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Postby All The Sinners Saints » Fri May 19, 2017 8:43 pm

Greenstone found on spawns do not seem to count as greenstone as far as creating spell components go, while those cut from mined raw greenstone do. If one greenstone found from a spawn is picked up and mixed with a stack of cut greenstone it contaminates the entire stack and none of them can be used to create spell components.
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Re: Greenstone

Postby Interimpulse » Fri May 19, 2017 9:01 pm

I believe it also works the other way to salvage them. If you cut a new one and then merge the old stack onto the cut one, they should all be useable again.
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Re: Greenstone

Postby kittenblackfriends » Tue May 23, 2017 9:24 am

The same apparently goes for garnets. The garnets found on monsters need to be edited to work with crafting.
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Re: Greenstone

Postby OverTheSeaToSkye » Tue May 23, 2017 12:54 pm

Also topaz - someone just had an issue with this.
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Re: Greenstone

Postby Dr_Hazard89 » Thu May 25, 2017 12:47 pm

Seems to be all gems then, not working for any of my large stacks. Cannot craft anything!
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Re: Greenstone

Postby chris a gogo » Thu May 25, 2017 5:31 pm

You need to craft one gem of each type drop the stack then pick up the crafted one then pick up the stack.
It's not pretty but it should fix your problem.
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Re: Greenstone

Postby caldura firebourne » Thu May 25, 2017 6:15 pm

Gems found in loot containers do not appear to have this issue, the crafting fixtures at least recognise the ruby I found as a valid ingredient
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Re: Greenstone

Postby Xanos950 » Sun May 28, 2017 9:59 pm

still bugged, really annoying to go and have to cut a new one to save the entire 99 stack :/
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