A Guide For New Players (By a new player)

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Ravena Whiteleaf
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A Guide For New Players (By a new player)

Post by Ravena Whiteleaf » Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:54 am

Hello all, I've been playing here for a bit and I'm having a great time. Here is a small guide of suggestions and things that I have learned about Arelith that might help other new players get their feet off the ground, have a good time and maximize their time in your early days on the server.

1. Relax and Have Fun!

Whether you are new to D&D, Roleplay, NWN or all of the above don't stress! Even though this is a roleplay server that doesn't mean you have to be the ultra super badass roleplay master! Don't let the roleplay part of the server freak you out. Be goofy, talk to people, grab a seat by the campfire and listen to people. As a pretty active 5E dungeon master roleplay can be scary! If somebody you cross paths within the world stops to interact with you just roll with it! You never know what kind of adventure you'll end up in. Most of the players here are super nice and we're all here for the same reason! To have fun!

2. Plan Ahead!

There is ton's of useful stuff on the forums. If you followed step number 1 then congratulations! You had a good time and you think you just might stick around in Arelith for a while. This server has made a ton of changes to the way the game and class mechanics work.

Once you have picked the class you want to play I would suggest checking out a few different locations on the forums.
Mechanical changes for classes and other things. viewforum.php?f=31

An awesome list of cookie cutter builds that will give you a nice quality of life for your first character.viewtopic.php?f=36&t=18292

Looking over some of that basic information will help you build a useful character and know how they work! It's a dangerous place outside town. Especially if you're going it alone. Looking over some of this basic information will help you survive and thrive!

3. Craft, Craft, Craft! Bottom line crafting is awesome. Try and choose something that will be useful for your character or that seems interesting to you. Check out a few recipes in your crafting book to get a good sense of what you should be holding on to for your chosen trade and when you are out adventuring hold down the TAB key once and a while. It will highlight anything in the area that can be interacted with. You'll need a weapon to bash on mining nodes and trees (any weapon will do) plants and bushes can just be opened and looted and many beasts and monsters in the world will drop crafting components you need.

I can't tell you how much more satisfying it is to be shooting the bow you worked hard to shape or the sword you pounded out all by yourself on the forge than using the store-bought stuff. Don't forget to head to an enchanting basin and enhance your gear when you can!

4. Talk to people! A little lost? Need to find the smith? An entrance to a dungeon? Just feeling a little lonely? There are REAL PEOPLE piloting REAL CHARACTERS all over Arelith. Strike up a conversation, you never know what fun and crazy situation you might find yourself in. There are tons of nice people running around just waiting to ROLEPLAY with YOU! Make some friends, gather a party and go find the adventure YOU have been looking for.

Conclusion Arelith is a big place and it can be overwhelming to players new to Roleplay, RPG's and NWN. Take your time, see the world. Experiment and get yourself in a little trouble from time to time! Be daring, be goofy, be yourself!

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Re: A Guide For New Players (By a new player)

Post by Richørd » Thu Jan 10, 2019 4:12 pm

Overall a nice and neat guide. But there are two points which I see being usefull to for newer players to know.

1. Not every character is nice. As there are jerks out in real life some rare individuals decide to play characters that were designed to be rather confrontational or that adhere to a very strict set of rules. Do not get upset over this, rather see it as an addition to the worldbuilding that is going on.

2. Actions have consequences. It really feels like a lot of newer players are drawn towards the "badass" archetype-classes that are available. You can not expect people and guards (especially player characters!) to simply ignore your character as you walk into town with an eldritch glow in your eyes. Read the wiki about any of the archetypical "evil" classes you want to play and inform yourself about what you are getting into.

Sidenote. I feel like especially my second point needs to be pushed due to how many players I've met in my "relatively short" time on Arelith that were playing a warlock and then seemingly got OOC upset over people simply refusing them entrance to settlements, locations etc. after finding out about their eldritch pacts.

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