Meriam's Journal

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Meriam's Journal

Post by Mythic » Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:04 pm

It's been Almost a year since I moved here to Arelith. hard to believe really, Made so many Friends. Wotan Woodberry - Ranger of Bearvan
Kera Nutcracker - Commander of the Hawk'in
Kayla Keglighter - Practically another Sister
Glinda and Lorina

So many Friends I will run out of room in this Journal if I listed them all.
It's been a heck of a Year.

In my first month I got offered a bargain with Unseelie Fey (Bad Idea. Dont take)
[*]Scribbles of Pixies Fill the rest of this Page[*]

I saw Six Dragons, Fought Orcs, Giants, Trolls, Golems and Deurgar. I rose so rapidly I Burned out.

[*]Doodles of a Burning Ship[*]

Almost Drowned, Not fun. I should take more care this time, Temper the Strength Sheela blesses me with.

[*]Sketch of a Crab and a Pie[*]

Dice Crab meat.
Simmer Crab in Pot, add light Oil, Season with Mintspear and light pepper
Melt Cheese (Preferably Soft and Mild. For Texture) and Pour over Crab
Roll out Dough and bake Base, Prepare latticing for the topper.
Fill Pie-Base with Cheesy-Crab mixture, add touch of diced Flameberry
Place Topper on Pie, decorate and Bake in oven.

Serve Hot. Spicy Cheesy Crab Pie.

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Re: Meriam's Journal

Post by Mythic » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:23 am

Dear Diary.

It's been even crazier recently.

Dealing with Banites and Cyricists.
Trying to re-write the Earthkin Alliance
Found love <3 *Doodles of Multiple Hearts*

Terry is Huge. Sherry is lazy as usual~

Trying to keep the Dale together. Got given a weird Job, "Ambassador of the Wilds"
Its a bit Longwinded (Dont tell Fayna)

I dont think I want to keep the Nest anymore. Its time I bought my own home
I want that huge Farm, Buppi used to own it. But it seems Yeto doesent like the fact somebody else owns it.

Cant seem to get the Guy who bought it to speak to us. Annoying~

Oh well. Maybe I'll write in here soon again. Or I'll lose it like last time.

*Small Sketch of two Hin, Holding hands*

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Re: Meriam's Journal

Post by Mythic » Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:36 am

Dear Diary.

I am running for Mayor. In my Condition now it seems the best thing I can do to stay useful to
my new home here in Bendir. New home, It seems odd to write that having been here for nearly five years now.

Im in a bad state. I hid most of it from everybody. Most of me was banished to the plane of air
and now Its a long ardeous process.

Lungs : 96% by my reckoning
Heart : 100% fine. Lucky it was untouched
Stomach : 45% regrown. It hurts to eat anything so Im sticking with soft foods.
Liver : 80% regenerated. It somewhat heals by itself. But
Im sticking to drinking milk until its stronger
Guts: 16% The most pain. It hurts anytime I move. But I grin and bear it, Cannot let my friends. let alone my family here know. lest they truly lock me in my burrow

I do not mean to Hide my pain from them. I just do not wish them to suffer for my own suffering.

I miss tending the flowers and plants daily. I even miss hunting.
Some of my wards numb the pain enough for me to take short trips

Hopefully once my guts are on the mend I can at least go collect some supplies for the Dale


Gorudan. He's become more than a close friend here. He's family. Close family, almost like a brother. Except now I'm closer to him than any of my own back home.
Falgrim. As stubborn as ever, but its refreshing to have a solid rock there that has my back.
Naly. Tough as nails, Im glad we are close friends

Maya Nutcracker. Family, Not only has she become closer to me than any nutcracker. Even Fayna has come this close to me. She's my student. A Flower in my Garden so to say.
Fayna Nutcracker. She's become distant. I yelled, mostly for my own anguish. But I hurt her in a way I never wished to. Even if It was a shout.
Kera. She's retiring. I am sad, She seemed as if she was going to be around forever. But even so She's becoming an Elder

Bo and Ave. Still new but already proving themselves to be some of the best damned Hawk'in around, They make up for eachothers weaknesses and show such great teamwork
It brings tears to my eyes to see a partnership like theirs. It reminds me of my own with Sherry

My Quill hand tires. And I am running out of more paper, I will continue this whenver I find my journal again

I should really put it higher up on the shelf, so that Sherry cannot hide it.

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Re: Meriam's Journal

Post by Mythic » Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:12 pm

Dearest Uncle

I Do not Know if my Letters have been reaching you. But if not, I want you to Know I am doing well.
I have found a Home, and More than that I have found a Family. A Family I can call my own and a Home that I have recently. Been elected Mayor of, But you know Me, I've Jokingly changed the Name of Mayor to "Wolfqueen"

I arrived on an Island some, Four years ago now. My Journeys up and Down the sword coast are nothing compared to what I have encountered Here on Arelith. You know the Old Bedtime story you told me? The One about you and the Briarpatch facing that Black Dragon?

My First Week here I saw Four Red ones. In the last year? I have fought, hunted and defeated, Not only dragons, but Giants, Horrors of the deep Underdark, and More Orcs than I can count

I'm a Leader here, As one of my close friends here (A Dwarf By the way) I bring Folks together.

I Still know you as my Uncle, You raised me well. But here I seem to have found Kin who love me for who I am. And I love them back, I was Adopted (half as a Joke I think?) But In this Family I have another brother. I guard them and protect them with my life

I have also found some Students, One of which. I think I may be falling in love with. I initiated her into the Green-Children, Converted her from Arvoreen. Her heart is far more belonging to Sheela.

I dont think I will be coming back to Fuzzypaw. Burrowhome, And Bendir Dale is my Home now.

With Lots of Love. Your Niece, Meriam.

P.S I have Adopted the Last-Name of Fuzzypaw.
P.P.S Sherry is Doing well, She just helped another Wolf Litter.
P.P.P.S I can also Turn into Dragons and Elementals now. Its super weird

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Re: Meriam's Journal

Post by Mythic » Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:11 pm

Tonight we Mourn. Tonight we Hunt

The Pack has lost the Elder. He will be missed, His lessons and Guidance to us will be remembered.

The Wolves Pass by the Fresh Grave. Led by an average sized Timber-wolf. The Mournful Echoing howl from her sister carrying into the Night.

Flanked by two far larger Winter-furred Wolves. She moves Swifty on silent paws. She knows the rest of her pack is following. She only Leads when Sister is busy, It does not mean she cannot do it well

The Pack emerges from the Thick Treeline. She catches a Scent. A Large Stag, Still fat from the long-winter

The Hunt of the Long-Sleep is sacred. It is the Final farewell to the Spirit of the Fallen. They watch and Hunt along in the Spirit-Plane, This she knows, Goldir Will be with Them for this hunt, One last time

She Moves. The Pack Follows. Racing along, Mournful Howls filling the Night in the Arelith Woods. She Hopes nothing interrupts this Hunt, The Pack will not be sated without the intended prey

Through Clear Glen, Past Ogre and Forest-Beast. The wild-wolves of the Wood staying away, either out of fear or respect for the Packs Hunt

She Spots the Stag. Big, Fat, Flighty. This will be a Chase to remember.

A Blur from her Left, A younger Wolf races past. Her Ward and her Sisters Mates' Guardian. Foolish

The Deer scarpers. It is Fast despite its Winter-Fat. She breaks into a Sprint, She may be Old in Mind. But her Body remains young and fast, She easily Overtakes the excited Pup. The White-Furred members of her Pack moving and flanking, beginning to Encircle as they race through the Woods.

The Deer flees, It knows it is futile, yet it is the nature of Prey to attempt to survive. The Pack will not Tire this night, They will not fail a Hunt of the Long-sleep....

Hours will pass, and the Hunt passes through the Woods. And out into Minmir, Hills and close to Mountains. She has her faster White-furred ones to Corral the Stag towards a Gulley. To Trap it for the Kill

She Approaches the Trapped Stag. She knows it will panic, Normally she would be wary of the sharp hooves and strong Antlers. But this hunt demands nothing but clear-thought to honour the Fallen

In one swift Motion she dashes forwards. the reflexes of years upon the Island bringing her low under the Stags antlers, She Spins and Pulls her head upwards. Clamping her Jaws, More accustomed to Rending through the Steel of the Metal-made-Life or the Scales of the Wyrm-Beasts than Fleshy-prey

It Falls. One motion is all it took to Crush its Throat and end the Stags life. The Pack Watches, Even the Eager Pup stands Silent. The Long-Sleep Hunt will come for them All one day. And They know that the Pack they leave behind will Hunt as they did this Night.

It takes Hours until the Morning for the Pack to return. The Den in the Thicket fills with Full-Bellied Wolves, And the Rest required from such a great Hunt.

She Sniffs the Air as the Morning Daylight breaks. And she looks towards the Den-Entrance. She Watches her sister approach from out of the Door


The Hunt was successful Sister. Goldir Has been Remembered

The Hin Nods and Bends to embrace the Timber-wolf. Pulling her head close to her Chest.

Thank you Sherry. He entered the Long-Sleep in comfort.

For A long few Minutes they remain in Silence. Before the Hin plants a Kiss on the Timber-Wolves forehead. Standing to Leave back into her own Den

The Timber-Wolf turns back to the Wolfden, The Hin-Burrow is comfortable. But the Pack will sleep together for The Day.

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Re: Meriam's Journal

Post by Mythic » Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:14 pm

A Spring Evening in the Fuzzy-paw Burrow

The Fire crackles giving out a constant warmth into the Burrow. The light fading from the Windows as night begins to fall upon the lands of Bendir Dale

A pot simmers on the Stove, sending a delicious smell of stew out of the Chimney. let alone permeating the tidy Burrow. Cooking tools and equipment tucked away neatly in the neat Hin-sized kitchen

The Burrow is rather silent tonight, save for the simmer and crackle. A light scribble of a quill the only true break from the "Silence" A Small Figure works her way through a Stack of paperwork.

She leans back in the Large wooden Throne, placing the Quill back into the pot. setting the last Piece of paper atop the finished stack. She leans forward and gives a Dozing wolf a good scratch behind the ears, before it rolls over to continue sleeping.

She steadily rises. and binds up the paperwork into a string. She moves to the Door and rouses another sleeping wolf along the way. passing the paperwork along to be delivered to Winterfoot.

"Hopefully that is the last of it for a while" She mutters to nobody in particular

She Turns and makes her way to the stove. Slipping on a pair of oven-mitts, taking the simmering pot off the heat. and scooping some of the hot venison stew into a bowl. Then a few more bowls which she sets to cool. The Wolves will enjoy it better when it does not burn their mouths after all.

She sighs as she begins to eat her bowl of stew. Despite its flavoursome filling she only manages to chew down half the bowl. She's never been one to eat much anyway. So she pours the leftovers into one of the Wolf-Bowls, setting them down to the floor, spaced out evenly

She sets the Pot back to simmering. No sense in letting a good stew go truly cold before the whole family can enjoy after all.

She lets her hair down. Running her hands through the Sandy-White-Blond mess, the Dye she's been using is finally starting to fade, and she does not feel like keeping it up for the sake of retaining something else from when she first arrived.
In the Coming weeks it will be washed out entirely. and then her sandy-hair will be taken over by her more natural white sheen. A carry-over from her other form

She takes the recently made spectacles from her face. And grimaces as the world turns a fuzzy vague mess. she closes the spectacles and moves into the bedroom, stepping over her sleeping sister, she sets the glasses on her nightstand. And begins to undress, folding her clothes neatly ready to be washed for the morrow.

She takes a deep breath and shuts her eyes. Ten wolves, all in states of sleep. even the pup who is delivering the paperwork will soon return. She finally turns and begins to stealthily slip into bed. scooting towards her sleeping Wife.

Resting her head on the Wifes upper back. She relaxes. She is home, this is true bliss.
At least for this night.

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Re: Meriam's Journal

Post by Mythic » Fri May 04, 2018 5:22 am

A Headache, She growls softly as her pulls on her glasses. Sighing as she leaves the comforting embrace of the shared Bed. Having since moved to a house with more room for her Family, which soon will include three more.

Three she thinks, Triplets. By Yondalla's children its going to be a blessing and a curse, She does not look forward to the final term of carrying these pups. Mayhaps she should get some more advice, and actually ask her planned Midwife to...Well Midwife.

She Looks back on all the memories made in these past six years, Of her loves lost and found, Friends dead, Gone or remaining. All the Fighting, Fleeting hopes to be replaced by conviction and strength, She wont ever be able to truly rest here. There are too many who need her, For a kind word and an open heart can be easily abused. She will still give them freely, even if the ones she offers it to do not quite understand, Or reject it with the same fear that has caused them to form such barriers from the outside world.

Preferring to Live in your own world. She chuckles lightly while preparing breakfast, she curses her lack of focus. A matter of perspective, It always is, and because many cannot see the angles or even the picture that she can. No, Frustrating is not the right word. Loneliness, Looking from the outside in.

She shakes her head, tasting the porridge, and adds some fresh fruit throughout the Dish. Loneliness, She hates the feeling, She hates that others have to feel it. With every addition to her Family, Wether it is another Kin, Or Someone who simply needs the love and care she gives. She no longer feels like she has to strain so hard, Her Children will be the centre of her life for a long time.

Family. She mutters, As she pours a vast amount of Porridge into the bowls. Some scattered with Fruit, Some with Meat chunks. Setting the meaty-Porridge down for the Wolves, Setting a Fruity Bowl downstairs for her newest addition. Moving upstairs and setting two in the spare room, Hoping that the two lovebirds will at least be home to eat it for a change.

Finally moving into the Bedroom, Where she so regrettably has to escape from. Clicking the Door shut, She moves to sit on the large Bed, Gently Nudging the sleeping Hin snoring so adorably beneith the silken covers.

"Wake up Dear, I have breakfast"

No, The thoughts and Reflections, The outside looking in, The Loneliness, All the Pain and Suffering, The Hope and the Conviction

Nothing can compare to simply eating a warm meal with a loved one. Even if she will fall back to sleep after the bowl is empty.

Maybe she can squeeze back in, She could do with some more Snuggling before facing the World outside the Cottage once again.

Drifting back to Sleep. Only one thing crosses her mind before the time of dreaming comes again.

Life is good.

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Re: Meriam's Journal

Post by Mythic » Fri May 11, 2018 5:53 am

Five Thousand Gold

That was how much She regretted Spending on /Yarn/ She was terrible at knitting. Looking in the Closet She was lucky that Ma' had managed to salvage the abominations of Knitwear she had attempted.

How does one Knit a Beanie with Armholes, Or a pair of Socks that ends up knitted together.

It does not matter really, She has her Family to help get through the remaining....Four odd thousand golds worth of Yarn

She Sighs. Closing the Cuboard, setting what was once a Terrible knitting accident, Unto a Shelf, Now a rather cute Ball with little Knitted Tentacles, and button eyes. The Yarntopus

She grunts, Seems the Triplets are awake., She thought they might have been good, But seems they are restless, She cant blame them. She's not exactly been "Good", Constantly up and about. Even with the relaxing trips with the Family, She still misses going out and hunting.
Just to sink her teeth into Something

Peeping into the Bedroom once again, She Wife has gone back to sleep. At least one of them gets some decent rest.

Only a Month or so to go. And only a few days until her birthday. She waddles in, still getting used to the additional weight, its going to throw her off hard when she finally goes back out.

Still need to get that darn Cot. And see if that Toy-box is finished. And the Tarp, And play-Pen and Rocking Wolf And...

She drifts back to Sleep, House Tidied her work and domestics are done for the night.

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Re: Meriam's Journal

Post by Mythic » Fri May 25, 2018 7:27 pm

Reflections of Power and Loss.

Meriam lies awake in her bed. staring at the ceiling, Its been a while since moving into the cottage from her burrow. she holds a hand out as her snoring wife turns over, stealing some of the covers once again. Her gaze settled on the Cot next to the bed. Then she looks once more to the ceiling, Unable to sleep in her own home.

Every time she thinks. Every time she has something good, Someone, Anyone, Will try and strip it away from her, And she will no longer let that feeling of pain. and Loss, and Sorrow for being unable to please both sides of an argument.

She has the power sure. She's never felt powerful, Even now laying secure with her wife and children. A pack of wolves guarding just about everywhere (Although, More likely sleeping like the lazy buggers they are) in the Cottage. Her strength to draw upon Natures strongest furies. And physically change to a form best suited for the task at hand.

Politically she's always had some power since coming to the Dale. Thanks to being recruited so early, She thinks what life may have been like if that never happened. Possibly an unmarked gravesite, possibly having left the Isle already. But she is glad to have found a family, a home and a people to protect and care about. She knows she will Die someday protecting them. But she'll see the next generation ready to take that mantle before she lets herself rest.

Mayor of the Dale, Strongest Hawk'in defender. One of the deepest Wolf-Bonds on the Isle. None of these matter, She has the power sure. She has never used any of it, From before being a Defender, As a Sheriff, Ambassador of Bendir and now even as Mayor. She's used little, and only whenever neccessary. And only with the approval of the Dale.

Hard Choices require those willing to make them. And she has never had a heart, even this second one that beats in her chest. Able to come through when it counts. Always second guessing, Always judging and watching instead. Others wanting to step up to make those decisions for her like always. And she always prevented them. Why she does not know.

Looking back, And looking up at her hand. She knows she has more power physically and politically in the Dale than any other who resides here now. She finally has the grit to use it. Its tipped her over, The last branch on her giving tree is the only one left she can sit on. And one Kin is to blame, Even now she wonders what Katie Popkins is planning, She's a talented Playwrite, a Poor Hin though.

Blindness when it comes to tradition and the laws of the gods is for Paladins who have their heads somewhere rather unpleasant. Traditions by definition change, as they are passed down from generation to generation, To never change or add or take away from them is to become stagnant, Wither and eventually crumble.

Its in her Dogma, - Work within what already is, and evolve and change it for the better. - Sheela Peryroyl

loss, She will miss the challenge, but not the endless headaches, the political fallout, the endless tirades and the holding back of the hordes whom want to Lynch Katie. Nor will she miss the way she wields tradition and the Hin-way as a weapon. And as a shield once she angers anyone. She's done protecting her from her own actions, The strong must protect the weak and those unable to protect themselves. She's not going to stop the Wolf who's tail has been pulled one too many times....Not for the hundreth time

No....What is coming, She set it into motion. It brings her no pleasure, But small comfort in the knowledge that should it come to pass....When it comes to pass, Her children. The Dale, And her people will finally be free of the lies, and twisted ideals of Katie.
In her heart she wishes it could be another way, But hundreds of chances have been given. All of them spat back in not only her face, But the communities. All of the Lies, Betrayal and endangerment of Kin.

That is why she has been invoked.

She looks at the window, dawn is breaking, Time to feed the children.

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Re: Meriam's Journal

Post by Mythic » Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:56 am

Burying Kin.

It always comes down to burying kin, friends...Aqquantances. Yet more fools deciding to endanger Bendir's population
The innocents, The Woman and Children who try to live their lives peacefully.

My duty as mayor is not to play for the Whims of sodden sad individuals whom think themselves above the whole. Its to protect and keep the town running for the people who live here day in, day out. Thats our Hawk'ins Duty. to protect the Town and her people

Nobody seems to understand. Leading beasts into the middle of our town, Bringing in plague victims and Werewolves. giving Monsters "time" In the centre of our town and letting those who try to harm us go free.

That puts me in no danger. It puts most of our veterans in no danger. But what happens when a Displacer is lured into town by some bloody adventurer wanting coin, And it mauls a child. or worse?

Reperations should be had for the Innocents.

Because they will suffer for the decisions of fools and the uncaring. Not us, Not the ones trying to protect them.

*The Page stops abruptly, And it seems to start being spattered with tears*

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Re: Meriam's Journal

Post by Mythic » Mon Aug 27, 2018 12:11 pm

A Hin, A Wolf, An Elemental and a Dragon all walk into a bar

Sits down and orders a few rounds from Oleg, Grimacing as she splashes some of the whisky onto her sealing wounds.

The Ear will take a while to sew back together, Nose can be snapped back into place. Damage to the eyes dont' matter much anyhow, considering she's been going blind for the past few years

Broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder will be more a struggle, especially when her kids want to play. all she needs is a few days to recuperate after all. But thats hard to do with a full household, let alone the interruptions that keep dragging her out. Wearing her down

She's been through worse, She'll be fine. Its only damage to the body after all

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Re: Meriam's Journal

Post by Mythic » Fri Aug 31, 2018 10:25 am

A Slice of Life

The Sunlight creeps in from the window With a stretch and a yawn, Maya sits up turning to the side to look for her wife, Once again absent from the comfort of their bed. She rubs at her eyes leaning over to lift a note. Yet another one with her wifes handwriting set on the pillow.

"Morning my sleepy darling, I've made the kids breakfast and left a little suprise for you too."

The X's and O's at the bottom of the page turn Maya's smile into a full toothy grin as she shifts her way to the edge of the bed. Tying her dark hair back into her regular ponytail before kissing the letter once, and setting it in the drawer with dozens of other goodmorning letters from her wife.

"Well, I should go and see what mess the kids have made for me today" She thinks to herself, opening the bedroom door after dressing in a gown. Her grin stretches even further as the smell of warm apple and cinnamon pie, with a lingering undertone of freshly brewed coffee.

Quirking a brow as she hears giggling coming from the room next door, she creeps carefully across the carpeted landing, parting the curtain-door of the children's room, peeping her head in. Standing still for a few minutes watching the triplets play this early in the day.

Stifling a chuckle as ther son Neville turns finally noticing his mother, a look of disbelief on his face as he pulls a cuddly wolf-toy from Clara, and without missing a beat slowly hands it back. Without ever taking his eyes from Maya, She cant help but let out a soft laugh at the poor boys bashful expression.

"When you three are done cleaning up this mess, I want you all downstairs for breakfast, Kay' loves?"

She turns to head down the stairs of the cottage, trotting happily despite the groans and moans of the triplets starting to clean their room. Passing a loose cuddly Octopus knitted from yarn she bends to pick it up to set it on the table at the bottom of the stairs. A nice suprise for whichever triplet makes it to breakfast first.

She purses her lips, Turning to yell back up the stairs


After several more minutes the three rather grumpy children descend the stairs, their smiles returning when they notice that Mamma' Meriam has made them all breakfast today.

Sipping at her Coffee and setting down the slice of breakfast apple pie. She looks out the Window and chuckles gently to herself, noticing her wife out in the field, chasing off a passing Bendirian badger who took a liking to their strawberry bushes.

"Its going to be another great day"

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Re: Meriam's Journal

Post by Mythic » Sun Sep 09, 2018 5:07 pm

A quiet night

Bated breath
The rush of the breeze
A rustle underfoot
A motion
Then a leap


The locking of jaws
The snap of Bone
The throes of death
The essence of life fading
The body goes still

All of these things rush through ones mind before one leaps.
Yet the act takes only a few brief heartbeats
A victorious hunt
A reward of meat, bone and hide

Dinner does taste much sweeter when one has brought it down yourself.

She had better get it back to the Den
It should last a few days, a Week if she preserves some of it

She looks forward to the next hunt
And the next kill

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Re: Meriam's Journal

Post by Mythic » Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:31 pm

Dear Diary - 20th of the 10th month - Marpenoth (Leafall) Year 143

This month is historic in more than a few ways Diary. And not just to myself

For a start, Guldorand finally became independent from the Dominion. Alice and Laura, Everyone from Guldorand worked so hard to earn that. I couldn't be happier for them, Though I still miss Scarlett, Jasper and Mabel. I'm sure they would be happy Guldorand is finally "free"

Bendir and the Horde celebrated the long friendship I and so many others like Mudagog, Ohan Hhar, Andy too many have worked towards the friendship we shared. A brawl (Certainly Orcish, Though I did win mine) And enough Pie to feed a giant (Though not half the orc-bloods that attended!) A boat ride on their ship!

Then another call to action.. Another Vampire taking Kin into their Thrall, Pulled by a member of their group I helped free the poor lass and kill the Vampire-lord whom took her.

Note to self, Being Disintegrated and hit by Wild magic sucks. Try to kill Arch-Wild mage Vampire lord Necromancers faster
Double note to self. Wild mages (Even vampire ones) Die when you break their Spine and Impale them on spikes after removing their head

Oh. I came up with some new apple Pie recipes

For this one you need the regular Sweet-pastry Recipe
3-5 apples (Stewed into a sauce, Preferably chunky)
1 Bushel of sweetberries (2-3 per Pie)
1 Teaspoon of Cinnimon

You mix the Apple-Puree with peeled, diced Sweetberry and stew together. Whilst adding the Cinnamon (Dont add sugar, With the sweetberries it will over-sweeten it)

Mix in some lemon juice rather than water in the Pie-base and you have a very sweet but delicious Pie.

But the best news of all? Other than Penny's arm is no longer broken and she's learning to pick the lock on our Cookie jar.
(note to self, Order stronger locks for cookie Jar)

Clara's reading more and more books. Faster than I can reasonably buy them
Neville is just playing like normal. Though he seems fond of the wooden sword his Uncle brought him (What is it with little boys and wooden swords?)

Best news. I'm finally going to Marry the woman who's still the Hin of my dreams. Its been seven? years of being handfasted, I cant wait to Marry her properly

I think that is it for today Diary. Its getting late and I need to put the kids to bed.
After they do their chores of course.

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