Lasso Spots - Bramble Woods

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Lasso Spots - Bramble Woods

Postby The Kriv » Fri Jan 19, 2018 7:49 pm

In the Southern Bramble Wood, there is one lasso/rope spot to go from the Ground up to one of the hilltops. (the middle hilltop)

Some other lasso-points that connect hilltop-to-hilltop would be good there (think of it like ropes-training for lowbies)

1) Lasso/Rope spot that connects that corner hilltop by the "Swimming hole" to the hilltop next to the entrance to the Farmlands that currently has no way to get on top of.

2) Remove the 2nd Bridge and connect that last hill in the middle that currently as at the end of the Peninsula with a permanent 'rope' instead of a bridge.

3) Lasso/Rope spot that connects the peninsula hilltop at the far end of the two bridges to the "Howling Point" hill (where the Hardwood Tree is)
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