A way to deal with enemy ship in port

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A way to deal with enemy ship in port

Post by wulfburk » Fri Sep 14, 2018 5:08 pm

When a ship docks in a port. You cannot board it with your own ship, nor through the skiff.

What can happen (and is happening) is that an enemy ship (involved in many hostile rp, and several pvps between the settlements) docked in Brogendenstein, and their crew we imagine has then went on to hire the other neutral ship in our port.

A DM could certainly involve it in a rp but then, what about when none is online? Should the players in the settlement at hand just ignore this enemy ship sitting in their port for days? Firing with the ballista for a long time has had no apparent effect either.

So i suggest some ways to handle this:

1- Have people that have eviction powers be able to board through the skiffs that are in that specific settlement, alongside their party if they wish, without needing any permission within the ship-quarter.
2- or have ships be able to be exiled as well. So they cant dock on a settlement.
3- or at least, have docked ships ALSO be able to be targeted for grappling hooks and be boarded from another vessel.