Move the 3/4 ranger empathy companions to a specific lvl

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Move the 3/4 ranger empathy companions to a specific lvl

Post by wulfburk » Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:05 pm

A cheap suggestion to interfere with my main char. However hear me out!

The way it is now, i dont think it makes much sense roleplay wise. For a lvl 15 ranger and 5 of another class will have the ability to make the empathy animals rest with him without attacking, and of having more than 1 following him.

However a 21 ranger 9 another class will not, which basically means that depending on the build a char may have the ability for most of his lvls, but will somehow UNLEARN it exactly when he gets to be the most powerful. And that 3/4 thing certainly feels out of place, when literally everything else including the ranger HIPS is on a specific lvl.

So on that note i suggest it is switched to a specific lvl. I dont mind if its a really large lvl ( though im not sure it makes sense for it to require more ranger lvls than HIPS), just as long as you dont have this issue of unlearning a skill for no reason.

Perhaps then to make it fair, not getting it all on a low ranger lvl, or people only getting it when they are 24 ranger lvls, it could come in parts:

On lvl 8 you get to make the passive empathy rolls to ensure neutral nearby animals get to stay that way.
On lvl 14 ranger you get the ability to rest with your empathy companion, check its sheet and what not.
On lvl 20 you can use the empathy on more than one animal.