Me Writing : Art of Words? (and song?)

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Willy Wonka~s Protege
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Me Writing : Art of Words? (and song?)

Post by Willy Wonka~s Protege » Fri Jun 01, 2018 12:33 am

Deeper in the worldless mass
I find my heart grows stronger
A light that shines blue and hued
Making darkness fonder of the peace
No need for the crucial contact
When mind and peace can offer Bliss
Damning is the chaos that revolts the dawning path
My hopeful heart is Churning
Loins so red and yearning
What part does this take
Shall hope cease or break
Without that piece of tepid learning
Dreams, they waken me
Were it not for the silence I would raw the world on blundering words
Joy's words, reaching deeper
Hearing more?
What the worlds knows is true is the echo of what I knew
Take a plan, Make it whole, and Grow

and before I forget to put it here:
Server's Remembrance

The air once cooler it was not always fair
Although perfumes are used, the nearby throne is cruelly used.
So the server's churning fans were deduced to putrid air
Still it was in use for the most vivid truce of online fare
When visiting villainy left a dunkard far too near!

Still a holy place to creativity and exploration care
Were it not a crime to hold it so seemingly dis-concerned of care?
Nae! Was the effective heart of a master in fair
But still a many heart churn over the rancid rank rotten..

-A fond recall of the once bathroom placement of the once physical Arelith server, that bathroom had many memories it never saw!

Okay, I'm done for now... (Exit Stage Left)

Rp isn't about equality it's about fantasy and fun!

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