Meriam's Journal

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Meriam's Journal

Postby Mythic » Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:04 pm

It's been Almost a year since I moved here to Arelith. hard to believe really, Made so many Friends. Wotan Woodberry - Ranger of Bearvan
Kera Nutcracker - Commander of the Hawk'in
Kayla Keglighter - Practically another Sister
Glinda and Lorina

So many Friends I will run out of room in this Journal if I listed them all.
It's been a heck of a Year.

In my first month I got offered a bargain with Unseelie Fey (Bad Idea. Dont take)
[*]Scribbles of Pixies Fill the rest of this Page[*]

I saw Six Dragons, Fought Orcs, Giants, Trolls, Golems and Deurgar. I rose so rapidly I Burned out.

[*]Doodles of a Burning Ship[*]

Almost Drowned, Not fun. I should take more care this time, Temper the Strength Sheela blesses me with.

[*]Sketch of a Crab and a Pie[*]

Dice Crab meat.
Simmer Crab in Pot, add light Oil, Season with Mintspear and light pepper
Melt Cheese (Preferably Soft and Mild. For Texture) and Pour over Crab
Roll out Dough and bake Base, Prepare latticing for the topper.
Fill Pie-Base with Cheesy-Crab mixture, add touch of diced Flameberry
Place Topper on Pie, decorate and Bake in oven.

Serve Hot. Spicy Cheesy Crab Pie.
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Re: Meriam's Journal

Postby Mythic » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:23 am

Dear Diary.

It's been even crazier recently.

Dealing with Banites and Cyricists.
Trying to re-write the Earthkin Alliance
Found love <3 *Doodles of Multiple Hearts*

Terry is Huge. Sherry is lazy as usual~

Trying to keep the Dale together. Got given a weird Job, "Ambassador of the Wilds"
Its a bit Longwinded (Dont tell Fayna)

I dont think I want to keep the Nest anymore. Its time I bought my own home
I want that huge Farm, Buppi used to own it. But it seems Yeto doesent like the fact somebody else owns it.

Cant seem to get the Guy who bought it to speak to us. Annoying~

Oh well. Maybe I'll write in here soon again. Or I'll lose it like last time.

*Small Sketch of two Hin, Holding hands*
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Re: Meriam's Journal

Postby Mythic » Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:36 am

Dear Diary.

I am running for Mayor. In my Condition now it seems the best thing I can do to stay useful to
my new home here in Bendir. New home, It seems odd to write that having been here for nearly five years now.

Im in a bad state. I hid most of it from everybody. Most of me was banished to the plane of air
and now Its a long ardeous process.

Lungs : 96% by my reckoning
Heart : 100% fine. Lucky it was untouched
Stomach : 45% regrown. It hurts to eat anything so Im sticking with soft foods.
Liver : 80% regenerated. It somewhat heals by itself. But
Im sticking to drinking milk until its stronger
Guts: 16% The most pain. It hurts anytime I move. But I grin and bear it, Cannot let my friends. let alone my family here know. lest they truly lock me in my burrow

I do not mean to Hide my pain from them. I just do not wish them to suffer for my own suffering.

I miss tending the flowers and plants daily. I even miss hunting.
Some of my wards numb the pain enough for me to take short trips

Hopefully once my guts are on the mend I can at least go collect some supplies for the Dale


Gorudan. He's become more than a close friend here. He's family. Close family, almost like a brother. Except now I'm closer to him than any of my own back home.
Falgrim. As stubborn as ever, but its refreshing to have a solid rock there that has my back.
Naly. Tough as nails, Im glad we are close friends

Maya Nutcracker. Family, Not only has she become closer to me than any nutcracker. Even Fayna has come this close to me. She's my student. A Flower in my Garden so to say.
Fayna Nutcracker. She's become distant. I yelled, mostly for my own anguish. But I hurt her in a way I never wished to. Even if It was a shout.
Kera. She's retiring. I am sad, She seemed as if she was going to be around forever. But even so She's becoming an Elder

Bo and Ave. Still new but already proving themselves to be some of the best damned Hawk'in around, They make up for eachothers weaknesses and show such great teamwork
It brings tears to my eyes to see a partnership like theirs. It reminds me of my own with Sherry

My Quill hand tires. And I am running out of more paper, I will continue this whenver I find my journal again

I should really put it higher up on the shelf, so that Sherry cannot hide it.
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Re: Meriam's Journal

Postby Mythic » Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:12 pm

Dearest Uncle

I Do not Know if my Letters have been reaching you. But if not, I want you to Know I am doing well.
I have found a Home, and More than that I have found a Family. A Family I can call my own and a Home that I have recently. Been elected Mayor of, But you know Me, I've Jokingly changed the Name of Mayor to "Wolfqueen"

I arrived on an Island some, Four years ago now. My Journeys up and Down the sword coast are nothing compared to what I have encountered Here on Arelith. You know the Old Bedtime story you told me? The One about you and the Briarpatch facing that Black Dragon?

My First Week here I saw Four Red ones. In the last year? I have fought, hunted and defeated, Not only dragons, but Giants, Horrors of the deep Underdark, and More Orcs than I can count

I'm a Leader here, As one of my close friends here (A Dwarf By the way) I bring Folks together.

I Still know you as my Uncle, You raised me well. But here I seem to have found Kin who love me for who I am. And I love them back, I was Adopted (half as a Joke I think?) But In this Family I have another brother. I guard them and protect them with my life

I have also found some Students, One of which. I think I may be falling in love with. I initiated her into the Green-Children, Converted her from Arvoreen. Her heart is far more belonging to Sheela.

I dont think I will be coming back to Fuzzypaw. Burrowhome, And Bendir Dale is my Home now.

With Lots of Love. Your Niece, Meriam.

P.S I have Adopted the Last-Name of Fuzzypaw.
P.P.S Sherry is Doing well, She just helped another Wolf Litter.
P.P.P.S I can also Turn into Dragons and Elementals now. Its super weird
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