Festival, Return of Husband, Handfasting...and Shadow Moles

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Festival, Return of Husband, Handfasting...and Shadow Moles

Post by Fizzicist » Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:49 am

What originally was a simple Hin festival and Free-Day became a wild event that included, in no particular order: the return of Alex to Andy, on their anniversary, during a handfasting ceremony, that was then broken up by shadow moles, which led to an impromptu Gnome meeting, the arrival of a hunting party in Greyhammer that didn't know they were crashing a festival, the admission from APhia that she cannot bear children, the acceptance from Fibbs regardless, more shadow moles, and finally a completed handfasting ceremony amongst the chaos. Did I mention the drunken Dwarf? The slain three scholars that Priestess Aphia revived? The multiple songs (sung by players IC - including Alex's tearful apology)? Endy and Felino....and even grumpy old Esper came. Kudos to: DM Titania, Fibbs, Andy, Alex, Terto, Yeto, Kera, Ivory, Mongo, Dylo, Boots, Fobbs, lil Adam and Andy, Owari, the wandering wedding crashers, and those I forgot but still made it fun. WooT!

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Re: Festival, Return of Husband, Handfasting...and Shadow Mo

Post by Petrifictus » Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:17 am

That was a fun event even if Wotan came little late to the party, it's a pity I missed most of the songs.
It was sweet to follow Fibbs' & Aphia's Handfasting as Wotan had never seen and heard about the it before. I loved the butt-kicking against the Shadow Moles & their masters, our rescue for Ivory as Wotan was really worried for her safety and the end discussion between our gnomes what to do with the Urdlenite altair, destroy or investigate?
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Congratulations to the fresh Handfasing-couple! May the Forest Gnome bless you to live long and prosper! :)
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Re: Festival, Return of Husband, Handfasting...and Shadow Mo

Post by Cuchilla » Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:08 pm

Uh, that was great fun. All that could go wrong, did go wrong. But nevertheless a memorable festival where everything went well! Like always, great performance from the hin and gnome players. And from DM Titania, who stirred the whole thing up :)

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Re: Festival, Return of Husband, Handfasting...and Shadow Mo

Post by SteelsSweets » Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:15 pm

Thank you everyone who came!

It was truly a fun event and I'm glad so many enjoyed it.

What a fluke that Andy's husband arrived and Fibbs and Aphia were handfasted on the same day which happened to be the Dirtytoes' wedding anniversary.

Much luv to Titania for spicing up Greyhammer with the extra booze, NPCs of honor and varying degrees of drunkenness and later on the moles (which I can only guess was a Wish).

The impromptu bardic tales and songs were wonderful. I love watching the creativity of the characters when they are in their moment to shine.

Thank you to Lissa for the slightly-creepy mind reading orb as a gift to Greyhammer on it's birthday. I'll have to find an interesting way to use that.

I couldn't have asked for more from this party... well maybe the pie stomp that still has yet to happen. LOL

Lil' Adam and Ali (the babies) had a blast as well. :)

(Upset at myself for getting out of the habit of taking screenshots. This would have made a perfect addition to the new forum. Ugh!)
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Re: Festival, Return of Husband, Handfasting...and Shadow Mo

Post by WanderingPoet » Sun Aug 13, 2017 3:17 pm

It was a lot of fun, thanks for shooting Yeto a hin to remind him of it/invite him!
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Re: Festival, Return of Husband, Handfasting...and Shadow Mo

Post by azrael_athing » Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:50 pm

The last day of the year, as Terto remembers it.

The last day of the year began quiet with him returning from Skull Crags fighting the Spriggans who had been on the move there the day before.

The Spriggans who strain his thoughts day and night for the last year seams to be gathering their forces and it seams the Cave of the Mound, near Grayhammer, will play a crucial part in their onslaught of Bendir Dale.

Well back in Burrowhome, not thinking about any sort of festivities he is reminded by a very cheerfull little halfling that the Safeday Celibration is about to commence... in Grayhammer...

Terto goes to the celibration, dressed like a Dwarf, in his fullplate. After attempting to warn Andriarna about what could happen, and getting shot down as the partypopper he is he continues the event casting worried glances at the Mound with regular intervall.

Eventualy he is ofcourse proven right, and the Moles do indeed attack the festivities, Luckly for everyone, the Gnomes are rock-solid sober, and ready to face the danger.

After disbelivingly witnessing a handfasting cermony where some of the participants were fighting of Spriggan-Allied-Moles. The Gnomes are faced with a hard choise, as the Spriggans attempt to extort a live sacrifice from them. Even stranger it is for him that Ivory Agree.

Through quick manouver the small group of Gnomes that remain (Terto, Dylo and Wotan), with assistance of a friendly elf (Yeto), manage to flank the Spriggan Preists, Ivory is not sacrifised to Urdlen, and the night is won.

Moral of the story: Halflings can't prioritise and Terto can't enjoy festivities. (He was much the same on the Dwarven Safeday celibration some IC years ago).

Love to all involved, Special thanks for Andriarna for planning/hosting, and to the lucky halfing couple, we do hope that no blood splattered the handfastingoutfits.

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Re: Festival, Return of Husband, Handfasting...and Shadow Mo

Post by Ironfoot » Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:08 am

Sems Terto is about to become Torlarnd haha.
Sorry I missed but kudos for all events ppl organised of late within the alliance, meetings and parties. Cant wait oto find out icly about it.

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Re: Festival, Return of Husband, Handfasting...and Shadow Mo

Post by Dreschor » Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:31 pm

Fibbs still owns ya a firework, lets do that qickly ^^
And he 's really glad Alex showed up and stuff, to bad the moles crashed the party but it was by way the most terific handfastening he ever participated... not only because it was his own, 'gnihi'

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