Letters to the Halls of Justice of Neverwinter

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Letters to the Halls of Justice of Neverwinter

Postby DarkDreamer » Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:04 am

Sent along a secured courier system, the messenger arrives at the hallowed halls of the Halls of Justice in Neverwinter. The warm weather in these winter months often off putting to those new to the area. The courier greeted by a Paladin wearing a vestment over his armor baring the colors of the flag of Neverwinter. Reaching for the letter he tips a silver coin for the travel and closes the door. Reviewing the seal mark on the scroll he simply smiles recognizing the mark of House Kalos and makes his way to the Judges chamber. Judge Kalos would be happy to hear from his son. Knocking on the door he set the letter in the message slot and walked away, leaving the message for the Judge. Moments later it was pulled inside, opened and quietly read by an older man baring the symbol of Tyr on his vestments. A quiet smile growing as he read the stories of his sons journeys, awaiting the day he would finally come home a man.

Dear father, the teleport system worked and landed me on some isle known as Arelith. Thank the Triad I didn't need a boat, though it may be my only way back. Perhaps by then I will have overcome my aversion to boats. I have managed already to find myself a Knight to squire under a group known as the Radiant Heart, my Knight is Sir Arcavius Ryde. I have also joined the guard of the main city on the isle known as Cordor, and am squired to a Lady Nehala Rein, a Hoarite. She is very nice and a Tiefling. I have advised her that one day she should consider moving to Neverwinter.

I believe I have already impressed her and Sir Ryde with my skills and ability to think on my feet, something I know my prior mentors were impressed with. I strive to impress them and be everything they desire in a young guard/squire. You would like Nehala I think, shes very strong willed and has a great sense of Justice. Something I can only admire. She is married to a male elf named Ceviran. He is very nice and a mage, he would fit in well there too.

I worry recently at the growing reports of Cyrists and Banites present on the isle, the isle does not seem to have the forces to drive them off as we do in Neverwinter and the Temple of the Triad is only now resurfacing. I will need to pray strongly to Torm to help me prepare for the inevitable war that I know is going to come, one of these religions on the isle is bad enough, both is a guaranteed war zone. I will do what I can for now and focus on my training.

I have recently been back on a boat, Nehala and Ceviran managed to drag me along with them even against my protest. She has found a very beautiful isle and once off the boat, I did enjoy it, though honestly my main thoughts were getting back to Cordor and far from the boat. I know its something I have to overcome, I dislike the feeling of getting near it, you know why better then most, but in time I am sure Torm will see me through it. For now though I should get back to my training. I still have my daily drills to run. Take care and give mom a hug for me. Your ever devoted son.

Vence of House Kalos of Neverwinter.
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