Skal, the Iron Throne, and the Artificers.

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Skal, the Iron Throne, and the Artificers.

Post by Orian_666 » Sun May 12, 2019 8:12 pm

No idea how to start this one, so much has happened, and there's likely a little more to come to wrap it all up.
But ultimately Titania deserves the biggest of Kudos for this massive event that spanned over, afaik, a couple months

First Skal was attacked from the Tower and an epic battle ensued where the brave Degane gave his life to collapse the portal behind everyone else.
Then it came to light that the reason for this attack was the Iron Thrones mining of the precious metal Palladium on Skal, a material the Artificers coveted for the creation of their Constructs.
After much investigation, skirmishes, and loss the over all plot was essentially discovered and Skal was given until Winter to surrender the Iron Throne, or to flee the isle entirely, otherwise it would be wiped out, and all of the RP culminated last night in an epic assault on Skal and a counter attack leading to the final defeat of the master mind behind the Artificers!

Dozens of people were involved and if I miss any names here then i'm sorry, but a big shout out to everyone is in order because with Titania behind the wheel and all the players on board it became one my the greatest events i've ever been a part of on this server, so a huge shout out to:

Tzu and her Drow companions
Rupert and Nel (for their aid in defeating Coldhammer when we needed it most!)
The Guldorand crew that came to Skal to investigate things after the Kenku contacted them.
Everyone Arelith side that helped Ada assault the Ice Roads factory

I'm quite sure i've left out many names so by all means please add more people in the comments, i'm drawing a blank there were just that many people involved!!

Eric went to Skal to train up a little bit before settling on Arelith and I think after all of this he's learned more than he ever could have hoped to and it'll be reflected heavily in how he continues on with his goals.

One more shoutout to Titania, and any other DMs that helped in the background if any were there?!? for managing such a large scale and time consuming event. The fact that Lady Gloria was active and available at least once almost every day to chat with the locals, get caught up on events, and to share information and planning with was a great achievement, allowing players to join the Iron Throne and act as guards, couriers, delegates, and even just once off mercenaries. As far as immersiveness went it was spectacular, so to that end Titania, well bloody done!! If I could give a standing ovation I would!!

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Re: Skal, the Iron Throne, and the Artificers.

Post by Mythic » Sun May 12, 2019 8:59 pm

From everything I have seen, heard and experienced of this Storyline, From the people rolling their characters, To the defeated, To the ones who stand victorious over a golem army.

Bloody good Show, Its been greatly enjoyable to not only experience it, but hear about others experiences about all of these events.

And heck yes, Titania and everyone helping her with the Iron Throne plot has knocked it out of the park. And I hope for more absolutely fantastic plots in the future <3
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Re: Skal, the Iron Throne, and the Artificers.

Post by Iceborn » Sun May 12, 2019 9:06 pm

It felt goooooood to be part of a DM quest again. It's been a while since I was in one with Titania's rhythm.
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Re: Skal, the Iron Throne, and the Artificers.

Post by Emotionaloverload » Sun May 12, 2019 11:24 pm

I enjoyed falling into this event. After the 'rescue', the final fight was really satisfying (and expensive).

Special love to Amadeo, Nel, Aemon, Aerik and Eric. I love hap-dash missions.

Praise Titania!

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Re: Skal, the Iron Throne, and the Artificers.

Post by Volograd » Sun May 12, 2019 11:31 pm

This whole series of events has been an absolute blast. I got to be a part of some truly excellent role play and watched a lot of characters grow and walk paths I didn’t see coming.

My apologies to Eric, Amadeo, K’hat, Delilah, and Titania for Brace’s sudden disappearance last night. Thunderstorm knocked out the power in my neighbourhood and a fallen tree punched a hole in my skylight.

I’m looking forward to hearing what happened in my absence.

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Re: Skal, the Iron Throne, and the Artificers.

Post by Orian_666 » Sun May 12, 2019 11:51 pm

No need to apologise at all, though admittedly you did miss some absolutely spectacular story telling and character development for Coldhammer >.<

Eric will be leaving Skal in the next day or two (IG) so if you're online later he'll fill you in before he goes :)

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Re: Skal, the Iron Throne, and the Artificers.

Post by ClosetMonster » Sun May 12, 2019 11:58 pm

I'd like to hear some more names of folks involved in the final battle. Pipe up if you were there!

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Re: Skal, the Iron Throne, and the Artificers.

Post by Vatheril » Mon May 13, 2019 4:10 am

Wow... that was quite an event.

It started with a nervous Ada talking to an Iron guardsmen followed by her writing notes with information on the Iron Throne and distributing it to as many as she could. It would end with her drinking herself close to death in the middle of the Skal defence after many months of being hounded by the Master and his minions. I would of joined the counter-attack on The Master but a surprise Mother's day visit sadly took me away from the game.

As for the 'Adventurer Reports' I must of overall written about easily 5,000+ words in the form of reports across 11 different documents on the events that took place. My favourite pet project was the 'Skaljard Artificer Conflict Information Board (v2)' (before it got stolen by trolls) I was so happy to see people getting on board and contributing. I hope it served it's purpose of getting people up to speed so they could join in on the event.

Big shout out to the team who were apart of the scuffed raid to the Underdark, it was a lot of fun.

As for my favourite event of the whole thing it would have to be a tie between Assassination attempt #3 and #4.

Attempt #3 saw 6 individuals fighting their way back to Skal after the an ambush in the trappers cave. One by one they all became spread out across different maps until it was just Ada left in town. Then we called in some allies and turned it around and took the fight to the master in the Weald where it became a battle down to the last spell. (at least for Ada anyway).

Meanwhile attempt #4 saw Aemon and Ada sitting in cells cracking jokes at the Drow guardsmen trying to get something out of him. Followed by a really cool prison rescue that couldn't free Ada. Then a helmet being placed on her head and her walking into town as a construct announcing she was the Queen of Cordor.

A big thank you to everyone who participated and assisted or met Ada in some way, shape or form. A shout out to Aemon and Gristle who were a great help to Ada along with the Grahden brothers and the many countless others who came in. A special mention to "Cola Hallinbern" who retired and soon after assassinated as a result of the UD minogon factory raid.

Lastly to the real hero behind all of this I'd like to personally thank you DM Titania for running this entire event and turning a young nervous priestess into a tired, explosive obsessed, reckless, paranoid, alcoholic train-wreck. My favourite part was Coldhammer's reaction when he finally met the 'million gold piece woman' and was instantly confused along with the Drow on how a weak person like Ada could cause him so much trouble. The other favourite was Mila Brown who knew exactly how to push buttons. Then later stranded Ada on a tropical island that was in the middle of a monsoon and said "Get a tan".

Lastly some notable Ada stuff-ups from the event:
  • Rescuing a hin from a cage with a powderkeg...
  • Accidentally dropping (but not detonating) a high-yield explosive in the Brogdenstein inn (apologies to the citizenship of Brog again)
  • Making a really cool threat to a humagon only to have her portal lense blocked because she was in the jail.
  • Trying to do a cool speech followed mercy killing on an construct-adventurer only to have gonne unloaded
  • Making an divine being cry...
  • Feeding an ogre a potion of speed
  • Insulting a Drow Priestess because a cheeky svirfneblin told her explicitly that's how things are done in the UD.
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Re: Skal, the Iron Throne, and the Artificers.

Post by Lycan » Mon May 13, 2019 2:43 pm

I feel like i missed out on quite alot of this event because i am in a different time zone to titania and most of the rest of you, but i still had LOTS of fun. Especially during the final attack on Skal. I was up all night and eventually crawled into bed, tired but content at 6am. I loved how long it took, giving us time to roleplay in a worldending-esque atmosphere was really interesting (complete with ominous red skies). I got the impression alot of things were happening simultaneouslly in different parts of town (North gate, West gate, the tower, the East gate) which made characters worry for eachother, but forcing us to stick to our posts as another wave of attack could arrive at any time. Nice. I'd like to hear your favourite moments that occured during this event so we can get an idea of the scope of the impact it's had. So please share!

Here are mine.
  • The raid on the underdark factory. Starting in the bar in brog was a great idea. It was alot of fun watching people filter in and guessing who was part of the raid, and the problem with the high yield explosive cannister meening alot of paniced dwarves asking about evacuation XD
  • The (almost) knife fight between the vengeful spirit of six and the jack of clubs (lars) after bing blown to bits in an explosives mishap.
  • Keeping the giant golem prototype busy with gristle, moving in and out of the shadows taking potshots at it while Kelli and the others prepared the Ballista.
  • Double crossing Olwin over the magitech manuals, 'playing every angle' in trying to negotiate the trade of the 'Secret Weapon' with the iron throne, while simultaneously (but secretly) arming the town adventurers with them
  • Inadvertantly trapping half the tower raid team behind a wall of debis after collapsing the cieling after throwing an alchemists fire grenade on the diamond golems body to attempt to stop it from reviving itself, and all the 'Oddhall' weirdness that ensued after trying to blast a hole into the tower basement through the founders cave, to save those trapped in the tower.
  • The quiet time with Aeron Heldeion, Evan's buisness partner when replacing Lionel and Thirteen on guard duty at the west gate before the attack. Deciding that Aeron would be the most likely to die between them. Toasting to his glorious death. Leaving the guard post in a mess, complete with graffiti, empty wine bottles and yellow snow.
  • Keeping Lady Castelli safe from gargoyle attacks while she sealed the tower, despite having plans to assassinate her in the early days of the event. A gradual turn around in feelings towards the iron throne which culminated nicely here, as the bloodstained ironthrone guard uniform gathers dust in Evan's room.
  • Making Kelli Blush.
  • Stockpiling Gonne Slugs and then raining fire down on the golems and mages from the shelf above the north gate with Kelli. Shooting that group of mages to bits (i think we killed the mages almost single handedly, partner! XD)
  • Negotiating with the 'Rascals from Luskan' trying to bribe them into turning coats and taking their high yield explosive cannisters back to the masters (i really thought they'd see sense!) Lars, Eric, Kelli and (elf name) archer coming to the rescue and eventually foiling their assassination attempt. Bloodying Evan's hands in a crude autopsy to confirm they were human in pm with titania. (his shirt is ruined by the way).
  • Ordering the elf archer scout about
There was probably alot more that i've forgotten. Also, i dont know if i saw Aleilsum? in the list of names. But he really wanted to be there and eventually left at 12am just before the event really got started (along with Aeron) sorry you couldnt be there friends! wasnt the same without you!
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Re: Skal, the Iron Throne, and the Artificers.

Post by MajorMix2007 » Tue May 14, 2019 2:49 am

Yeah this was truly an awesome and epic story line. It was great the way it spread from Skal and reached to Arelith and the Underdark involving so people many along the way.

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Re: Skal, the Iron Throne, and the Artificers.

Post by Floral Shoppe » Tue May 14, 2019 8:32 pm

You'd think a next-to-last episode of Game of Thrones would be the highlight of my weekend entertainment but nope, it was this! Amazing job and thank you for letting me be a part of it.

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