Arrow/Bolt/Bullet-auto reload ON/OFF?

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Arrow/Bolt/Bullet-auto reload ON/OFF?

Post by Petrifictus » Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:04 pm

"Hey lycans! Luckily I've some silver arrows with me and... oh, nevermind. Looks like I wasted them on those mad badgers on the roads when I ran out of arrows without notice."

"One shot is all I need to kill this dragon before it's too late... oh dear, I wasted my only shot with light arrow which does no damage at all."

Time to time I find it little annoying when running out of ammo, the player character auto reloads picking one of your good or bad ammos, until you see it too late. I know in the middle of battles it makes sense that characters are too busy to start nitpicking ammo from their inventory, but if it's possible I would suggest option for players to toggle auto reloading ON or OFF.
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Re: Arrow/Bolt/Bullet-auto reload ON/OFF?

Post by Lorkas » Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:45 pm

Not sure whether this suggestion is possible for Arelith to implement, but note that you do have some measure of control over which arrows get equipped: it will always equip the arrows that entered your inventory most recently. If you want your good arrows to be protected, drop several stacks of your normal arrows into a barrel and pick them back up, ensuring that those arrows are the ones that get equipped.