Susidian Clan:

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Susidian Clan:

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SUSIDIAN FAMILY TREE (<- Not yet fully fleshed out) Pronunciation: SUH - si - DI - an (Rhymes with Obsidian)

The Susidian family traces their lineage back to the 5th century, Dale Reckoning, and the beginning of the Strohm dynasty, where Davan, a commissioned officer and knight in the Tethyrian army, held Emperor Amahl VII's forces at bay while Prince Strohm seized Shoonach and slew the treacherous Amahl. He was recognised for his leadership and valour, something he taught to his children and successors. Over the next four centuries, the Susidian family had established themselves as a respected noble family of warriors, governors and statesmen.

The tenth century and beyond were not kind to them, however. Due to misplaced loyalties, foreign interference, war and the ever-changing politics of Tethyr, the Susidian family found themselves reduced to the single County of Theran, in the Duchy Noromath in northern Tethyr. The Susidians were not of notable wealth or political importance, though they had taken up the worship of Nobanion after sheltering pilgrims in generations past. One notable trait that was shared by all of Davan's descendants was their ardour, even the less honest of the Susidian family were still known for their liveliness and passion. Where Davan's blood ran strongest however, were in the Susidians who took up arms and were knighted in service to Tethyr. Those who received knighthoods channeled their passion into determination and valour. Due to their faith in Nobanion and ancient roots, their device and symbol was of a lion.

Fleeing the Isle of Arelith, King Galahad of Benwick's daughter and heir, Hope, arrived in the County Theran within days of her arrival in Tethyr. Greeted by Count Aenan Susidian and his oldest son Cyrus, she was sheltered and lived as their guest for a number of years, until she and Cyrus had their summer wedding among their loved ones. Their only child Darran II, who was named after his late uncle, lived to become Count himself in later years, siring three sons - Ian, Kerrick and Rannos. Aenan's brother, Artos, had a family of his own in the furthest reaches of Tethyr. This became a distant branch family that retained the Susidian name and status.

Conspirators in the outlying baronies and merchant guilds saw that the Count Darran Susidian and his family were wiped out. After the murderers were caught and punished, the lands of Theran were divided up among the other nobles in the region, and the title dissolved.

Their legacy lives on, however, as Darran's youngest son survived the midnight slaughter. He eventually arrived on Arelith, unwittingly signalling the return of Galahad's bloodline, even squiring among the knights of Benwick before it too lay in ruins. The Susidian main family at present consists only of its last surviving member, and their many titles and lands have been reduced to none. A small and uninfluential family at present, it nevertheless is one of only two native royal bloodlines on the Isle of Arelith, the other being the Cordor family.

With their sole surviving member of the main family being the only choice for leader, many of the current goals and aspirations of the family revolve around Rannos's own, as well as the retainers, servants and vassals of the family playing a much larger part. The goals of the family are therefore to promote the positives of nobility, to spread the faith of Nobanion and to forge the Isle into a single nation.

Political Stance: They are a faction for an Aristocratic society . This is where they believe that there is some prestige conferred from birth or wealth but ultimately the truly noble are the ones who qualify as such, through both wisdom and worthiness. They are not opposed to "commoners" who rise above their station through great achievements or merit, and in true Nobanionite fashion, even seek to encourage it. Similarly those who fall from grace are scorned and no longer considered noble.

Heraldry: The main Susidian family members, having joined their family with Galahad's, have taken the silver dragon known as the Imperator as their family crest. Branch family members are identified by the more traditional gold lion as their crest. The crests are only visible on each individual's full achievement, however. Both families favor leonine charges on their shields.

Rannos's shield:

Blazon: "argent, over a pale gules a lion regardant or"
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