Earthkin Portal

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Earthkin Portal

Post by wokepigeon » Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:54 am

Hi there! I was a bit hesitant to suggest this but I thought it may make things a big smoother when it came to travelling parties.
(The suggestion is underlined if you want to skip over my reasoning and get straight to the point! :) )

The Earthkin portal, at the moment, only allows Halflings, Gnomes, Dwarves, and Svirfs. If, say, a small group consisting of two Hin, and an Elf wanted to go to the Arcane Tower (to use their portal, this is a problem I've run into several times). They'd have to take the boats from Brog all the way to Cordor and walk from there. It's not a terribly long walk, but it is kind of a huge pain in the butt. Or! Say Greyhammer is getting raided by Gnolls and all of a sudden a certain Dwarf gets a runner saying Brog is under attack, none of the aiding humans/elves/etc.. Can get there in a timely fashion. They have to run all the way to the Arcane Tower, like I did as I was in a party with a two Non-Earthkins.

I'm not suggesting anyone be allowed to use the portal, but I am suggesting that perhaps we liken it to Myon's Mythal a bit? If a Non-Earthkin is in a party with an Earthkin they be allowed to use the portal, to me it seems it would make things a lot easier!