Assassin Feat Cooldowns Or Scrolls To Make Feats Usable

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Assassin Feat Cooldowns Or Scrolls To Make Feats Usable

Post by Durvayas » Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:06 pm

Is there any chance the assassin spell feats could be put on a cooldown so that they are actually usable?

Right now they're 1/day abilities that don't last overly long and all using them does is ruin your CL for UMD until server reset. As a result, they are never used. Making them usable on a cooldown would go a long way towards making the class a bit more playable. As is, these feats are completely dead weight because using them at all actively harms you mechanically.

A better workaround might be making using the feat give you a [untradeable, undroppable] scroll with the aformentioned 'spell' you'd get from the feat, allowing you to use the feat for the spell, without gutting your CL. If it can't be done for the feat itself, it could be done using the player tool or a command.

Either of these suggestions would help beleaguered assassin players actually use the class' other features aside from use poison and the guild, and make actually taking assassin levels a marginally better, less masochistic affair buildwise. It won't fix assassin by any means, but it would be an improvement to what is unabashedly the worst class in the game.