Ooogooboogoo and La'laskra

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Re: Ooogooboogoo and La'laskra

Post by Maladus » Fri Mar 16, 2018 2:38 am

BegoneThoth wrote:It fosters non committal non confrontational play, and that's 100% NOT what the drow are about.
That's odd...the most recent faction that followed La'laskra was constantly in conflict with others before being banished for 10 IG years. But nah, there was no confrontation leading up to that.

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Re: Ooogooboogoo and La'laskra

Post by Xanos950 » Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:14 am

Also the Lolthite versus La'laskan conflict with open witch-hunts against "heretic" la'laskan followers back in Xun'viir-Xal'rae times. Funny times.

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Re: Ooogooboogoo and La'laskra

Post by WinkinBlinkin » Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:49 am

OOC hatred of the Oogooboogoo clan and it's regular players is incredibly pervasive in certain sectors of the playerbase. Whilst posts like this appear to be genuine I have strong concerns that they represent an opportunity to bully a large group of players and request this thread be locked.

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Re: Ooogooboogoo and La'laskra

Post by Durvayas » Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:53 am

Having only recently shelved my La'laskran drow while house Barrith takes a break and enjoys its banishment. I TOTALLY don't remember the TWO attempted purges of the La'laskran faith in the past year, the animosity of the lolthites vs the faith after the La'laskrans took over the temple a couple years ago, and the very frequent religious conflict on smaller scale that is more or less constant between the lolthites and their La'laskran counterparts.

Nope. I don't remember any confrontational play involved with La'laskra at all. Nope nope nope!


To address people complaining about La'laskra becoming Lolth's vassal. Andunor is a small place, and religion among the drow is rife with political maneuvering. It was an inevitability that La'laskra would be forced into the position of lolth's vassal to make the faith tolerated among the drow society, in the same way that Kiaransalee is lolth's vassal for the same reason. Establishing the IC narrative that La'laskra is a vassal was an intentional IC act on the part of the followers of the faith to ensure that La'laskra doesn't suffer the same fate as Vhaeraun. That is to say, its not exactly interesting or fun to be Kill-on-sight as a heretic like a vhaerunite or ghaunadaurite is 90% of the time. Some players are fine with that kind of play, and to you lot, I salute you, but La'laskra narrowly escaped that by virtue of being a matriarchal faith.

Are they diametrically opposed to lolth's dogma? Absolutely, and that is where even with their barely tolerated status as apostates that worship one of lolth's vassals, they still engage in conflict with the lolthites on a regular basis.

The reason La'laskra is popular as an alternative to lolth is that it is a fresh take on drow beyond the stereotypical "CE lolthite drow #3845 raagh kill all heretics, backstab all allies, and stab all humans with a murderboner to make cyric blush". It has appeal because it recognises that Lolthite worship is not a sustainable religion, and retains all the great elements of roleplaying a drow without the abject stupidity of being compelled by faith to metaphorically cut off your nose to spite your face. Its a step away from Menzobarranzani drow, and meshes well with the environment that the devs have created in the underdark with the drow as a whole in decline.
The faith is also the only good counterpoint to matriarchal Lolthite drow RP and adds a great element of religious conflict to the setting that the other drow gods have never been able to establish by dint of none of them having the appeal to gather a large following of PCs at any given time. Vhaeraun is just lolth with a Diick, ghaunadaur is a slime(and thus rather lame and confusing to RP around), and Kiaransalee features a disturbing obsession with necrophilia it can't escape. Kiaransalee has also been established as a vassal of lolth and has NEVER , as far as I can remember, adopted a hostile stance and attempted to really overthrow the lolthite temple. The server, I dare say, has benefitted from the addition of La'laskra. The drow have always needed a LE deity that made sense.

Irongron, to suggest that the faith is dominant, or even can maintain dominance, isn't really that accurate. Xun'viir was dominant for a time, and then collapsed under the weight of the lolthite opposition. Barrith was dominant for a time, and then collapsed under the lolthite opposition and its own political blunders. In respect to the ephemeral nature of its power over the drow in general, La'laskra is very similar to Kiaransalee. With how the UD and Andunor works with the drow, no faith maintains absolute dominance forever, the lolthites always regain control in the long run. Hell, right now, the Aurilites, sharrans, and cyricists are having a field day. Eventually, their power will collapse, and the lolthites will resume control once again. Its the nature of playing a drow.

Thing is, I've never had more fun playing a drow than I have as a La'laskran drow.
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Re: Ooogooboogoo and La'laskra

Post by Seekeepeek » Fri Mar 16, 2018 7:38 am

I wish La'laskra and Oogooboogoo to get removed.
i regret not having seen any Roleplay generated by the standard forgotten realm goblin gods. and i barely know them since Oogooboogoo overshadow them all combined.
Loviatar is an awesome god and i don't see the need for La'laskra at all.

Removing them and just consider those that follow these gods for cults in game seems to be the best solution in my humble opinion.

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Re: Ooogooboogoo and La'laskra

Post by slight_homicide » Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:17 pm

To anyone who doesnt feel like reading the full thesis of everyone's opinions on this post allow me to summarize.

Those who wish to have the dieties removed: Your fun is wrong, you took this open world that you were given to make whatever story you could dream up and you did it wrong.

Those who wish to keep the dieties: We created something to allow a broader option for players, but obviously in such an open world choices should be limited.

Personally I've played Drow for a large part of my years here and I thoroughly enjoyed playing a La'laskran, it allowed me to have fun with people and not need to worry about the backstabbing and eventual OOC salt that follows. It was an option that I was gifted to choose because someone dreamed up a whole religion that didnt revolve around being hostile to every single person in the UD.
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Re: Ooogooboogoo and La'laskra

Post by ForgottenBhaal » Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:33 pm

slight_homicide wrote: Those who wish to have the dieties removed: Your fun is wrong, you took this open world that you were given to make whatever story you could dream up and you did it wrong.

Those who wish to keep the dieties: We created something to allow a broader option for players, but obviously in such an open world choices should be limited.
I know that it might feel like this thread is somewhat, well.. Controversial. But I dont think that using that sort of commentary is going to make it be less heated, than it is. Please do not summarise the thread such as this, as it is far from the truth.

The main reason I created this thread to begin with, was because I was genuinly curious of how player-made deities. As there has been more attempts to create 'arelith' specific deities, such as meles (the badger, i admit. Not so fond of it.) And lady Cordoria. (Whom was not approved as a deity). So I was curious as if to why just these two were allowed to stay, now that Zarus was removed.
And I think that it feels like they just take away focus from other deities that already exists, and can be interpertred diffrently, to create a more intresting venue of roleplay.

Even more so, I am wondering if they are going to remain as we will be heading over to enhanced edition again, where a whole slew of new players will "invade" the server, whom might not have any idea what the new player made deities stand for.

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Re: Ooogooboogoo and La'laskra

Post by Spyre » Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:42 pm

This thread has run its course. It has now turned into targeting player groups affiliated with the Gods and those who oppose each group. Keep this stuff off the forums.