On The Run

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On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:15 pm

Faeren had never been to Sencliff. She never had a reason to go. She suspected, however, that if she had gone her welcome would not be a warm one. Faeren's instincts were usually right, and in this instance they were right again. As Faeren breathed in and out the magic from the summoning portal faded and she found herself in a dimly lit room. Staring at her with daggers for eyes were enemies she had once fought. Faeren's lips curved into a faint frown. What was she doing? Her head ached... Her heart ached. She had been betrayed and she wasn't going to let the slide. That's what she was doing.

As her new found allies glared at her she glared right back. It was her customary greeting for most residents of the island of Arelith. She took another breath then slid the bow she had been gripping tightly back into place with her pack. "Hello there... "She offered awkwardly to the scowling bunch... Talks began. Faeren knew what she wanted she knew what they wanted. She wasn't sitting idle as Warden of the Green Hawks she had information. A lot of information. Enough to barter with. Secrets are a currency as much as gold after all.

As the talks concluded Faeren was escorted outside they had reached what one might call an agreement. She was largely on her own still, but at least for now, she was out of reach of Cordor and had room to breathe, think, and choose her next steps carefully. She moved to the cliff side of the small island to dangle her feet over the edge. Having concluded her official business she had one more "meeting" she wasn't looking forward to.

Faeren stared out across the waves watching the stormy waters crash against the pillar of rock that made up Sencliff. Amongst the sound of crashing waves Faeren heard the steps coming behind her. They were soft steps. Gentle steps. She knew them well. Faeren let out a sigh hanging her head as the foot steps came directly behind her. Taking a seat to her right and joining her in dangling his legs over the edge of the cliff was Jonah, her Husband.

His hand came down to the base of her neck and began to massage her smooth skin. He said nothing but followed her gaze to the waves. The pair sat silent for awhile. Words after all couldn't quite express what was being felt. She made a promise to him two years ago when they were first married. Two years. War would be over, people wouldn't be trying to kill them, they could start their family. And now two years had come and gone, and she had messed everything up.

Faeren couldn't look at him... She made a point of turning her head away as a light misting of rain began to fall from the stormy rain clouds over head. Jonah leaned in against her, pressing his cheek and mouth against her ear in a light kiss. "Faeren...." he said gently... She desperately tried to gauge the tone of her voice but found it too neutral to glean anything from. "I'm sorry." She murmured to him while facing away from him.

Jonah let out a deep sigh. It was a sigh he had made many times. The same sigh he issued every time his partner came home with an army of enemies at her back. The same sigh he issued when Faeren yanked him out of bed one night in Guldorand and told him they had to run. It was a sigh that was mildly annoyed. Partly amused and always followed by a small smile. She didn't understand /why/ he stuck with her. But he did. Always.

Jonah's left arm slumped around Fae's shoulders as he leaned against her and pulled her against himself. His right hand sought hers. Finding it, he pushed his hand into hers then closed his fingers through hers. He let out another sigh as Jonah's modest smile grew slightly he pushed his head against hers. He kissed her head. "You have nothing to be sorry for Faeren." He said softly to Faeren.

Faeren's hand tightened against Jonah's as a few stray tears found their way out of her eyes. She didn't know how Jonah loved her. She didn't know why. All she knew is that he did. And that was enough. She turned to face her partner. To stare at him. He stared back with a steady, easy smile. Her head flopped against his chest as she herself sighed. He pulled her into a tight hug.

The rain picked up in pace pattering against them as the waves below crashed against the rock. Faeren didn't care. Jonah was her island and her refugee and she was at peace.

"I try desperately to run through the sand
As I hold the water
In the palm of my hand
Cause it's all that I have
And it's all that I need and
The waves of the water
Mean nothing to me
But I try my best
And all that I can to
Hold tightly onto
What's left in my hand
But no matter how
How tightly I will strain
The sand will slow me down
And the water will drain"

I'm only at it again
As an addict with a pen
Who's addicted to the wind
As it blows me back and forth
Mindless, spineless, and pretend
Of course I'll be here again
See you tomorrow
But it's the end of today
End of my ways
As a walking denial
My trial was filed as a crazy
Suicidal head case
But you specialize in dying
You hear me screaming, "Father,"
And I'm lying here just crying
So wash me with your water

((Addict With A Pen))
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:15 pm

"This is one reason I love you, Faeren." Jonah said with a smirk as he followed her into the halls of Brogendenstein. Faeren returned his smirk with one of her own. "And what reason is that?" she asked teasingly. "You've always got a plan..." Jonah replied with a firm nod. Faeren smiled at that, then shrugged as she guided him past the Golden Halls and into the depths of Brogendenstein.

As they walked Faeren continued to explain the situation. "I've fought alongside these dwarves in Cania, it was a heck of a fight so I think it led to some good relations. Other then that, I hadn't really known the dwarves until now. But their Thane has granted me political asylum until I can face trial in Cordor." Jonah frowned at that replying "Not quite sure how I feel about /that/ part of the plan..." Faeren sighed and shrugged. It is the way it is, she didn't have anything to say.

The pair continued deeper into the Dwarven halls arriving at a bridge that stretched across a depthless chasm. "So... Don't get drunk and try walking home, alright? At least, that's what the dwarves told me... There's no railings." she said peering over the edge of the bridge into what appeared to be an abyss. Jonah issues a nervous laugh... "Right..." he replied following Faeren's gaze.

Faeren guided Jonah across the bridge tugging him along as she held onto his hand. Arriving at the door on the other side she fit a key into it, and opened the door. They entered, ducking slightly then stepped into a reasonably tall room. "This is home... For now" Faeren replied nodding to Jonah. "One of the Thane's dwarves is lending us his room for safety until I can figure out what to do next..." Faeren said. Jonah nodded along to her words. "Not bad" he replied.

Faeren was busy discarding her armor near the storage chest while Jonah wandered about the room... Jonah arrived at the bed. He eyed the bed... It was large, for a dwarf, but rather small for a human.. He glanced at Faeren. Two humans. Jonah considered for awhile well he rubbed at his chin then smirked... He sat down on the corner of the bed to watch Faeren.

Finished with her armor and changed Faeren glanced at Jonah, raised her eyebrows, then removed a variety of traps. She moved over to the door, setting them up and laying out the wires. Faeren spared Jonah another glance, commenting as she worked "If anyone enters without knocking these ought to make so much noise the whole mountain will hear it." Jonah nodded approvingly from where he sat.

After setting out the traps Faeren joined Jonah where he sat by the bed. Jonah smirked up at her from his sitting position on the low bed. "It's not as big as the one we had at home." He said with a sly smile. "But I've been considering how we can make it work." he said. Faeren raised her eyebrows curiously "Oh yeah, how's that?" She asked head tilting faintly. "Like this!" Jonah said then stood up rapidly. He grabbed Faeren in a hug then threw himself on the bed tackling her onto it.

Faeren squirmed a bit, but was quite stuck in her husbands arms... She sighed happily. she didn't mind this solution at all. Jonah whispered to her "The bed really is tiny. So i'll have to hold onto you so you don't roll off." Faeren rolled her eyes and hugged the arms that held onto her. She was okay with this.

The pair went to sleep quickly. After spending their time running and in the wilds the relief of a comfortable been was worth a great deal.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:08 am

Faeren and Ceviran sat talking in the dwarven tavern of Brogendenstein. The low ceilings, warm temperature and hearty laughter of the dwarves made the space pleasant. But these pleasantries were lost on Faeren as her mind had began to start down a path she was not fond of.

Ceviran and Faeren had been friends for years. The pair of them had been through a lot together and served in the same forces on numerous occasions. Of the two of them, perhaps unsurprisingly, Cev was the most level headed and logical of the pair of them. He had given Faeren a lot to think about and was making her question her motives. Her instincts were telling her that Cev was right. She decided to ignore her instincts.

" I need to... Think" Faeren said to Cev as she stood. She didnt wait for his reply. She gathered her gear and took off at a brisk pace heading for the gates that opened up to the mountains. As she stepped outside of the dwarven hold the cold crisp air blew against her. She breathed it in then sighed deeply wishing the cold air could cool the anger in her heart. She tugged at the white leather coat she was wearing and wandered without direction into the mountains.

" If your child was at risk would you stil accept that revolutions were messy?" Cevs words echod in her head. No. If it were her child at risk she would be a killing machine, she'd fight until she won or was dead. Every ounce of her devotion would go to protecting her child. So why was it different for anyone else? Why would she risk another mothers child? Because she was angry? Betrayed? Those wrent justifications that worked.

But Faeren was angry. More so then she had ever been. She had been tortured, twice, serving Cordor and she was thrown out, for who? A halfling with two murders in Corodr? Exiled from his own homelands for slaying his own Kin? It was pathetic. A mockery of every Cordorian that had bled for the city. Where was justice? There wasn't any. Elwood was as bad as any other Cordorian noble she had started to understand where the refugees and slums people were coming from.

Faeren marched on. She focused on the sound her boots made when she cruched through the snow. Her eyes were blank but gave her surroundings the occasional glance. Her brain contined to churn through thoughts. Her anger demanded those who had hurt her pay. But her heart demanded that to many innoccents would be hurt trying to appease her anger. She wanted to throw her heart out. But she couldnt.

Fae let out another sigh as she stuffed her thoughts away. She wanted to focus on her surroundings. The mountains were magnifcient, and dangerous. She could already hear the snow crunch of boots, the barbarians that lived on the moubtains. She slowy drew her bow, then an arrow. She wanted a chase. Needed one. She'd kill the first Barbarian then run from the rest.

Before she engaged Faeren did a run down of her condition. She felt fine. Muscles loose, no aches or pains. Her boots were tight, armour and backpack secure... she had her weapons, wands, potions. Her hair? That was secure too. Tied neatly into her usual ponytail

Then what was off? What was she missing?

She paused, thoughtful.

Then She blinked.

Realization dawned on her.

It couldn't be that. Impossible, she was using that herb? Or wait... No she wasn't she ran out and forgot to get more

That meant...
Oh no!
It couldn't be that!
It has to be.
I can't risk it!

"Then run you idiot!" Her own voiced echod in her mind!

Faeren blinked again, back to reality. She saw the Barbarians as they rounded the orner. Tall, shirtless, and ripped with muscle the lead Barbarian let out a grunt of surprise then raised his axe letting out a bellow!

Faeren's wide green eyes stared at that axe. Time froze


Faeren dropped fhe arrow she had drawn and ran for her life and the second life she suspected she carried within.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:45 am

Jonah and Faeren sat in the middle of the circular room that made up their temporary living quarters in Brog. There was no table so they sat directly in the center of the room with their legs crossed facing eachother. Their meal was delivered from the tavern, ham, green beans, potatos, and huge mugs of ale. Could it be any more dwarven?

Faeren's mind wander as she ate, her plate resting in her lap. She missed their kitchen. Even though she wasn't the best of cooks. Fae and Jonah had a deal, he handled breakfast, and Fae handled dinner. She tried a lot of different recipes in the kitchen some mote succesful then others. It seemed to her however that no matter what she made or how it turned out Jonah was thrilled to eat it.

She sighed. She missed their home. She missed cooking for him while he played with Dog in the living room. She missed welcoming him home with a warm meal. She felt it was a small compensation for all the trouble she made.

Jonah eyed Faeren as he stuffed the bread into his mouth. He recongized the distant look in her green eyes that indicated she was thinking. "Good" he thought. That meant her guard was down. Jonah casually picked up a green bean from his plate and flicked it towards Faeren. The bean hit her in the face, bounced, then landed on the floor in front of her.

Faeren blinked, "what was- oh." She thought her eyes wandering down to the bean that had hit her in the face... Her eyes slowly wandered from the bean to Jonah. Her eyebrows raised, a thin smile touched her lips. She shrugged casually as if she didn't care. She was a lady and of course wouldnt indulge Jonah's childish habits.

Yeah right. Faeren and Jonah often expressed their love for one another in and endless war of teasing. Jonah was a worthy advisary for Faeren and often found creative ways to annoy her all in good fun, of course.

Jonah watched Fae shrug. "Uhoh" he thought.... It was always a bad sign when Fae feigned indifference and that smirk gave her away.
She was planning something, but what? Jonah studied Fae closely trying to guess at her next move. He slid back just a bit out of precaution.

Fae settled her eyes on Jonah a thin smirk still playing at her lips. As he moved back she let out a small laugh "What, something scare you?" She teased sticking her tongue out. She had a plan and Jonahs precautionary scoot wasn't going to soil it.

Faeren grinned at Jonah. "Oh no, here it comes!" He thought recongizing Fae's dangerous grin instantly. Fae grabbed her mug of ale then took a long drink before she suddenly lurched forward! Ther mug of ale "accidentally" spilled all over Jonah covering his head and upper body.

Jonah, soaked in ale just blinked, his jaw dropped. He had not expected such a dramatic retalliation for a single green bean attack. His shock soon melted away into amusement as he smiled towards Faeren. " I can think of worse things then being doused in Ale, thank you for sharing your drink with me, wife. As usual you are so /very/ considerate." He said to her, his smirk growing wider.

"You're quite welcome." Faeren replied smilling innocently. "You looked parched" she added, then smirked, as she returned to eating. She began to eat faster, suspecting Jonahs retalliation might ruin her meal. She would not be wrong.

" You know, Fae," Jonah began " A good wife would give their husband a foot massage after a long day, not throw ale on them" he said then nodded. Jonah lay back then Promptly placed his feet on Faerens plate. " i can forgive you though" he said sighing dramatically " I know you're still new to this whole wife thing." He gave her a smirk wiggling his toes.

Faeren just stared at the feet on her plate. Who does he think he is? Faren huffed! She set her fork down then attemepted to lean back and grab at her belt grappling for a bottle. Jonah recongized thid bottle as alchemists fire. He gasped! Yanked his feet back then hurled himself forward tackling Faeren to the ground

Fae burst out laughing " You thought I'd do it!" She challenged Jonah scoffed " Knowing you? Of course!" Faeren was squirming underneath Jonah, a moment later her legs came up around his toros and she shifted her weight throwing him to the side as she managed to pin him instead.

"Your move." She said with a satisfied smirk
Jonah smirked back " You asked for it..."

Faeren enjoyed her time with Jonah. It was a welcome distraction from reality. She was wanted for high treason, yet at this moment? She was just a girl with her husband. It was simple.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:31 am

Faeren lay in bed staring at the wall of the room. The circular room was pitch black, there were no windows and it was almost entirely silent save for the sound of Jonah's breathing. Faeren found it peaceful. Living in the mountain home of the dwarves made her feel safe. There was an entire mountain of rock between her and her enemies it put her mind at ease.

Jonah lay against Faeren's back. He had wrapped her in his arms as usual one arm holding Faeren securely acorss her collarbone the other draped across her stomach towards her waist. He rarely let go of her when they slept, comparable to a child holding onto their most favorite blanket or stuffed animal. Jonah's past was dark, and he found solace in his partner. Beside her, the past evils held no power over him. He slept soundly.

Faeren let out a gentle sigh as her mind muled over a plethora of thoughts. She brought her hands down to Jonah's arm draped across her stomach. Carfully she traced the muscles of his forearm with her fingers. She hadn't told Jonah about her suspicion yet, though she was quite certain of it now. What would he do when he found out? Would he be worried? Of course he would be... She let out a huff of air then squirmed back against Jonah. She was tired, and wanted to go back to sleep.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:14 am

Jonah stared at Faeren... "What is she doing..." He thought to himself as he watched her from his position in the bed. He had just awoken and had noticed the dim light of a few lit candles. Jonah let out a quiet yawn, not wanting to disturb Faeren and whatever she was doing. He watched eyebrows raised curiously.

Faeren eyed herself in the mirror, she was mostly dressed and was standing at different angles in the mirror while she focused on her stomach. She let out thoughtful hum "Hrmm... I wonder how long it's been...." She considered to herself trying to remain quiet. "It can't be far.... Maybe a month, tops..." She muttered her thoughts outloud to herself. She was largely ignorant regarding the materr at hand despite having found a class to attend back in Cordor. She shrugged faintly then continued dressing.

"Afraid you're getting out of shape?" Jonah said with a smirk as he tucked his arms behind his head still watching her.

Faeren blinked... "He saw that?" She thought immediately feeling mildly embarrased, her cheeks flushed red.

Jonah chuckled to himself an early moring score for Jonah was a good sign.

Faeren commented after a moment "Not so much out of shape as I was wondering when it'd become clear I was pregnant."

She said it so casually Jonah laughed then as realization dawned his jaw dropped. "Wait- wha?! Faeren! Are you..?! Really?!"

Faeren finished straping her armour on herself then looked over to the bed. She gave Jonah a faint nod "I am pretty sure." She said offering a sheepish smile.

Jonah lay there dumbfounded

Faeren's smile grew a bit wider, her cheeks flushed red for some reason and she shrugged.

Jonah grappled for his clothes then jumped out of bed grinning. He passed Fae then grabbed the rope from her pack.

"What are you doing with that?" Fae asked crosssing her arms.

Jonah didn't answer, he grabbed her by the arm then sat her down by the anvil in the room. " Based on what I've read... I should only have to keep you tied up for nine months, give or take." He stated with a firm nod.

"What are you talking about?" Fae asked then pushed at his arms to keep him from tying her up.

"You and I both know the only way you 'll stay out of trouble is if I tie you up." He said trying to bypass Faerens shoves to get the rope around her.

Faeren rolled her eyes

Jonah smirked at her then paused... He dropped the rope resting his hands on her shoulders as he tilted her to look at him. "If I don't tie you up you have to promise me... No. Trouble." He gave her a few shakes at the end of his statement to drive it home.

Faeren offered Jonah a slim smile, she looked for his eyes and made contact. "I promise, no trouble." She said with genuine intent.

Jonah gave a slow nod accepting the response. "Another rule, you don't leave Brogendenstein without telling me." He said.

Fae squinted at him midly annoyed "Okay..." She replied

Jonah nodded then contiued "And another thing-"

Faeren cut him off with a quick kiss then murmured to him softly before he could recover " I'll be safe. Nothing means more to me. I promise." She wrapped Jonah in a hug.

Jonah sighed nodding slowly as he returned the hug " I know... Thank you." He muttered back holding onto her shoulders. After a pause, he grinned! "We're going to be parents." He said then let out a laugh as he tugged Faeren into another hug. Jonah was laughing and crying at the same time as he held Faeren. He had never been so happy. And equally scared.

Faeren just smiled sitting in his embrace. She patted his back gently knowing what was groung through his mind. She felt the same, but all she could do for now was tighten her hug.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:34 am

Jonah paced back and forth in the circular room. Over and over he paced! Mind racing " Where is she? Why isn't she back yet? Should I look for her? Damn Fa-" his mind silenced as he heard the door open.
Faeren stepped in she yawned cassually then stretched her arms upward. Jonah stared at her wide eyed. Fae peered at him. "Uhm- There's not something on my face right?" She said, patting her face over.

"No..." Jonah said with a smirk and sigh of relief. "No one is about to bust through the door to ry to kill you though, right?" He said jokingly.

Faeren smirked. "Weeeeeell...."
Jonah's mouth slowly fell open "Faer-!" He began but was cut off by Faeren

"I'm joking!" She said with a smirk " Me and some deep gnome were pretending to be dwarves and wondering if beard size played into a dwarfs social status."

Jonah blinked at her. " That's.... What you were doing?" He said.

"Ahuh, yup." Faeren replied with a nod.

Jonah sighed. He had been worried and worked up and all the while Faeren was off making faces and pretending to be a dwarf. She wwas roughly two years younger then him, and was usually the more serious one. Faeren wasn't an agressive ranger all of the time and Jonah enjoyed being reminded beneath all that armour and gear was a girl. There wasn't much more to be said.

"No dinner?" Jonah asked raising his eyebrows

"Nah, I'm not feeling so good... But i brought you-" she slumped her pack off digging around and pulled out a bag. Dried venison jerky, fruit, bread, and some jam. She handed it to him.

Jonah accepted with a smile

Faeren then moved to the storage box removing her gear the. Immediately flopped onto the bed staring up at the ceiling. Jonah sat down beside her working his way through the bag of food. As he sat Faeren moved her head back to use her favorite pillow, Jonah.

Another night passed. They had been in Brogendenstein for more then a few months now. The troubles of Cordor far away.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:25 pm

"You're not as crazy as I was told." The elf said departing the room... Faeren watched her go, eyebrows raised.

Faeren was laying face first on her bed in Brogendenstein. She had just concluded another hours long meeting, she'd been at it for most the day, meeting, sneaking, talking... She was doing everything she could to assist her friends and allies without physically fighting.

She sighed "I'm tired..." She said to herself. Faeren then pushed herself further back on the bed, slowly discarding her armor and throwing it over the side of the bed. She lay there then staring up at the ceiling as she placed her hands on her stomach.

She closed her eyes... Focusing on her body, a sort of internal diagnostic. She felt a bit nauseous, not something she was used to... A few other aches and pains. She huffed... She wanted to go adventuring, take a hike do something, but she also wanted to do nothing... It was an odd amount of confliction that only left her frustrated.

The door to the bedroom creaked open as Jonah stepped in. Faeren noted the movement, then sat up grabbing a pillow, she whipped it viciously at the door!

"Hey Faeren how ar-" Jonah began, then was cut off as he blinked and ducked narrowly dodging the pillow. "Hey! What did I do." he said with a smirk

Faeren grunted "You-... Opened the door!" She said!

Jonah smirked at her. "Oh... And that just set you off?" he replied cheekily.

"Yeah." Faeren said with a scowl.

Jonah grinned setting his pack down. He joined her in the bed, and pulled her into a hug. "Sorry." he said kissing her head.

Faeren huffed... "I forgive you." she replied sourly.

Jonah chuckled holding onto her with a content sigh. "How are you feeling?" he asked.

Faeren let out another sigh " I don't know. I'm feeling like- I don't know..." A deep sigh "I feel sick, I want to go running and hiking, and I also want to stay in bed under the covers... I'm hungry- but I also don't want to eat anything." She muttered then tucked her head against his chest.

Jonah patted her back gently " Well, until you can make up your mind we'll just lay here, hm? Whenever your ready to do... Whatever, just tell me." He said softly.

Faeren huffed.... Muttered something Jonah couldn't hear, then seemed to fall asleep in his arms.

Jonah peered at his wife... A thin smirk on his lips. He snuggled her closer then shook his head as his smirk curved into an amused smile. "It's just started hasn't it? Ilmater help me... Help us both." he let out a gentle chuckle and began to stroke his hand through her golden hair.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:29 am

"I won't let them hurt you, Faeren, not here, nor anywhere... You have the gear right? All the get out plans, they still work?" Jonah asked as he sat down beside Faeren. Faeren was fully armoured... Her scimitar sat on her lap, her shield lay against the wall beside her. She was staring at the door as she chewed on some bread. She nodded to Jonah's comments. "Yeah, I've got everything ready. If trouble comes, i'll get away, I always do." she said.

Jonah sighed... "For now, but as this goes on you're not going to be able to move. Faeren, if we reach a point where you're constantly in danger and you can't run anymore because of the child, we're leaving." He stated firmly.

Faeren looked at him frowning. "But-"

Jonah shook his head. "Faeren. We'll go to the mainland. We can't risk it. Please."

Faeren sighed lightly her head pivoting towards the floor to stare at the bricks. Leaving her friends behind, her home? It wasn't what she wanted to do. If it was anyone else she'd probably argue them to submission, but things were different with Jonah. He was maybe the one person that could truly rein her in. "Alright." she replied. "I'll do it. If it's to dangerous, we'll leave." She finished with another disappointed sigh.

Jonah placed his hand on her shoulder then smiled. "It'll be alright Faeren, just remember who were' doing this for. It's not about us anymore. It's about our child." His hands fell to her stomach.

Faeren nodded firmly. She agreed.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:49 am

Faeren stood up from the bench casually. As if a man had not just been holding a halberd to her throat. She was in the middle of Brogendenstein and the a mercenary along with an elf were preparing to drag her away to Elwood. They stated their intentions. The man with the halberd had turned away to address the elf and Faeren wasn't going to wait around.

As Faeren stood, time slowed down in her mind. One step, two steps, the mercenary turned to face her. She grabbed a portal lense from her belt. The Mercenary lunged at her. She crushed the lense in her palm. The Halberd slammed into her side and cut towards her thigh tearing through the chainmail armor. Faeren felt the sharp sting of pain, she let out a cry, but needed to focus. An image flung into her mind, The Skull Crags, that's all it took for the lens to work. she teleported.

Faeren stumbled out of the portal, her right leg collapsing from where she was cut... She fell face first into the grass. " Not here. I need to keep moving." The thought shot through her mind. Adrenaline overcame the pain. She stood, and took off at a run. Her boots crunched through the leaves, ahead she saw the usual mountain enemies. Her ranger skills didn't fail her as she slipped by them with ease an ran for Guldorand.

Arriving in the town, she was out of breath, the pain was creeping up on her, her right side throbbed horribly. But she couldn't stop yet. She survived because she maintained a few golden rules. And golden rule #1 was always have a lens. She rushed to Guldorand's bank, she needed gold.

Stumbling into the bank she ran into a dwarf from Brogendenstein. She quickly explained what happened, the dwarf took off to ensure the halls of Brogendenstein were safe. Faeren gathered her gold, then jogged out of the bank....

After retrieving her lens, Faeren stumbled through Guldorand. She cast her invistability wand on herself, blocking mages from scrying her and mercenaries form hunting her. Then she slumped down behind a house in the mountain town.

She let out a cry... She was in extreme pain, but something else hurt even more. How close she came to losing her child. She sobbed to herself as she struggled to remove bandages and healing potions. She applied the potions to the bandages, and cleaned up her side. She continued to sob as she peeled her armor away.

She sat then, mind numb with pain as she looked up into the sky. She held the wet bandages to her wounds, the healing drafts were doing their work. She watched the sky trying to focus on the cool mountain air as she grit her teeth. "I'll destroy him. I will never forgive this." Warm tears streamed out of her eyes as she muttered to herself. Hate burned in her heart.

After another hour, the healing potions had done enough to mend the majority of the wound. She stood, and moved off, her first mission? The Mercenary mentioned the Chancellor was in a lecture in the Arcane Tower. I hope he enjoys a hin bursting in and calling him out for what he is.

Faeren muttered to the hin, the hin ran off to deliver her message.

Content then, Faeren made her way back to Brogendenstein. Fully warded and prepared she made her way slowly, carefully, she wouldn't test her luck twice.

Jonah would be furious. She wasn't looking forward to seeing him tonight. she sighed.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:27 am

Jonah burst into the room, he was absolutely furious. As he entered the door flung open and he promptly flung it shut. Jonah was a priest of Ilmater, but some things just pushed him to far and Tested his faith. He had returned from a pilgrimage only few months ago to put his past to rest and align himself closer to his god, and now he was in jeopardy of losing it all.

Faeren was face first asleep on the bed covered in pillow as Jonah entered. Normally the sound of a door slamming open would have woken her, but she was resting for two and was unnaturally drained from the days events.

Jonah fumed as he looked around the room, eyes blood shot... He spotted Faeren on the bed... He wanted to grab her, shake her, "how could she be so careless! How could she get into a fight?! Why did I marry this girl!" Jonah's mind bellowed within, he panted heavily fists clenching and unclenching and as he watched Faeren. Slowly, Jonah calmed down. "It wasn't her fault... She was in Brogendenstein, where she was supposed to be." He kicked at the floor as his mind tumbled through thoughts. "She didn't start the fight. She got away. She got away. She always gets away." he reminded himself, though it did little to push back the anger and fear. Jonah sat down on the floor. He needed to collect himself.

A few deep breaths and a momentary pause for prayer and Jonah had regained his senses. He stood and discarded his gear crawling into bed over Faeren. He covered her like a human shield, spreading his arms across hers leaving none of her exposed. Jonah grabbed the sheets pulling them tight over Faeren and himself. He grunted and muttered into her ear "They'll never touch you again." he said, then sighed, resting his face against her head and hair breathing in her scent.

Faeren stirred... Only enough to let out a groan of annoyance but never awaking to full consciousness. She was exhausted and sore all over whoever was hugging her was welcome to do so. It was familiar and felt nice. Jonah. Her mind didn't bother waking any further, she remained asleep.

Jonah stared at the figure he was laying on. There was a lone candle lit in the room, just enough for him to see. His mind filled with regret for his anger, even if she hadn't heard his thoughts, how could he have said that? He loved her. That would never change. Even after learning about his past Faeren didn't leave him. He would never leave her. His mind slowed. They were safe, for now. Safe. That's all he wanted.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:19 am

Jonah had requested a special meal for tonight. He had assisted the Brogendenstein cooks in preparing it. It was a fresh turkey, covered in gravy, with berries adoring the left side of the playe and fresh bread and potstos adorning the right. The smell made his stomach ache he wanted to eat! As he lay out the plates he heard the door of their bedroom open.

Faeren stepped into their room. She was fully armored and warded, her helmet on, and her cloak draped around her shoulders. In her hand she held her scimitar stained red with fresh blood. She was also carrying her large shield, a anothet splatter of blood sprayed across it. As she entered she sheathed her weapon and shut the door securely. She glanced around warily, then assuming safety she dismissed her wards.

Jonah had stopped what he was doing and stared wide eyed at Faeren. " What in the nine hells had she done?!" He thought as he found his hands fastened tightly to the plate he held. For awhile, all he could do was stare. Then the words he dreaded tumbled from his mouth. "What... Happend?" He asked Faeren setting thr plate down to rise and help her over to the carpet.

"The blood isnt mine" Faeren said immediately "The chancellor put a bounty on me and three men came to collect." She continued. "I called on our family friend, we killed them all. I personally finished off the last one after a brief interogation. They were nothing more then opportune thugs." She said bitterly. "Now they are dead. Laying in the mountains." She sighed and slouched forward as Jonah helped seat her.

Jonah blinked.

Fae rubbed at her cheeks then looked to Jonah. "Hey, that smells good!" She exclaimed her focus dirverted to the food.

Jonah sighed lightly then glanced to Faerens stomach. It was starting to become obvious she was bearing a child. He prayed to Ilmater it was still safe. He pushed the thoughts from his mind.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:18 am

Jonah's eyes blinked awake. He was in their old home in Cordor, it was early morning, dawn was just breaking and the first rays of sunlight pierced through the opening of their curtains. Near the window was their dresser, mirror and... He squinted. Faeren? He watched her from the bed, interested in seeing what she was up to.

Faeren had not equipped her armour yet and stood befote the mirror in their bedroom. Her tanned form was partly illuminated by the morning sunlight coming in from the window of the bedroom. The effect was best on her hair, Jonah thought, it made the golden strands gleam as if her hair were a watery gold. He smiled to himself and watched on.

Faeren went on to remove a canister from the dresser. Jonah recognized it as her paint canister she used to outline her eyes or rub in her hair to darken it. He watched as she dipped her fingers two at a time into the canister then brought them to her face. He could see her front if he looked into the mirror. She had started to smear the black chalky paint into a pattern on her face. It began to resemble something primal, savage, animalistic, her eyes became the focul point of the design, bright green orbs staring out from a now menacing complexion. Her soft features hidden by the paint.

Jonah watched from the bed as Faeren continued with the chalky paint running it from her face down her arms, stomach, and legs it flowed like water around her lean muscled form. When she had finished, she stood and stared at herself occasionally flexing different muscle groups. She seemed to be admiring her body. Taking the time to take pride in her form.

As he watched Faeren breathed in and out deeply closing her eyes. She then slowly began to fit her armour on piece by piece. The process was slow. She was perfecting every detail, straping a piece in then moving that arm or leg in all directions to ensure it was secure. Jonah dosed, eyes partly open.

Having finished, Faeren turned towards the bed facing Jonah. Fully armored and painted she no longer look like the girl he had fallen in love with. She looked more like a demon, or some other terrible creature that crawled out of the hells. He gasped to himself as he looked at the creature. What was that?! He rolled in panic and fell out of bed.

Jonah awoke then, gasping for air. He was not in their Cordorian house, he was in Brogendenstein, in their temporary room and in bed. To his right slept Faeren. He shivered as he thought about his dream then slowly reached out to touch Faeren. His hand felt the smoothe skin of her form. She was warm and her body rose and fell queitly with the gentle hushed breathing of slumber. Jonah sighed with relief then scooped Faeren into his arms as he returned to sleep.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:19 am

By Jonah's orders Faeren was absolutely forbidden from leaving the room in Brogendenstein.
When Jonah told her this she had pouted but ended up ageeing on one condition, that Jonah keep her company. Jonah agreed happily. It had been awhile since they had spent a quiet few days together.

"You're not half bad at drawing." Jonah said to Faeren and nodded "Gee thanks." She replied with a smirk.

Jonah had purchased some canvases, drawing paper and other necessary artistic tools. he wanted to teach Faeren how to paint. He himself indulged in it often enough that he wasn't half bad at it and felt he could teach Faeren a few tricks. They sat facing eachother, Jonah had watched her sketch she had drawn out a menacing looking hawk with intricately detailed feathers but as they transferred the sketch onto the canvas he couldn't see what she was doing and it annoyed him.

"Right, so now that we sketched out what we wanted to draw, let's paint it in." Jonah explained leaning over to try and look at Faeren's canvas. Faeren pivoted just enough to block his view. It annoyed Jonah, and for some reason that made her grin. Jonah gave Faeren a look as she pivoted. He sighed. "So she's feeling like /that/ today." He thought to himself as he shook his head and leaned back to his own canvas.

Jonah mentioned a few techniques as he focused on his own canvas. He was trying to capture the prickly thorns of a cactus so that they looked real. He spared Faeren the occasional glance a thin smile touched his lips. Faeren stared at her canvas and tried to figure out how to apply the colors she wanted. She was chewing her lip intently and experimentally applying some of the paint but not quite in the way she wanted.

After he watched for awhile longer Jonah smiled. "She has to do it on her own, always, even if she knows she'll do it wrong. Now that she has goofed up I can reacue her!" Jonah thought optimistically. He stood then setting his paints down so he could move over to Faeren.

Faeren glanced as Jonah moved. Then looked back at her canvas. As Jonah joined her Faeren explained to him what she wanted to accomplish. "It's a hawk, I want to make the feathers green, but have a sorta... Texture to them y'know?" She said. Jonah nodded the assisted her with the brush. "Try this," he said then showed her how to apply the brush and mix the black and green paints to make a more indepth color. Faeren smiled " perfect" she said as jonah handed the brush back and she replicated the effect. Jonah smiled, then went back to his side.

After awhile of silent painting Faeren spoke up "You know, we never discussed names." She said. "For what?" Jonah asked confused. "For the drow slave i am buying" Faeren retortedd with just enough of a casual demeanor that her sarcasm was tricky to pin down. Jonah blinked.

"Oh!" He said at last as relization dawned. Faeren snorted as she smirked. Jonah smirked back then said, " If it's a girl, I figured we might name her Arabel." Fae nodded "I like that!" She said, "and if it's a boy?" She asked. Jonah hummed... " I don't know, you mentioned a baby Faeren so I always imagined a smaller version of yourself coming out. I never thought of a boys name." Faeren's eyebrows furrowed at that... She replied with a slow nod then a shrug. "What about Cev?" She asked Jonah. "After Ceviran?" She said. Jonah considered and nodded "It has meaning, I like that."he replied.

Faeren chuckled "Ceviran watching Cev grow up, he'll think it's amusing. Sort of an odd position an elf isbin with human friends, he'll know our childrens children and so on!" Faeren said as she continued working on her painting. Jonah considered her statment then nodded "That is unique. I already feel jealous." He mused.

"We are lucky though." Faeren added "If he has children with Inge? Blergh." She said shivering. Jonah rolled his eyes. "She's not /that/ bad. It'd be nice to have them over for dinner." He said. Faeren shot Jonah a glare. "Not unless you want to see us fight." She said with a faint scowl. "Maybe I do" Jonah replied, then added "it sounds hot...I bet Ceviran wouldn't mind it either." He chuckled. Faeren leaned over, her stomach sort of made the movement awkward but she punched Jonah firmly in his chest. The blow knocked the air out of him. He was choking on his own laughs for awhile as he caught his breath.

After a moment he rubbed at his chest. "Ow..." He said. Her punch had actually left a mark. He spared a glance at Faeren.

She was doing her best to scowl, but the smile that tugged at her lips was hard to disguise.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:34 am

Jonah was sleeping soundly but his subconcious felt something was missing...Something warm and soft, his hands reached out for what was always there, his wife. His island, the girl whose presence alone kept the night terrors away and comforted him unlike any other and drove him to be strong. He wanted to hold onto her, his hands found her, what a relief!


Jonah let out a shout as he was firmly smacked in the chest. He looked around frantically thinking tbey were under attack. His eyes scanned the room, it was dimly lit, more so then usual, Faeren often got out of bed to walk around the room the pregnancy had been making her uncomfortable. Faeren ! Having seen nothing in the room he looked to see where she was.

Faeren lay in bed glaring at Jonah. Jonah blinked at her... He knew he was in trouble, but what had he done? Faeren must have sensed his thoughts as she spoke. "Jonah, do. Not. Touch. Me." She said with a scowl. "Everything is sore, and I feel hot, I just don't want anything to touch me." She tried to explain as she sighed.

Jonah looked hurt then issued his own understanding sigh. Faeren was progresssing quickly with the child and the entire ordeal was only making agitating her even easier. He considered her for a moment, her condition certainly didn't look comfortable.

Faeren scowled then turned on her side away from Jonah. Jonah reached out to pat her shoulder encouragingly but decided better of it and lay down on his own still facing her.

As the night went on and the hours passed he felt somerhing brush against him. The touch was familiar, he opened his eyes to glance down at his side. Faeren had scooted back against him and grabbed his free arm hugging onto it like a pillow. Jonah smirke, ran his fingers through her hair with his other hand, then settled back to sleep.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:25 am

Faeren lay on the floor in the center of the bedroom and stared at the ceiling. Jonah was out working on his Ilmateri writings and had reluctantly left Faeren alone. It had been near half a day and Faeren was bored out of her mind! To try and pass time Faeren slept, stretched, practiced painting, sketched Cordors chancellor falling off of a boat into the ocean and spent a considerable amount of time tying, braiding and manuvering her hair into different designs which ended up being a waste as she found the ponytail was still her favorite.

Her eyes wandered around the room... Then she spotted it... Her bow! She tried to jump up, the weight in her stomach was unusuall and she instead sort of stumbled into a standing position. She huffed, then walked over to her bow. She picked it up and instantly smiled. The feeling of the worn leather, the firm but flexable wood... Her bow had been her companion longer even then Jonah, and it brought her a considerable sensation of security.

She leaned over then and grabbed an arrow... Her mind began to toy with a thought... The room was circular and in the center were four large wood support beams. She wondered if she could richoche an arrow off the walls and into the pillar.

Only one way to find out.

She notched her bow and drew! The feeling of the muscles working made her feel great! She aimed, then released! Thwap! The arrow zoomed, by eye calculations alone Faerens archery skill was obvious, the arrow richoched perfectly and thudded delightfully into the wooden pillar.

"I wonder how many times I could bounce an arrow..." She pondered outloud. She drew another one, then released! Thwap! The arrow skidded off one wall then the next for two bounces before thudding into the pillar. Faeren smirked. This was fun.

She moved to the center of the room with a full quiver of arrows. Thwap! Thwap! Thwap! She fired them over and over she even fired arrows before the first landed resulting in multiple arrows skidding across the walls before thudding into the wooden pillars. The game occupied her for hours!

Jonah made his way into the halls of Brogendenstein and headed for home. He was content with the work he had accomplished and was eager to see how Faeren had faired 'trapped' in their bedroom for the day. He continued on and waved to a passing dwarf or two then took out his key to open the door to their bedroom.

This was it. One full rotation of an arrow around the room. She aimed carfully... Then... Released! Thwap! The arrow skidded across the walls Faeren watched with a dumb grin as the arrow zipped by, it was halfway around when it reached the door.

Jonah pushed the door open with a smile. The smile was quickly replaced with a look of horror. What he saw in the space of two seconds made him question everything.

Faeren stood in the middle of their bedoom, a big dumb grin plastered on her lips. Around her in the pillars were stuck dozens of arrows as if an army of archers had gone to war. Then he saw it. An arrow flew right at him! He ducked! The arrow flew overhead into the halls beyond.

Faeren gasped the grin morphing into a look of horror.

"Hhnnragh! What in the nine hells! Of all the places to get shot by an arrow!" A dwarves angry voiced echod through the halls "It were tha' archer lass! Girl!" The dwarf bellowed angrily seeming to draw nearer.

Faeren reacted quickly. She ran towards the door, grabbed Jonah by his shirt then yanked him into the bedroom. Right after doing so she slammed the door.

As Jonah was tugged into the room he tripped on his own feet and landed with a thud. He was laughing so obnoxiously hard that he couldnt have stood even if he wanted to!

A fist beat in the door "I know yer in there lass! I got a present for ye!" The dwarf bellowed banging on the door.

Faeren blinked at the door then turned to Jonah. "I don't think I want his gift." She said with a coy smile.

Jonah had reined in the laughing and smirked. "I'll handle him" he told Faeren

He moved to the door and opened it just a crack "Yeeeees? Reihlin bedroom how can I help you?" He asked the dwarf.

"Aye tha' girl o' yers! She be in there?! I got one o' her arrows in my arse and I'm lookin' ta return the favor!" Thw dwarf barked trying to push the door open.

Faeren winced

Jonah shot Faren a worried look as be struggled to keep the door mostly closed "Aha.. Well... You see... Faeren is here but she is... Pregnant. Very pregnant and sleeping. I promise you she did not shoot your arse but she'll shoot both of our arses if we wake her!" The explanation tumbled out of his mouth. He hoped to the gods it worked.

The dwarf paused his assault on the door and grunted replying after a moment of silent compilation "aye... Those women can be a right monster when they are with a child... I remember Thragla's first child. A right bear she was. Alright lad I'll leave ye be." The dwarf relented.

Jonah shut the door breathing out a sigh of relief.

Now it was Faeren's turn to laugh!

Jonah shook his head with a thin smirk "I can't leave you alone for one instant, can I?" He said to Faeren as he tugged an arrow out of a pillar.

Faeren smiled as she tried her best to stifle the laughs.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Sun Aug 20, 2017 4:08 am

Faeren and Jonah were busy collecting their things from the bedroom they were staying in. As always, the winds of politics had shifted. ending their Asylum in Brogendenstein. They retained relatively good terms with the Brogendenstein dwarves and the Thane's protection, but politically speaking, they were no longer directly affiliated to Brogendenstein.

Baby Arabel lay on Faeren's backpack wrapped in blankets. She watched her parents move about the room and pack things up. She had no idea what they were doing. But her mother was wearing her shiny armor and her father was in his priestly robes and she liked that.

"Why do we stay, Faeren? If the Chancellor won't go to trial and we've lost our asylum then what have we left?" Jonah asked with mild annoyance.

"I thought myself the same thing" she replied. "I actually penned a letter to Bellamy saying we were leaving... But I spoke to someone recently... It restored hope... I don't want to give up, not yet. And we have friends here. Friends I don't want to leave behind." Faeren finished with a sigh of her own.

Jonah paused in what he was doing, he looked to Faeren. He was thoughtful, he admired his wife a moment then shook his head. "Alright... We stay then. But I don't like it." he said.

Faeren nodded her head faintly. "I understand." she said. Faeren had collected the last of her things then went about sweeping and trying to tidy the room up with a broom. "We can stay in the tavern across the way. It's sort of small, and the drunken dwarves make some noise, but until I can find us a safer place to stay it will have to do. I have a plan for that- but it'll take some time" she said.

Jonah smirked "Of course you have a plan." Jonah returned to packing as he shook his head. He wasn't sure about all of this. Part of him just wanted to run away and leave it all behind. Find a place on the main land settle down and live life. But Faeren wasn't like that. At least not yet, but he didn't mind. This part of Faeren was what drew him to her in the first place. But they had another life to consider. Jonah glanced to baby Arabel, he gave her a smile.

Baby Arabel sat on the backpack watching her parents. She decided that they weren't paying her much attention and worked herself up into a loud cry.

Upon hearing the cry Faeren paused... She turned and peered at Arabel. She smiled then and walked over picking the child up. She held her close cradling her gently in her arms as she rocked Arabel back and forth kissing her head softly.

Baby Arabel sniffled... Mother was paying attention to her again and that was all that mattered.

Jonah paused his packing once more and turned his attention to Faeren. She was wearing her armor, chain links glimmered in the candle light, her armor was beautiful, a light coating of chainmail that covered her arms and legs and meshed into her shirt. The outside of the shirt was a durable but soft olive green fabric that flowed into a tabard that hung past her waist. The delicate gold trimming fit her personality, rugged, ranger like, but not without elegance and beauty.

He thought it odd sight, Faeren, looking as she was, intimidating and armored but in her arms she held a baby angel. She was holding the baby so delicately. Jonah could only smile, he would never grow tired of seeing his wife and daughter together.

When they were finished packing what little they had they moved to the tavern in Brogendenstein and rented a room. It was simple, and a lot smaller then the room they had before, and not nearly as comfortable... But it would do.

The next weeks went by easily enough, Faeren had the occasional meeting, she'd take Baby Arabel with her, and Jonah continued his priestly work, writing, and the other jobs and adventures he took up. For now, things were stable, as stable as life was for a Reihlin.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Sun Aug 20, 2017 4:26 am

"See that man?" Faeren murmured to baby Arabel as she cradled her in her arms "That's one of the revolutionaries, a dangerous man, but I understand how he works, which means I can communicate with him and we can make agreements." She nodded to Arabel still murmuring "It's important to remember that we work with people, we don't use them. We both want something and we can both meet each others needs. " Faeren finished her murmuring as she rocked baby Arabel gently in her arms.

Faeren and baby Arabel were in the tavern by the Hot water springs in the mountains. They had a meeting with some associates of Faerens. Faeren needed information as well as they did. Since Jonah was away, Faeren brought baby Arabel with her, she considered the meeting to be mundane enough to do so, but had several escape plans in place if things for whatever reason became sour.

Faeren was bringing baby Arabel up to date on world politics as she waited for the Revolutionaries to conclude their hushed conversation a few paces away. Baby Arabel had no idea what her mother was talking about, but the information was stored somewhere deep inside her brain, perhaps it would influence her choices later?

As the revolutionaries concluded their conversation they came over to Faeren. They exchanged what they wanted then parted ways.

"And that, little Arabel, is how your mother keeps one step ahead." She murmured to Arabel and kissed her head with a smile.

She set off back to Brogendenstein keeping Baby Arabel tightly wrapped in a cocoon of blankets, relying on the mountaineers to travel safely and securely without incident.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Sun Aug 20, 2017 7:22 am

Faeren crawled back into bed grumbling. Baby Arabel had woken up four times so far and it was driving her near the brink of insanity... She sighed then settled in next to Jonah. Her eyes slowly shut as she snuggled her head against Jonah's chest and slipped into slumber.

*Sniffles sniffle*

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Arabel burst out in tears once more.

Faeren groaned... She awoke and looked around... She sensed a few hours had passed... She grumbled then looked at Jonah who was sleeping peacefully... She narrowed her eyes at him "How.. Is he asleep?!" she muttered to herself then huffed out a breath of air. She leaned over to push Jonah...

"Hnngh!" She gave a shove, and succesfully pushed Jonah out of bed. He hit the floor with a thud.

Upon impact with the floor Jonah jerked awake. "Wha?! Who?! Faeren?" he said in a slur as he jumped up and looked around.

Faeren pointed to Arabel's small crib where Baby Arabel was still crying loudly.

Jonah squinted at Faeren. "You know, normal wives might tap their husbands lovingly on the shoulder and say "Husband, can you get the baby this time?" or maybe "Dear, I'm so tired, might you see the baby this time?" he said with a faint scowl.

Faeren hurled a pillow at him. It hit Jonah squarely in the face. He sighed. "Right..." he murmured picking up the pillow and tossing it on the bed then went over to Arabel's crib.

He scooped the child up in his arms kissing her on the forehead and holding her gently... He swayed back and forth humming a quiet song.

Faeren watched Jonah and the child... Father and daughter... She admired Jonah, her partner, he always had her back and he was so caring and gentle with Arabel... The pleasant thoughts left her as a pang of fatigue ran through her. She was exhausted. She flopped back on the bed, grabbed her pillow and put it over her face.

By the time morning came, Baby Arabel was at it again. This time Jonah awoke first... He glanced around, Faeren was sleeping partly beneath him and partly on her side of the bed... He smirked at her, scooted back, and shoved her off the bed.

Faeren hit the floor with a thump.

"Your turn." Jonah said in a teasing sing song voice.

Faeren lay on the floor a moment and sighed. She deserved that. She pulled herself up and went to scoop Arabel up.
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Re: On The Run

Post by FrozenSolid » Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:28 am

Baby Arabel stared up at Faeren. She was in her mothers arms wrapped snuggly in her most favorite blanket. As she watched Faeren, she decided she wanted to feel her mothers face again. She was content to try and poke Faeren about her face while her baby hands slapped at parts of Faeren's face

"What?" Faeren asked Arabel with a grin "Something on my face?" She asked. Arabel replied with several baby garbled noises then smacked Faeren in the face. Faeren squinted at Arabel "Hey, that's not nice" Fae said with a smirk. Arabel didn't know what Faeren said she was curious about those white things in her mothers mouth. She put her hands on Faerens lips made several baby garbled declerations the tried to pry Faerens mouth open. Fae obliged showing Arabel her white teeth.

Arabel was fascinated. She couldnt pull the things out and they seemed to be hard. Then suddenly Faerens mouth snapped shut traping Arabels hand. The surprise thrilled Arabel and she burst out giggling.

Faeren and Arabel played the game awhile longer when suddenly her mothers attention became distracted. Arabel followed her mothers gaze and spotted two figures. One looked similar to her father, a man but wearing armour. The other looked like a disproportial child as if every other part had grown except the height. It was a gnome.

As the figures approached Arabel settled into her mothers arms occasionally reaching out to feel Fae's face. It was soft and warm and comforted her.

Arabel watched as her mother greeted the strangers everything seemed to be alright. There was awhile where everyone was looking at Arabel and smilling. She wasn't site why but smiled sheepishly while she sucked on the corner of her blanket. After awhile another man joined them. He wore a hood and carried a staff upon his arrival Arabel felt her mothers arms tense, Arabel watched on quietly.

The new man muttered a few words, Faeren leaned down to murmur to Arabel
"We can't trust this one... Or maybe we can, he confuses me but I can't take chances, I have to be certain and I can't say that I am" she muttered to Arabel. Arabel made a few happy noises enjoying her mothers attention even if she didn't know what it was for.

Soon all of them moved into the tavern room. Baby Arabel was set down on the bed, leaned against
Some pillows so thag she could watch.

As baby Arabel watched she saw her mother blade her body into a tactical stance as her hand moved to rest on what Arabel had learned was a dangerous tool, a scimitar, beside her the other man drew a longsword. It erupted into flames upon making contact with the air. Arabel was mesmorized by the blade.

Despite the show of force no blows came to pass. Each slowly slid their weapons away and Arabel lost interest.

A few minutes later Faeren was scooping Arabel up and leaving the bedroom. Arabel wondered where they were going as she reached out to cling to Faerens shoulder. They reentered the halls and Faeren promptly sat fown next to a bald headed man.

Arabel blinked at the man wondering where his hair was. Faeren hosited Arabel up into her lap to show him to the man and the man smiled brightly then loweted his head. Arabel slapped her hands on the bald head trying to find the hair but to noavail. Then the Bald Man retracted, stood, and removed a stuff animal. Arabels eyes went wide! He handed fhe stuffed animal to her mother who then handed it to her. Arabel thought it was great fun! Soft and squishy the only thing left to do was shove it in her mouth! Arabel did, chewing on the ear of a stuffed animal dog.

Faeren eyed Arabel wondering if she should correct her... She shrugged then turned her attention back to the Bald Man

Baby Arabel met a great many new faces! She enjoyed her new toy throughout all the conversations until she was finnally worn out enough to fall asleep. As she did Faeren cradled Arabel in her arms safe and sound.
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Re: On The Run

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Faeren let out a cry of pain as she was pushed face first onto a table and held down by her back. "This ones fer ma mate ye killed in tha mountains, wretch!" The grizzled voice said as the hooded figure drew his dagger and ran it through Faeren's shoulder pinning her to the table. There was five of them and only one of her. Faeren had gone hunting in the mountains and was staying at the tavern near the hot springs. For a moment her guard was down as she spoke to who she had assumed was another

Faeren grit her teeth choking back tears and swallowing the urge to scream. One of the other burly thugs snorted "She ain't so tough I dunno how them three didn't best her" the man said with a disapproving tsk. Another man chimed in "Aye well lucky they didn't otherwise. The gold fer her head wouldnt soon to be ours!". The men chuckled.

Faeren was focusing on evening out her breathing. She was in an extraordinary amount of pain and needed to calm her thoughts. Slowly she focused. She heard the voices, her anger seethed inside of her. One of the thugs spoke up "Ye think they would pay extra fer her little 'un too?" The man asked.

Faeren coughed loudly interupting the conversation. As the men spoke she had shifted her
Legs and gotten some leverage on the knife through her shoulder. The thugs turned to look at her.

Faeren yanked herself up suddenly causing the knife to dislodge from the table. She then tugged the knife out of her shoulder and promptly jammed it into the throat of the nearest thug. Shocked by the movement the first thug fell clenching at the knife in his throat. The others gasped, backed a pace back then began drawing their weapons,

As the thugs drew their weapons Faeren had already pulled our her scimitar. She was savage in hand to hand combat. Lacking brutal strength she relied on surprise manuvers. She launched herself at the next body slamming him while simultaneously running her scimitar through him. The man crumpled to the ground and Faeren fell with him then rolled. Her free hand groped at her belt as she removed her darkness wand. Instantly thick darkness filled the area.

The change in lighting didn't bother Faeren at all. While the three remaining thugs stumbled in the darkness Faeren had muttered a spell. Her eyes began to glow purple, she could see perfectly. It took her only a few moments to slaughter the remaining thugs. By the time the darkness had faded the thugs corpses lay strewn about the tavern.

Afraid more might not be far behind Faeren grabbed her gear and ran.

Arriving at Brogendenstrin Faeren limped through the empty halls. It was night time and beyond the haye guards the mountain city was quiet. As she approached the door to the tavern bedroom she knocked softly.

"And then, the kings horse sai-" jonah paused in the reading of his bed time storie as he heard
The knocking on the door. He set the book down on the corner of the bed and rose to answer the door.

"Faeren?" He asked looking at her as the door swung open.

Faeren was soaked in blood from her wounds. Jonah gasped then tried to pull her into the bedroom
"No!" Faeren said in a harsh whisper pushing at Jonahs hands "I don't want Arabel to see me like this." She said hanging her head. Jonah frowned at Faeren grunted in annoyance then stepped out with her closing the door to their bedroom leaving baby Arabel alone.

Jonah said nothing else. He was relieved to see Faeren but hoset she was hurt. He got to work healing her as he scowled. "How did this happen?" He asked as hr worked the healing magic into her shoulder. Faeren provided a brief explanation as she was healed.

When they had finished they stepped back into the bedroom. Faeren was sore and tired but for Arabel? She put on her best smile, stepped over to the bed and slipped into it as she pulled Arabel into her lap. She tickled her gently then murmured "Let's let daddy finish his story, hm?" Arabel giggled in agreement then settled against her mother happy to be surrounded by her two parents.

For baby Arabel nothing was wrong. She knew nothing about the mercenaries out for her mothers life, or the evil people that plotted against them day and night. She didn't know anything about a convoluted mage that could be watching them as they had story time or about the horrible Man he had hired to kill them.

To baby Arabel there was nothing wrong. And Faeren intended to keep it that way as long as possible.
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Re: On The Run

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Baby Arabel watched Faeren and Jonah carfully. In her short existance she had never seen them quite like this and she wasn't sure what to make of it.

Faeren had challenged Jonah to arm wrestle. Jonah agreed and the pair went at it. Since Jonah had met Faeren he had devoted himself to reaching Faeren's level of fitness. After months he had caught up with her and could even best her at times. But now... he had lost the arm wrestle ten times in a row and Fae looked like she wasn't even trying.

"You didn't drink a potion?" Jonah as skeptically

"Nooope" Faeren replied with an innoccent smile

"Hrmm" Jonah hummed doubtfully

Fae smirked " it's all about the technique "she said

"Ahuh..." Jonah said " then a Rematch, again, ill try tactics"

Faerem smirked then readied her arm

Jonah smirked back and readied his locking his fingers between hers

"Three... Two.." Faeren began but was cut short has Jonah surprised her with a sudden push. Faeren recovered barely and was pushing back hard.

That's when Jonahs free hand wrapped around the table beneath Fae's arm where he knew she could be tickilish. Fae did her best to choke down a laugh "H- Hey! No fair!" She exclaimed. Jonah retorted " it's all in the technique " he said then shifted his weight yanking Faeren out of her chair.

As she stumbled forward Jonah grabbed her into a kiss. He smiled as he kissed her and felt her arm relax as she was distracted. He kissed her a moment more, just long enough to slam her hand down on the table. He then withdrew from the kiss and murmured to her. "I win" he said.

"Oh yeah?" Fae asked with a dangerous smile

"Wait Faeren, don't do that!" Jonah said knowing what she was about to do.

Faeren's knee came up for a cheap shot. Jonah winced Preemptively but managed to block it and issued a relieved sigh. Such an attack demanded a response! He shoved Faeren again, sending the pair into a wrestling match pushing and shoving as each tried to get the better of the other. Jonah managed to shove Faeren backwards and trip her with his foot bringing her backwards down onto the bed. Pinned onto the bed Jonah smirked down at Faeren "I win again." he said. Faeren huffed, but smiled.

Baby Arabel furrowed her eyebrows. She didn't understand how the game was meant to be fun. She lost interest then as she flopped onto her butt and onto her pillows to watch the ceiling and chew on her blanket.
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Re: On The Run

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Baby Arabel stared at Jonah. Jonah stared back. He wasn't thrilled about diaper changing somehow Faeren made it look easy but now that she had left for the day, he was left with Arabel and had to figure out how to change the diaper on his own.

Arabel smiled innocently at Jonah... Jonah sighed "Right... Okay... Just slide it off, wipe it up and place a new diaper on, easy..." Jonah said out loud to himself giving himself a pre diaper change prep talk.

It was anything but easy. Baby Arabel was squirming, somehow he got the mess everywhere and after finnally cleaning it up he found that he had no idea how to secure Arabels cloth diaper on... After multiple attempts and trial and error he resorted to a makeshift diaper wrapping and tying it in an awkward fashion. Unimpressed Arabel scowled at him. "There you go... All fresh and clean" Jonah stated cheerily. Arabel continued to scowl at him.

At that moment the door to their room opened and in stepped Faeren. Arabel's features lit up! Jonah offered her an awkward smile. Fae squinted at Arabel. "Oh... You changed her diaper... Good work." Faeren said entering the room as she closed the door then walked over patting Jonah on the shoulder

Faeren removed the diaper and reapplied it properly. Arabel was pleased while Jonah sighed.
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