. i found it while riding my horse, lost in the wilderness of the lowland swamps. I should be lucky to live there... one day.

Page 19th is another charcoal sketch outside of The Nomad Inn, two half-orcs, several humans and elves talking along the road, quite a detailed sketch that span the whole page. A red X on one of the individuals drawn.

Page 20

Had a dinner at The Nomad, a big one too. By chance I met the Chef and owner as well, the one responsible for my feeling good. She said she does individual orders. I shall take her up on it, her name was Shea. I will need provisions when I go to Crow's Nest. Its a far ship voyage and Id be damned if I have to eat rats for breakfast lunch, second lunch, dinner, supper and midnight snack. I will go insane if I do that.

Outside of the Inn when I finished that heavenly feast, there was a bit of commotion. Apparently the newly formed orc settlement is being attacked by various individuals. The guard sentenced one who is called Wallace to something like oath imprisonment - whatever the F$%^ that means. Back in Luskan if they caught you ransacking an orc settlement they will give you honors and people will see you as some kind of hero.

I found out the name of the orc I had a scuffle with - it was Grom'gar. Lucky told me his name - resourceful little hin, that. It is the same orc that has been causing trouble all over Cordor Lucky also told me this same orc had attacked him - this just put him on top of my list.... above Zugzug. Odd two orcs on my very short list, I thought it would be werewolves, or vampires, or the drows I kept hearing about.

Lucky Lightfoot - this one has endeared himself to me as a friend. I wouldn't admit it in front him but I do see him that way. As such his name has been omitted off of the list. I helped him with his writ job at the Old Archives killing spiders the other day. It was a breeze now for me. The light enchanted pendant and my new steel bastard sword made it so much easier to cut through all the webbing, and of course, the overgrown spiders that lived down there. Im glad I went with him, I know he wouldn't have been able to managed surviving that...

Page 21 has a sketch of the ocean, an alcove on a beach,, with a campire.


When I visited The Crow's Nest just to get a feel of the place, I found Grom'gar standing over a bloodied woman, a tray by he body and him grinning at me as I stood on the doorway. Several furniture are broken and the other people are on the far side of the inn to avoid this carnage. I turned back running outside into the docks, I reached for the potion bottle in my pocket - one that Ezekiel gave me. Drank it and it made me invisible. And then I dived into the water to swim as far as I can away from the ships.

I came to a beach, away from harm and the busy docks. It is quite peaceful here, not a soul around. It is a good thing I carry a leather bag that can withstand swimming in the sea. Several of my papers got wet though, I had to dry it in the sand. I liked that area around the Crow's Nest. The warmth, the sands... Spent several hours just resting there, eating some roasted meats that I have packed and swimming. I should do this more often.

Page 22 has the sketch of the Bank of Cordor, and the alleyway beside it.

Odd meeting with Gerin in the alley beside the bank. He seems nervous and I asked him what was going on why the guards and several members of the Horde were running about looking for someone. He is suspiciously scared... he said he may have something to do with this commotion and I left him alone. I wouldn't wanna be seen with him in case they did catch him.


I was able to have a bit more talk with the leader of this newly forming faction of orcs and ogogs, Mudagog. The same one who stopped my fight with Grom'gar last week. He claimed that many orcs who are causing trouble in Cordor are not a member of his Horde. He also showed me their distinct helm and great swords - as a method of how to tell which ones are members of the Horde or not. This one is indeed different from the other orcs Ive met - even though he can be rude, and rash, I tolerate this one.


Met a member of the guard, and probably the most amicable one i have met so far. Henrik and i forgot his last name, Dustenis? Dustermis? He was hurt during an altercation in the Horde settlement. He says, it was a good thing he was a guard otherwise he would have looked for retribution. This is why I do not ever imagine being a member of that guard or any office in Cordor - you are restricted in so many ways - one would be unable to exact vengeance and retaliation. I wouldnt have the freedoms I enjoy the most.

Page 23 has a sketch of a man in a long coat.

Vicho showed up again after so many days. He warned me that Grom'gar was in the Inn and it would be best for me not to go there, he told me this because he says he is a nice guy. I daresay he cares. I appreciated that. Wish Id see him more, and get to know him better. Lucky said, among the guys I hang-out with, he likes Vicho the best. Me too Lucky, me too... I wish I had time to hang-out though.

I want more time at the beach, less strife... My days are lived trying to avoid orcs, training, exploring and sleeping. I do fancy a peaceful life of just relaxing in The Nomad, drinking, eating, and spending time with those whom Im delighted with... but... such is my life in the service of Tempus.

I should never stop improving my skills, and always be vigilant in ensuring that my strength in the battlefield does not fade.

Vicho warned not to cross Grom'gar for now. And yes I do avoid the orc for now that my training is not complete, especially now that I have reduced my steel plates into something akin to metal scraps for armor.

I should buy a new one by now, maybe check out the shops...

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Re: Zaravella's Notes

Post by Zaravella » Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:56 am

The next pages of the book were torn, a thick portion of it. One page is just an abstract sketch of what seems to be a beach, and it has some watermarks.

Next page has the sketch of two women in front of The Nomad - one playing a mandolin and the other standing beside her, has a great sword on her back. Two words under it Raquel and Elly..

Next page is another sketch of two women entering The Garden of Respite in Sibayad, and the words "Two of the three Fordragon sisters - showed them the garden."

Next one is a sketch of Captain Lauric on his boat.

Next page is a sketch of The Nomad Inn balcony, with a man sitting on a chair in one corner, an elf girl with a staff standing by the door, and a woman dressed in loin cloth standing in the opposite corner as the man. "Days like these are heaven, and rare, when I can spend a peaceful time with friends..."

The next one is a sketch of an arm, with the tattoo of a sword that is on fire. The tip is pointed to the wrist, the palm is open and a ball of fire is above the open palm. It has a caption: "Vicho said I should be careful who I show my tattoos to, because I can be mistaken for a pirate. I told him it is the insignia of Tempus, not a pirate mark, and it should be a recognizable symbol to most people."

Next page is a sketch of four persons sitting on the bench in front of The Nomad. A man, a woman, an elf woman and a male halfling. It has this caption: "Relaxing at the Inn with Vicho, Unia and Lucky."

Next page is a sketch of three figures: a fat orc, who seems to be standing in front of a man and a woman standing beside the man. "Grom'gar went to the balcony... no fights ensued. Able to control myself."

The next page is the sketch of the Sibayad market. A tall woman is standing beside the jeweler, and a goblin in front of her, holding up a doll. "Karma, the first literate goblin I've met who isn't trying to kill me. Sold me a doll that has belladonna stuffing in it. Karma is a monk, told her/him to avoid Cordor, no idea how to tell the gender of goblins... must ask someone..."

The next page is a poem...

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