Epic Skill Focus: Stealth

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Epic Skill Focus: Stealth

Post by ImWithThisGuy » Fri Nov 09, 2018 3:55 am

Heya, just figured I'd leave this suggestion here.

Currently, ESF Hide and Move Silent are separate, though their functionality is combined. This becomes important when it comes to checks versus spot and listen; Skills that are normally supposed to function together, but function perfectly fine on their own. A character theoretically needs both ESF Hide and MS in order to remain unseen, whereas another would only need a single ESF Spot or Listen in order to catch them.

Due to the nature of stealth based classes as well (Which I assume are the only people looking to take ESF Hide/MS), They are already light on feats, and if they plan on taking any stealth feat at all, may have to choose between either Hide or MS. The idea is to give characters that take one or the other the opposite of what they took; So a character that takes ESF Hide gets ESF MS for free in accordance- And vice versa. Granted, they still have to take the feat for this to occur, naturally.

The same could be said of both spot and listen, Though the impact of giving the opposite feat in this case is very minimal, due to most characters only ever taking a single side of Spot or Listen. Not to mention the singular function each has on it's own, only requiring a single side. Though it is possible to still give it to characters that take the feat anyway, for those that do actually want both.

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Re: Epic Skill Focus: Stealth

Post by Irongron » Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:48 pm

I like this. Unless a team member tells me why it is a terrible idea - Approved.