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Various topics

Postby farathx » Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:40 pm

There have been quite a few changes in the past few months. I thought I'd comment on a few.

Certain armor lockers seem to have lost actual armor as possible content. It's been months since I found any actual armor in the armor lockers accessible to low and mid level characters. Delver's armor, +2 leather, all seem to have vanished. But we are not all 24 dex characters. For some, armor is a good thing.

Underdark spiders, and town raiders in general. The other day I logged on with an admittedly somewhat weak elf (but with ac 36). He was dead within seconds. Two deep giants in Mimir village. The guards were no help at all. I don't see how anyone starts a new character in Minmir. I like deep giants, but keep them deep. Not on the surface.

I am starting a new character in Udith. Unless one wants to bash rats and slaves all the year long, one must leave town. To meet pairs of Underdark spiders. Unless you're a stealther or invisible, running is the only option - and one that fails spectacularly if they web you. If you dodge around them to the scavanger's nest - more spiders. If you dodge into the crypts you will meet evil zombies. With slow, fear, damage resistance, good ab, good damage, good ac - they're good creations but quite impossible for a beginning character. So I am spending a lot of time bashing the tribal caverns. And slaves. And rats.

Much of this wouldn't be a problem if we adventured in parties of three (well, UD spiders would be). But if people start a new toon, get slaughtered at the town gates, and leave, parties of three become unlikely.

Gods. We all start at level nine, and presumably have chosen gods long before. If we can't choose gods at character creation, could we at least have someone in Cordor who sells the book of Deities? It takes most characters quite a while to be able to get to Sibayad and select a god, meantime they have no god benefits.

Traps. I like the idea of traps being in unpredictable locations. But three traps stacked in one spot is a bit much. Could the trap distribution code be modified to prevent overlap? Or limit the number of traps in a given area?

I really like the new, more intelligent pack behaviour. Makes the game more challenging and more realistic at the same time.

The new magic items are adding a lot of fun to the game. Chests now have less predictable content, while the variety of these makes for more diverse characters (not everybody need wear an Ugor +4,+3 ring, Hero's amulet, etc).

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Re: Various topics

Postby farathx » Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:25 pm

True to form, I found a suit of armor in the Ettin Berserker lair not five minutes after posting the above. First armor I've found there since June.

Admittedly, it's cursed armor - hide of worms - which has killed me more often than I care to remember. But still, it's +2 armor. AC 27 now!

Currently trapped in the Gibberling nest by a pair of spiders. Only way back to Udith is by way of the vault. Bit of a challenge.

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