Windows updated, and suddenly NWN looks busted? Click here!

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Windows updated, and suddenly NWN looks busted? Click here!

Postby BegoneThoth » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:42 pm

Issue; The October set of nVidia drivers has broken NWN. This will likely be fixed in the next release but it's not now. You may notice missing capes, heads, and more. If so do the following.

Go to Device Manager. Hit Cortana, and you can just type 'device manager' and hit enter.

Expand "Display Adapters." Click 'Properties' on your graphics card, and click the driver tab.

On the date, if it says October 2017, your stuff is broken! Time for resolution steps.

1. Try the Roll Back Driver functionality of modern Windows. Close everything that's using 3D, including your web browser, and hit 'roll back driver.' This should roll back to the last working set and will take a few minutes and not show a progress bar. When it asks you why you are rolling back, make sure you click the 'some applications don't work' button. This should keep it from updating itself and notify windows/nvidia. You should be set, and won't need to do step 2.

2. Roll back driver is not clickable. This is likely because you just got Windows's fall 2017 major update. If this is you, download the drivers from here and install them. Click 'preform a clean install.' Let them install and you should be good to go. Note that Windows will, in this case, likely re-download the 'current' drivers and 'helpfully' install them for you. If this is the case (it was for me after the big windows update) follow step 1, which will now work, and you shouldn't have to mess with it anymore.

Hope this helps.

Common complaints;

Q. I did all that and my mouse is gone!
A. Restart.

Q. I use AMD!
A. I'm sorry.

Q. Why does windows MESS EVERYTHING UP?! It was working, now it's not! UGH!
A. If this is a serious inconvenience for you, be glad you wern't a computer person in the early 2000's. You usually don't even have to restart or use a driver cleaner utility to fix this, much less 3 times, like driver installs back in the day would require.

Q. Did BEAMDOG pay off nVidia to push the EE?!
A. Yes, rumor is they were paid off in 'dye kit' lootboxes, the accepted real money currency of EE.
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