Jace's Kudos

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Jace's Kudos

Post by BaRKyy » Sun Apr 14, 2019 5:11 pm

So.. I just want to start his out by saying that I don’t intentionally try to play one of the most annoying PC’s you’ve probably ever met (if you’ve met him). Just sorta goes the way as I think about what he’d do, in its entirety. Also, the bright white shoes are staying, so I’m sorry about that. Keep making fun of them you lot. You’ll see the light eventually, and I’m not speaking of shoes anymore.

Anyways, I hit thirty recently and just want to say thanks to all the amazing people who have really made this world feel alive, I’m grateful to all of you and I hope that I don’t miss anyone.

So let’s start this off!

Rannos Susidian - Amazing RP’er, undoubtedly one of the best I’ve come across. Really helped me formulate Jace’s opinion of Arelith, as when he arrived it was all a little confusing to him. Helped me out a tonne in-game, seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of all of Arelith’s inner-workings, the Gods and really just knows so many people. He took a lot of his time introducing Jace, setting him up and the like. Big thank you to you!

Emily Azuretide - Another awesome person to RP with. Jace’s relationship with Emily is something that’s a bit.. Weird to say the least, it’s clear she disapproves of almost everything he does but she’s also aware that he doesn’t do anything with ill-intent or to purposefully harm or make things worse. Thank you for helping me formulate Jace so much, from someone who went from constantly causing trouble to someone who’s trying to do good in the world, I really appreciate it. Even though IC right now they don’t get along much, if at all, you’ve really left a big mark on his life.

Horbag Beast Talker - Another official of Cordor who seems to like Jace, but dislike his mischief. I never intended Jace to be nearly as chaotic as he initially was, the character arc was supposed to go something like this where he begins as a troubled kid who grew up into someone willing to make the right choice at the right time and Horbag’s really added to that. Thanks so much for all you’ve done, you’re an awesome RP’er loved by many including Jace.

Elatha Duir - One of Jace’s close friends and confidantes. She also seems to have a never ending supply of sweets, which is something that’s really added to your character. One of the first people in Guldorand Jace’s spent some time with, and a genuinely good person, IC and OOC. You’ve left a big mark on Jace, never seemingly judged him (openly ;) ) for the amount of trouble he seems to leave in his wake and I thank you for that, honestly.

Ezekiel Kleinnald - I feel like my kudos to Ezekiel could be its own post honestly but I’ll try to summarise it here decently. Ezekiel’s been someone Jace has looked up to from almost the minute they met. Absolutely fantastic RP’er with an incredibly keen eye for detail. I’ve spent many moments speaking to you OOC and IC and every time it’s been genuinely great. One of the few people on the isle who knows how serious Jace actually is behind the closed doors of his, admittedly, thick skull. You’ve taken a lot of your time to help me formulate this character, I’d wager almost at the loss a bit of your own considering you somehow made Jace a Shield, so thank you.

Eliath - One of Jace’s close friends and allies in this never ending fight. You shared wisdom with Jace early on in his career, you died defending him. Awesome RP’er. You’ve helped me make Jace a better person, and I thank you for that.

Rivis - Another one of Jace’s close friends. Godly with his sword, Jace really looks up to Rivis as one of those people who’ll make the right decision when the time comes. Thank you for leaving your mark.

Dora - Famous Bard of Guldorand! One of Jace’s friends up in the mountains, always offering a smile and a song. Awesome person to RP with, Dora’s a great example of someone who’s inherently complex but shows it at the right time. Thank you for always being so friendly. A big reason for Jace going from someone quite chaotic and neutral to being the good fool he is is because of you.
Storm - Monk of Guldorand, helped Jace IC and OOC with a lot of monk wisdom and I appreciate it. Speed and stealth gets the job done, Storm embodies that. Just don’t go throwing those bullets around too much.

Spring Cobb - Friendly face in Guldorand, always seems to be calm in the face of an adversary which is something I’ve always wanted for Jace. Great person to ‘borrow’ some ideas from, always fun to RP with. Thank you for all you’ve done for Jace!

Lyric - One of Jace’s friends, someone who actually seems to enjoy the mischief Jace seems to leave in his wake. Thanks for always having my back, whether serious or not, in all cases. I appreciate you a tonne, so looking forward to seeing where your character takes you. So much potential in your character, and you’re doing a great job formulating it!

Amadeo Pneuma - Jace’s hero in many ways. Jace looks up to you in almost every way possible, you’re a hero to many, always ready to give wisdom where necessary. Jace may have finished his monk journey mechanically, but the staggering difference when it comes to dealing with issues between Amadeo and Jace makes it all the more exciting every time they speak. Although they’ve only met several times at this point, Amadeo was immediately alright with Jace teaching and training at his monastery in Sibayad and that’s something he’ll appreciate for the rest of his life.

Meriam Fuzzypaw - Mother of Wolves! A fantastic source of knowledge for Jace, I only picked a God to worship around level 15 if I’m honest and Meriam helped so much with that! One of the few people Jace will drop what he’s doing to listen to when speaking. It’s been a long ride for Jace at this point, but looking at folks like Meriam really puts things into perspective. It’s clear that she has a tonne of wisdom every time she speaks, and every time she does, Jace listens intensely.

Ilaerothil Elladyr - Always a kind face to see in Guldorand, she speaks with intent and it’s infectious to say the least. Jace’s spent a lot of time with her in public gatherings and the like just getting to know her, and it’s been incredibly fun.

Ysolda - The Dwarven woman who seems to kick Jace’s Snuggybear every time she speaks. It’s always been a pleasure RP’ing with her, Ysolda is one of those people who are incredibly good at seeing both sides of an argument well, seeing the good in the bad and vice versa. It’s left a mark on Jace and a lesson he’s still learning. So excited to see where the relationship goes eventually! We haven’t RP’d much recently, but it’s always been fun.

Sarai Mercer - This is a bit of a mixed bag, as Jace is a lot more easy going than Sarai on certain topics, but it’s always been a fun time hearing her opinion (hard as it is sometimes) on certain things. Especially amongst the dealings with Sencliff, seeing their differing opinions is always a good thing. Challenging someones perspective is worth so much more than hearing a whole bunch of people tell you yes, so I thank you for that.

Izal’nae - Jace’s hunting buddy and someone who helped me IC and OOC a lot. I only joined Arelith recently, and it’s been quite a ride with you, so thank you for that.

Arynn Veray - Someone Jace's incredibly conflicted about, but that's one of the most fun parts of the entire RP session. It's always an good time RP'ing with you, seeing their relationship go from turn to turn. It's always been a good time so far, except for that one time you wanted to kill him, besides that. Thank you for showing me what someone ''truly' evil but a hero of their own story' looks like

Clea Stormheart - Initially Jace wasn’t so keen on Clea, from what he had heard. Things have changed, and over time he’s really warmed up to her. Thank you for always having a say in matters, it’s been incredibly interesting to watch things progress regarding Myon and have an insiders perspective to your mind. We’ve spoken one on one many times, another one of the few who has seen Jace’s true thoughts on matters. Jace initially lived in Myon for quite some time before being asked to leave unfortunately due to his allegiance to Guldorand during the war. Regardless, it was always interesting hearing your thoughts and opinions on the matter.

Bertram Stodow - Very love/hate relationship with Bertram, on the one hand Jace really enjoys meeting someone who’s very true to themselves and their thoughts on matters. On the other, you’re quick to make fun of his shoes constantly and you kinda swing your sword around a tonne. Easily one of the best RP’ers I’ve come across in my time, so thank you for that.

Rick Snyder - Ricky boy! Always lovely to see you, fantastic RP’er who plays his character incredibly well. Although Jace and him seem to have a very neutral relationship (who am I kidding, Rick doesn’t even know my name) it’s always been fun to watch you display a very careful mix of arrogance and confidence.

Fabian - Very mysterious character that Jace doesn’t quite comprehend as of yet. Fantastic RP’er, I’d wager one of the best I’ve come across. Does an amazing job at evoking a good sense of mystery mixed with a tonne of experience. Exciting to see where their relationship goes.

Gertrude Gawain - Always fun to RP with you, you’ve put Jace on his back once and not in the good way unfortunately. Incredibly complex interesting character that’s always got some form of wisdom to share, plan of action to do. Hardlocked to their mindset, it’s fun to watch you RP with people. You’ve left a hell of a mark on Jace, and I thank you for that.

Granny Rags - You’re crazy. Thank you for making me laugh.

Clover folks, Miranda Magna, Theo Dragonsbane, I’m probably missing a few here but thanks, you folks are a lot of fun to RP with, especially considering how much flak you have to deal with with guards constantly chasing me. Thanks for that.

Big shoutout to the Cordorian Guards! I’m genuinely sorry! Haha. Bertrand Woodsman, Leon and the others. Always fun to be on my feet running from you folks.

To the folks of Sencliff, Jace’s home for a couple of months. You’re all incredible RP’ers, I’m incredibly impressed! Dante’, Grizzle, Vicky, Hawk, Ruger and any others I’m missing. It’s incredibly refreshing to see the change in pirates mentality compared to how it used to be years ago.

To the Amn people, specifically Aria Gildpar and Meriida, you folks were always awesome to RP with! Always fun to be as arrogant as I want around you folks.

And finally, big big big shoutout to the DMs, especially Axis. You’ve helped me so much in the time I’ve been here and I appreciate that a lot, so thank you. Keep it up!

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Re: Jace's Kudos

Post by Lyric Moonwhisper » Sun Apr 14, 2019 5:27 pm

Jace is an absolute pleasure to hang out with, and what is annoyance to some is pure entertainment to me! Jace is going places, and I cannot wait to see what comes next.


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Re: Jace's Kudos

Post by Love always wins in the end » Sun Apr 14, 2019 5:29 pm

I (and Elatha) adore Jace. He brings Elatha such amusement that I cannot begin to describe it fully. I told you privately how I feel, so I won't ramble here. Jace is fun and funny.

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Re: Jace's Kudos

Post by Richørd » Sun Apr 14, 2019 5:41 pm


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Re: Jace's Kudos

Post by woodbreeze » Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:27 pm

Awwww, thank you! It's hard playing that sort of role, so it's nice to hear this. Jace has been overall fun to play with and has helped me flesh out different pieces of my character. So thank you for that! I look forward to what's next.

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Re: Jace's Kudos

Post by Mythic » Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:55 pm

Jace is always a pleasure to RP with, and hear about his shenanigens <3
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Re: Jace's Kudos

Post by Lansert » Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:27 pm

Jace is a blast. Both because of his inner dedication to good ideals despite his outward appearance of being a fool and because that fool persona is just genuinely a fun thing, very light hearted and adding lighter tones to dark situations.
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Re: Jace's Kudos

Post by Sic Semper Tyrannis » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:37 am

Jace is a character that inspires a lot of exasperation ICly from mine, and I quite enjoy every second of it. Keep on running around, speed racer. :)
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Re: Jace's Kudos

Post by Iceborn » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:02 am

Keep it rolling, boy!
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Re: Jace's Kudos

Post by Brahtius » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:30 am

Nice shoes.

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Re: Jace's Kudos

Post by Royal Blood » Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:34 pm

Jace has been neat to get to know. There have been a lot of Character's clea has gotten to know better since Myon a lot of stories to uncover!
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Re: Jace's Kudos

Post by AnselHoenheim » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:03 pm

I hope to meet more in the future with the fancy white shoes, also Kudos to your roleplay!

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Re: Jace's Kudos

Post by BaRKyy » Mon Apr 15, 2019 4:04 pm

Thank you folks, you guys are all great :)

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Re: Jace's Kudos

Post by Mr_Rieper » Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:50 am

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly some people can pick up on new skills, adapt and thrive in new environments. You've truly made some great strides here, and it's even more amazing to think that the best has yet to come. It's been a pleasure showing you around and getting you started, but it's nothing compared to watching you develop your own style and master new skills.

I think you'll be one of the greats on the server. Dig deep and don't be afraid to be sentimental. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do next.
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