Planting Patches...

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Planting Patches...

Post by The Kriv » Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:44 pm

...a lot of small'ish patches of garden that only allow 4-6 plants in them?

Could we get those numbers increased to more like 8-10?

Or allow DRUIDS the ability to 'plant' a few extra seedlings where other non-druids can only plant down the standard amount as it exists... and if someone yanks up a plant that was put down by a druid (increasing the number of plants above what non-druid PC's can plant) ...only a DRUID can put that plant back down again

so, for example... regular garden: Non-Druid Class = # plants... Druid Class = #+(2d4)
and if it is 'maxed' then the druid will know... and if the druid can't max it, he/she will have to try again after a server reset.

Some of these gardens, like in Cordor, or Bendir.. where it's a bit farm... maybe what would be cool would be for only ONE type of plant to be able to be planted in a spot. (could be ANY, but once that FIRST one is down, ONLY similar plants of that type can go in that spot until they are ALL pulled up and replanted with something else)

then in multi-use gardens, that are off by themselves... really could use either more of them... or increased number of plants allocated to each spot.

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