Few Suggestions to the Assassin's Guild

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Few Suggestions to the Assassin's Guild

Post by FromDarknessBelow » Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:46 pm

Now as I have wandered Arelith with a few assassins, the same things keep bothering me time and time again. After giving it a good thought, my suggestions to improve the guild as it is are the following:

1) Make the bounties stack. At the moment the bounties do not stack, and if person X places bounty of 100,000 gold pieces on a person Y that already has a standing bounty, the gold simply vanishes.

2) People cannot place bounties on themselves. This is related to the previous suggestion. Currently you can place a bounty on yourself, which works as a shield. Just add bounty of 10 gold pieces and you are safe with the current mechanics.

3) Minimum bounty. It is quite self-explanatory, thus we avoid ridiculously low bounties on ridiculously powerful characters. Higher the bounty, the more possible are the results and that would make people seriously consider to hire the Assassin's Guild to do to the dirty work. No assassin would go after level 30 character with a bounty of 10,000 gold pieces on them.

4) If these suggestions are taking into serious consideration and implemented, I humbly suggest that the Administrator of the Guild clears all the current standing bounties and we can start off fresh.