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Have a question? New to the server? Not sure about something? Read below and see if your question has already been answered. Please note that the rules here are subject to change and rule 5; DM has the last say.

1. If I raise someone with consent after pvping them, is the pvp rule still in effect?
No. When you consent to a raise by the party that killed you, you wave the 24hr rule. Thats why you should always ask for consent before raising. If you cannot contact them due to notells, assume they don't wish to be raised.

2. Can I own two quarters if one of them doesn't have a chest? What if one of them is public?
You can never own two quarters. Even if one of them is specifically for faction use, you can only have one. That includes boats.

3. No DMs have responded to my requests despite always pinging the DM channel! What do I do!?
Send us a PM over the forums. For things like token requests and especially reports, it's easier for us to keep track of things when they're in a format we can reference consistently and easily.

4. If a quarter's lease is up and the door is open, can I take everything in the chest?

5. Can I remake a character with MoD but without the MoD counter?
Yes; however you will lose your quarter, bank account gold, gear, and portal destinations. The same goes for remaking a bad-build without MoD. If you are going to remake a character for whatever reason, you don't get to keep the stuff you had before. Even if you just need to tweak just one ability point.

6. What are the disguise rules? When do I use -disguise? When is it not okay to use -disguise?
When you use -disguise, you use it because your character is actively hiding their true identity for whatever their motives are. Your -disguise should not be a descriptor of your current actions, i.e "a sleeping man".

Your -disguise can be akin to, "Noblewoman", "Cowled Traveler" or "Guardsman" or "Johnathan Doeseph". It shouldn't be "Guardsman [pc name]" or "Admiral [pc name]".

We work on a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). While you are more than welcome to RP along with whatever a description, or -disguise says, you do not have to go along with it. For example; you see a half orc -disguised as an elf. You do not have to believe they are an elf.

In this, PC's can break disguises if within reason there are enough IG clues for them to put the pieces together. If your -disguise pc wears the same outfit in and out of disguise, and uses the same description, it would not be unreasonable for PCs to suspect. However, it would be unreasonable for PC's to jump to a direct conclusion about this disguised PC.

7. What sort of name is inappropriate or not allowed?
Names that are inappropriate due to being sexual in nature, or names that are direct references to pop culture are frowned upon and will be asked to have changed. "Elean Dover" "Thorin Oakenshield" "Billie Piper" are all examples. Final call on whether or not a name is inappropriate falls on the adjudicating DM.

8. If we're at war with another settlement, do i need to rp before pvp?
Yes. This ties in with a clarification on rp before pvp. If you are in a party, at least one of you in the party needs to rp before pvp initiates. It would be silly if everyone in each war party needs to interact with everyone on the other side before pvp begins.

9. Where can I send donation money to?

10. Who or where do I send appeals to?
Ban appeals should be sent to arelith.dm@gmail.com. The head DM should be the first port of call for any appeals or complaints of a sensitive nature, e.g. regarding the conduct of a specific DM. The administration team (Irongron, Scholar Midnight, and Dunshine) can be contacted for appeals or complaints that aren't suitable for the head DM, e.g. regarding the conduct of the head DM. If in doubt, start at the bottom of the list and work upwards.

11. Can I play a character that is a half-breed that isn't half-elven or half-orc?
Unless you rolled for a reward, no, you can't do this.

12. Can I buy a quarter for the express purpose of auctioning it off?
You can only ever have one quarter. Unless the other quarter you have is mechanically up for sale via the sign, then you can't have it.

13. Can I have my IG buddy deliver my exiles notices for me?
No, unless your buddy also has exiling powers. All exile or house seizing notices must be given in person by someone with said power. You cannot give exile notice via speedy, letter, or through another character.