Morfins kudos to..

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Morfins kudos to..

Post by Capt.shadow » Tue Feb 06, 2018 1:42 am

Going to start with the factions and folk i remember

Temple of lolth(dora,sin,jaddira,Anum*i know am forgetting one more)
the amount of arch priestesses that passed through them halls was no joke at certain points, but owe many of them lot and am sad that i missed lot of there end game moments, but thanks to the members of the temple that helped me when i first started(dora) and of course the many members i interacted with rped with and of course the ones i worked on projects with and the times you sheltered the a.t.c and my self.

Devils council
too many to name good and bad but i enjoyed working with each of yous even if the last year its basically am told 'hey its your contract again!' then i don't hear nothing till the next election, it was fun doing the whole administration thing and solving the problem of upkeep and trade and trying to run out of rooms before matrons started killing each other with harm and many deaths by just walking between two matrons having a go. but thanks for everyone that put the time in and took up that heavy stressful role of councilor, without i had no baseline for rp.

Sinythual...matron sin builder of sins gate
your name was alwas a nightmare for me, i can not forget you you did fair amount and while i thought someone would replace the the drow merchant house one ever did so when you left it was just me for a long time with minor groups and none did anything crazy like build gates or petrify there enemies then put them up on display for the next ig of 50ish years. but loved our rp moment and your whole 'you know what lets get drunk with the taxdrow he seems nice' though of course i always expected you to ask for favor you never did so i always made sure no one bothered on my end much as i could. never got the whole 'lets get a drow queen back' but hey zeastra used that to help me so thanks.

house Fuma' vhid(the spider,kelvar,zeastra)
Gotta say if it hadn't been for this faction or its players i never would of gotten into the server or found morfins weird thing for accounts or the market, from dragging him from the sewers to the devils market to the political court of lolth then with zeastra into making his own corporate guild. like or hate the a.t.c you gotta thank them for it.

house barrith (matron shairin barrith)
one thing still eludes me about matron barrith and its a long ig secert, but morfin no idea your rank, how long when you joined, how you joined and how a matron joined totally got past him, in certain aspect some of your paper work just had 'time memoria' stamped on it clue, but thank you for the moments of gossip for morfin the support and of course the just pairing up with folk we did through our time. but while i cant remember when you became part of us i remember the raise then fall then rise, wish we had more bar gossips before you got super busy.

House grellis(matron grellis)
don't know if am remember that correctly, damn if you hadn't of vanished or the other matrons didn't sideline you i so wanted to put my support in for your bid for leadership i really wanted too, you had the perfect mindset and experience, sadly you give your life up for another drow and am sure you had reasons but anulluria should thank you for it, also teehee the offer of consort..first ever time *blush*

house xun'viir(matron tally)
the early early stages before tally became blue, i remember getting on so well with you then suddenly your whole house just didn't like me, you fire me then you vanish, i was so confused but i remember the times rping with you and you be this stoic female drow just sitting there at the side content to let others run there course till they stood on your toes or did something problematic then you get all kill happy, still no regrets on the deals i cut you and your folk.

shout out to the houses who remembers paying 100 units of resources as a district tax, you where all classic traditional houses, sorry if you dont see your house here just Not surprised trying to remember a gaggle of multisyllabic nonsense names is super hard even with a backlog of reports and records

that one female archmage of the sorcer V
no its been too long for the name but back at the midway point with you,me and wheua i think out of everyone i kept lot of tabs on you and lot of your research ended up in my hands no idea you wanted to kill me but instead got me promoted..i have no idea if you won with that move, but ig wise alwas had a respect for you and by the time i was in a position to help the sorcer you had long since vanished but always loved the fact your character just messed with the matrons and few did anything to return it to you or even know it was you, so politically stealthy more so than most.

Archmage viktor(capt whitebeard)
the one and only archmage i got to work with when i had the means to and wow, we did so much and recovered so much information which i have all copied down and maybe one dark the underdark will be ready for everything we found out. till then,just the fact you switched between this strict no nonsense wizard then after two ales you be 'capt whitebeard aarr!' scorn of the sea and islands of arelith and honestly thanks to your time and investment we got to navy a wee bit and do some government privateer work on behalf of our city. you where a true lose to us.

Bloodmaw pack
ohh you know who you are, damn am so sad i had this screenshoot of that time three bloodmaws and there pack leader where all cramped into my office on my wee couch..those couches did not have gnoll butts in mind no they didnt, but thanks to the industrial workers of that faction that helped us reach our quotas and helped with a few wars and raids on the surface and just generally being bro about things and there role play when the server had a woopsie, also big thanks to the gnolls that played in there newest incarnation of the gnoll pack, you guys just play great gnolls.

the consortiam(jazard)
time to admit this..the a.t.c morfins need to be better merchant and stand above the rest, it was all thanks to you, along with his need to never want to have to conform again, your group showed morfin that well any male that tries can be something, your guy would go from relaxed to chatting to hyper and plotting and always seem to have energy to run around between settlements and plots way more energy than myself but thanks for being a ig role model and being a statue to brood over. i really hope that stays for like another 50, i always enjoyed telling the tale to those that ask about it.

the silks(jagga)
the next big trade guild to appear, then you sorta got your hand caught in the cookie box och, but still it was super fun to see the return of a trade guild that had links to a house and you seem to pull of the shaddy merchant assassin well enough i as kinda gutted our rp paths sorta just drifted apart, i expected more but guess we got busy still you keep it up, house/guild combo is something we heavy need more off down there.

corder citizens
i take your gold by dumping stuiped amounts of food, you blame your leadership
i fund a device to summon demons and you steal it and turn it on inside your city
i fund pirates to hit cordor ships, you blame sencliff.
i write one letter and you fling out a order of paladins
i leave all the evidence of my riads and attacks that i funded laying on a big board, never gets stolen.
i open one shop and the trade minister gets mad and flings us out.
love you guys and i think i set my next one topside.

now personal ones with impact or where part of the faction.

Kel var
secretly six other folk and couldn't tell if he was a devil male or just your normal necromancer wizard or an assassin pretending to be a many signs too little fact, but the advice the support ooc and ig and of course the watching of morfins back as he stumbled around blind when he was given the task of fixing all the market things, thanks man.

yeah you should be up with the matrons and houses but your toon was a bit more than just one thing, you where a matron and had your own merchant guild then you became the temple, so matron merchant preistess lot under the belt and while you secretly throw things at me i ducked, then we oddly end up working as one till that time you totally lost it with morfin even though it was your own allies, still we plotted and planed and for a bit i like to say we did some decent things for our time, also first matron to see the power with having a separate merchant guild and hiding her assests than showing them all off.

i didnt know morfins full stance but i watched you become the new first daughter then rise to trade mistress then queenship all while keeping a publicly cool head and a decent running of the drow, also you had a sense of fun and you set the trend of what i call the relaxed first matrons that seem to be ok with granting others power to do there job.

the seer of lolth and fuma vhid
you just kept to disguise seer and i was lvl 8 when we started rping so i didn't actually get to even see your real name but you where my boss for over ig of what near 7 years and all i remember is that i got left to do more and more of the work while you acutely went out and tried to keep your house and the drow race in some kind of top order. but my biggest memory was when we where going over stuff and then you suddenly turn into a werewolf and then riped my chest open and peed on me....worst day at the office ever. but i do wish i could of written some of them teaching down you like a wee walking reference guide to the dogma of lolth.

Warlord ty'al
the only commander and warlord morfin ever respected the male that wanted a crack team not a rabble of folk from different factions, also the fact you could take a joke and your banter always seemed to match what was happening around you, hehe the one time we ran after a heretic to the sewers get ganked, then the temple had to drag our corpses out and revive us, offt awkward but you became a commander and i became a bad for two sewer corpses. ty'al showed morfin never back down when other drow are watching. lesson he always remembers, shame you vanished on that personal business before you became our guild knight :(

Warlord marinhos
morfin! money need! and that sums up most of ig memorys for morfin, but i loved that big drunk specially when he was warlord you where so cheery for a tyrant you know that?. but i remember coming to the cloak and dagger one time and your sitting there wiating for me for more gold, i wish i had more warlord like you so hard to find a warlord that accept gold for riading locations. turns out marinhos was rare indeed, loved the drunken banter. even if the loose slavy army and orcs got all smashed at the gate, you showed morfin that profit was in trade and war for political movement.

Ruby glitterdust
where do i start there? the projects? the aid? the information?, the fact my faction wouldn't of been a thing for that long if you didn't step up and join? ahh and the fact you brought all the gnomes that could do the ud to me. but thanks for all your time and the aid when i asked it and of course the recruitment, it was such a shock to see you vanish and then hear tale you went with a certain lord but as a founder i made sure your name was always remembered in some form.

Asbel'dora (lady dora)
Oh wow from this panicked spoon in mouth female that use to come running into the office all cut up and hiding from folk, you took your own stance you did your time then when you took the stage you took it hard and helped clean what two or three faction fights we had? you be missed also for what you did to a certain demon lord, my thanks :)

Saphira blackstone
oh wow we where joined at the hip at one point and when we moved things fell over or we uncovered something we wished we could forget, from mind flayers, to spriggians to beholders to rouge drow houses and your own rouge gnomes then later the dewrfs. ahh i don't think a drow could ask for such a perfect partner in crime and i always remember our long drawn out plotting and planing and then when it went to trade and accounts you would crash faster than a windows 98. also prop points for giving up that queenship heck yeah fight the power!, i could write more but instead
Walton simons: get the hell out of here denton!

Terto tarkin
right first off you get you have the second name of the most well known moff right? just always wanted to ask that XD, but again it was great to rp with you sure political things you kept to yourself but unlike the female gnomes you actually..wait you turned into a female, well you where a great accountant partner and buisnessgnome and a drow couldn't ask for better, and when you got emotional i felt it!, terto: MY RACE IS FINE! *shiver* i wish i could express a character emotional state like you did i always came off flat and toneless its why i adopted the comical merchant.

Ragnar carthingtial
offt between you and saphira i cant say who had been around longer, the brilliant mind of saphira or the hardworking ragnar that pumped out all dem resources and our travels outside the city always pushing the limits to where we could go for team of lvl 8 archan users also the fact the netloss of ragnar to the guild is acutaly roughly at million gold, but thats chump change to what we made in import export right?.

Due to the length of this, special mentions that should have impact but we just never got the time to rp anything more than just business deals so thank you...
Sarina dragonsong,Arahk,spets,fives,wheua,Chalonight(chocolate the gnome) piprika(the vamipre),Zala(first female in ages to smith ingots),Vrigor,Axe(the orc slave?) also i cant remmber a single name barr zurkwood grove but big thanks to all rangers and druids that took the time to make a trade relationship with us.

also if you feel i missed some group or person out hit me up as i siad little too many to remember and i know am defo missing out some matrons and arch priestesses, thanks for everyone playing and giving me the time and of course putting up with my shame of grammar and spelling. no i never did get better at this whole english thing did i?.

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Re: Morfins kudos to..

Post by Dreams » Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:17 am

hey thanks man its been a really wild ride

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Re: Morfins kudos to..

Post by Hunter548 » Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:19 am

Wow you're modest
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Re: Morfins kudos to..

Post by WinkinBlinkin » Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:35 pm

First - this doesn't mean that you've rolled Morfin, does it?

I've had so much fun plotting with Morfin. I really hope he hasn't rolled, because he is an artefact of Andunor. There are very few characters with stories that stretch back as far as his does. I love that he isn't someone that comes in, has a burning arc of a story line, and is gone in a flash. Instead, Morfin is someone you can go to for the old tales, someone who can carry a plotline from one generation of characters to the next. The server needs a few people to bring that kind of continuity.

What made Morfin perfect for it was that his memory of events wasn't perfect, so you wouldn't just get a straight report of what had happened in the past, you would get the Morfin version of it, and you would have to figure out what was real, what was conjecture, and what was absolutely made up on the spur of the moment.

My drow character may have had her issues with Morfin from time to time, but as a player I have enjoyed every minute. Who cares about grammar and spelling? Its the story underneath that's important.

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Re: Morfins kudos to..

Post by azrael_athing » Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:20 pm

Capt.shadow wrote:
Terto tarkin
right first off you get you have the second name of the most well known moff right? just always wanted to ask that XD, but again it was great to rp with you sure political things you kept to yourself but unlike the female gnomes you actually..wait you turned into a female, well you where a great accountant partner and buisnessgnome and a drow couldn't ask for better, and when you got emotional i felt it!, terto: MY RACE IS FINE! *shiver* i wish i could express a character emotional state like you did i always came off flat and toneless its why i adopted the comical merchant.
First of: No, I wasn't aware that I share name with the Grand Moff, Thank you for that trivia. But Terto himselfs really spells it Tarquin.

Secondly: Kudos right back at you. Where to even being explaining what Morfin and the A.T.C means for Gnomes that decide to play Andunor the last two years, (and quite a bit before that, if I understand things correctly).

The A.T.C is a stepping-stone into Underdark and Andunor for the more light-shy Gnomes, those Gnomes that don't belive the world consists of feasts, dance and pies. But of hard toil, death, and a considerable struggle of survival. Here they find a purpouse, a protection, and if they work hard, wealth.

I remember well the first encounter I had with the Drow in question, where I weren't just acting second to Saphira.

A lvl 14 Gnome fighter, makes his way down to Andunor in search of a missing Kin, at the only contact she ever mentioned in the deeps, A drow named Morfin. He prays to his Lords that he won't run into Slavers, for he don't speak the language, and he can not hide, somehow he succeeds, reaching Andunor in one peice the Gnome avoids the Hub and makes its way through backalleys into the Sharps, where he knocks on a door which of he has been described. Inside waits a Drow, and a Duergar. The duergar asks "Who is this Svirfneblin?!" and Terto takes of his helmet

And it is on that route...

Kudos for the time thus far, Let it last for another centuray.

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Re: Morfins kudos to..

Post by Broken Hopes Shattered Dreams » Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:26 pm

Thanks for the mention bud, lol and the trip down memory lane. I totally forgot that incident, for obvious reasons. I hope this doesn't mean you're rolling or going on hiatus. I look forward to when I have the time to get back on full time and get to RP again.

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Re: Morfins kudos to..

Post by flower » Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:51 pm

Ever working shady man in office. Morfin.

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Re: Morfins kudos to..

Post by Drexyl N~drass » Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:54 am

Morfin at a lot of points was Viktors Beacon of hope for true villainy! The bar room plotting they did will probably never be able to be replicated by me. The interactions between Morfin and Viktor were some of my favorite moments with the salty sea dog, and the look on Saphiras face every time she would come in while we were plotting out deeds was the best! Most of all Morphin knows so much real history! I was glad to be playing a sorcerer who acted more like a wizard because this guy had so much freaking knowledge about the islands history to drop; it was unreal! Still sad they never uncovered the secrets of those one things, but wholy hell the things we did uncover were awesome! Massive kudos to you man!

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Re: Morfins kudos to..

Post by miesny_jez » Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:34 am

Morfin was an incredible addition to the Andunor, well done sir and hats down.
A merchant to most, a string puller to those who knew better who has influenced no less then 6 Drow houses fates on the span of 2-3 RL years.

The only thing I wished for was that I had more time available to work with Morfin. That's how You do RP politics ladies and gentlements!

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Re: Morfins kudos to..

Post by Durvayas » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:55 pm

I hope you haven't rolled him!

Sinithra liked Morfin, though she did consider killing and replacing him at some point(so she could get at that juicy table treasury), I'm glad I had her decide against it.

Sin was a wild ride, and Morfin was a great PC to assist. He's always been around, always helpful to the district, always up to something subtle. He's an excellent example of a plotting male drow that specializes in intrigue without being so obvious to be considered a threat to anyone, but with considerable influence. I salute you sir!

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Re: Morfins kudos to..

Post by The Salt Elemental » Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:25 pm

It was fun to play with you and Sinithra on Miz’ri waaaaaay back in the day with the Rilyn’aun house and the sorcere. Idk if you remember her but it was cool while it lasted!!
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Re: Morfins kudos to..

Post by Capt.shadow » Sat Apr 07, 2018 2:24 am

Miz'ri yes you made them pillairs didnt you?, ahhh you vanished and i had so many plans :( still thank you for the time you give.

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